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Ch. One- Chills and Nightmares

The milky moon was completely obscured by cloud and no matter how hard the wind breathed, it couldn't knock the shroud away as the storm raged and water drops the size of miserable bullets beat down from the sky, black and cold as ice.

The rain beat heavy on the deck of the Black Pearl, her sails ripping with the force, the cables whining in complaint and the main mast almost bending in the wind. Many of the men were tying ropes about their waists so as to stay with the ship if the event happened there was a large wave washing them overboard.

The crew knew though that their captain, Jack Sparrow, would stop for nothing. The storm seemed to delight him; the danger brought him alive. There was a gleam in his eyes because this was an enemy he couldn't kill, but he sure could out wait her...beat her.

"I say he's more crazy then before." Gibbs yelled over the roaring wind to the woman who worked beside him tightening the sails. The moon was cast over by the dark clouds but the lightning illuminated her dark skin and grim face. She looked up at the captain who stood at the helm, no visible rope keeping him to the deck of his beloved ship. It was as if he trusted the ship not to let him slip away again.

"Aye!" She yelled back. Anamaria watched her captain, taking in his smaller frame, the heavy jacket he wore hiding his build. His damp dark brown dreadlocks whipped around his handsome face in the wind, most of it though was held in place by a red bandana. Many beads and decorations adorned his hair along with his beard, which was parted into two small braids with a bead at the end of each. He wore a red sash around his waist securing his pistol and a few shots along with a sword. His boots came to just under his knees and were right now water logged. But, to Anamaria, there was nothing more attractive on a man then deep beautiful eyes and Jack...well, Jack had them in spades. His eyes were a dark shade of brown; the lids themselves lined with kohl making them stand out.

She had known Jack for a few years. They had met in Tortuga, a rough settlement and Jack's favorite town. She had fallen in love with him that day, until he took her boat. She'd vowed that day to never fall in love with him again, it had been hard to be sure but, living with a ship of other men, she had to act like one or die. Now though, as second in control to the Black Pearl, the responsibilities kept her mind off her captain and on other things. Besides, this little ship was better then her little boat. Jack was a weird man, it was true. Many thought he was crazy others admired him thinking he was a genius in disguise. Personally, Anamaria thought he was mad but that had never stopped her from liking him. Jack, she knew, was very intelligent. He was always one step ahead of everyone.

Gibbs was watching her and she realized she had been staring at the captain for a while. She looked a Gibbs, a squat overweight man with a graying beard and said, "Well, what are you looking at? Get back to work." Gibbs returned to the ropes and Anamaria made her way past men and over a rocking deck with one idea in her mind. 'Get to Jack and tie him down. Whatever it took.'

As she reached down to grab a coil of rope from the deck, a massive wave crashed down apon the deck sweeping her off her feet. Under the strong rush of water she felt her heart racing and the wave pulling her like a rag doll across the wooden deck. Holding her breath deep in her throat, she caught glimpses of the clouds and flashes of lightning before the world stopped moving. The rope around her waist had caught and she got up quickly, the extra rope miraculously still clamped in her hand.

The wave had done one good thing though; it had brought her closer to the stairwell and the wheel. Checking that everything was still in place, Anamaria swiftly crossed the deck and mounted the stairs as another wave surged across the deck, the water just high enough top nip at her ankles.

She reached the wheel and was surprised to hear, even over the screaming wind, Jack's voice singing. He must have been almost screaming because she caught every word of it. "We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, we loot. Drink Up me 'eartise Yo Ho! Something, something...devils and black sheep, really bad eggs, drink up me 'earties Yo Ho!"

She grasped his shoulder as the ship lurched, almost sending her toppling sideways into the rail. Jack, unsteady on his feet at the best of times, was caught by the rope around her waist and almost pulled sideways too. When they'd both regained their balance, Jack yelled, "Careful luv, don't want ye fallen off do we?" Anamaria bristled. "Don't call me luv!" She screamed. She knew Jack was smiling, even if she couldn't see his face. "Cap'n, I think we should stop...wait out the storm." Jack turned suddenly to face her, rain dripping off chin and casting specks over his darkened face. He glanced at the tossing waves, lit up in the lightning and then turned to the deck again where the men struggled with the ropes and a few of the crates slid across the deck in the waves. Jack looked back at her as though worried for her sanity. "What? Why?" He asked. Anamaria was startled. It was as though Jack saw this storm as a light breezy cool night, with calm seas and a small amount of rain. Anamaria looked deep into his eyes.

"Cap'n, it's getting dangerous. We should bunker down and stay like that till the storm has past." Jack shook his head, still smiling.

"The Pearl is fine, she's been through worse." He placed his hands on her shoulders and marched her two steps backwards. "Savvy?"

She knew she would never win, Jack was just too stubborn to let her. She sighed in resignation and nodded. As he turned back to the wheel though she grabbed his jacket and stopped him. "First," She yelled, "We'll tie this to you, so you don't get washed away." As she started tying the rope though, Jack pushed her hand away.

"No, Ana...I won't go over mate, I'm Captain Jack Spar..." Before he could finish though, a wave crashed over the side of the Pearl. Anamaria got a fleeting glimpse of Jack being knocked off his feet before the water encompassed her. She foolishly tried to yell out but water streamed into her mouth choking off any noise. Holding her breath, she was surprised when a strong grip suddenly took hold of her hand and her body stopped with a giant jerk. Wrapping her hands around her support, she waited until the water had completely washed away and then looked into the eyes of her Captain. He'd saved her from being washed over the stair well.

"Jack!" She yelled in surprise. They were both lying on their stomachs, Jack's hands wrapped around her wrists, her right hand gripping his as she hung half over the edge of the stairwell. Jack, she now saw, had a rope tied to his ankle and was hanging there, connected to the wheel. He was freezing and even as she watched, he gave violent shudders. She wasn't that cold. "Your soaked."

"If you haven't noticed, luv." Jack said, his gaze still fixed on her face. "You are to." Anamaria blinked stupidly as salt spray stung her in the face...that was true. "And, it's Captain." Jack pulled her roughly back on to the top deck and then let go, struggling to his feet in his soaked and heavy coat. Anamaria also managed to get up, still watching Jack. He took the wheel. "We'll continue."

Anamaria stood there for a few minutes and then looked down at the rope in her hand. With out asking him, she marched over, wrapped her arms around his waist and tied the roped securely to him. Then she took the end and tied it to the wheel's support strut. Jack, to her surprise, didn't argue but waited patiently until she was satisfied. Anamaria walked away with a smile on her face and didn't hear his voice call after her because he was speaking under his breath, "Thank ye, luv." Sighing, he began to sing again, "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me..."

Bootstrap struggled against his bindings as he began to sink beneath the waves, his heart was racing, and his mind calling out for someone to help him but no help came. He looked up to the surface and saw the sun shine apon the liquid blue Caribbean, he may never see that again.

'Well, really think about it Bill.' Said a fair voice in his head as the black bottom of the Black Pearl slipped farther and farther away. 'What did you think they were going to do, after you sent a piece of gold to William? What did you think they were going to do after you said they should be cursed? That they deserved to be cursed? Oh course they could betray you, look what they did to Jack...' His heart sank as fast as his body, Jack. How could he have sat there and watched it happen as they had done that to one of his closest friends. That had been a while ago, Jack was definitely dead unless he had managed another one of his miracles, which Bill really doubted.

'Poor Will, I'll never see him again, I'll never watch him grow up, I'll never know what type of man he turns out to be whether he'll be married and have children. I'm so sorry Will.' He looked down at his Bootstraps hating Barbossa. There was no way to untie them, his hands were bound tightly and so were his feet. To bad they hadn't done this when he was a skeleton or near night but, in the middle of the day...

He thought of his life, about how happy he had been when William had been born, about the day he had joined the Pearl, the day he had met Jack, his first visit to Tortuga, his first time commandeering a vessel...the first time he had met Barbossa.

'Give up the location Jack.' Barbossa had said to Jack not to long ago, before they were to arrive at Isla de Muerta. They had been already planning the mutiny, Bill had even known. He had felt guilty, not telling his friend but this was how he was supporting his family, he couldn't loose this job, it was how he was supporting his family. Looking around, he realized bitterly, life was better under Jack. The men thought he was crazy and indeed a push over, but he was fair. They never called him Jack, something he had never been too strict on. He never liked to kill and if he had to, he made the quick, cheating usually. He never had a problem with cheating whether it meant life or death. He had a one-track mind, which would get him into a lot of trouble some day.

'Was...had...he was a good man and had a one-track mind.' Bill corrected himself. He looked through his floating curtain of hair up towards the surface again. Barbossa's voice rang in his ears again. 'Everything is of equal share right? Should not also the location be?' Jack had closed the broken compass thoughtfully and had looked at Barbossa through his dark eyes as though searching him through. The crew had watched even if they hadn't appeared to be doing so by continuing with their everyday tasks.

Jack had been a young captain and rather foolish. Bootstrap and him had shared a cabin when they had first joined the Black Pearl, and Bill knew all his secrets. Notorious for having his bootstraps continuously untied; Jack had given him his nickname. Bill had pushed away his own guilt to listen as he mopped the deck.

'The location?' Jack had asked uncertainly. Barbossa had nodded and Jack had looked away across the ocean as if to give himself time to think. This had been the biggest treasure they had gone after, the Aztec gold of Cortez himself! This was big, the biggest even if there may be a curse. No one of course was wary of a curse. Who had ever heard of cursed gold before? Jack looked again at Barbossa and then had looked pointedly down at Bill as though asking for his opinion. Bill had shrugged and continued mopping, part of his mind screaming No Jack, the other greedily hopping he would give up the map or something.

'Okay, your right. Come to my cabin, I'll show you.' He had beckoned Bill over and handed him control of the wheel. Bill had watched them go, Barbossa walking calmly behind Jack who like usual was swaggering badly as though he was drunk. Bill hadn't known quite what to think. Maybe they would drop Jack at a port and leave him there but part of him had known that wouldn't happen. Jack was as good as dead. He trusted far too much.

That night Pintel, an ugly man with yellow eyes and accompanied by his friend Ragetti had come up to Bill on the deck. They told him quietly that the mutiny was about to start and Bill followed, his stomach twisting in small knots and a bile rising in his throat.

The next day they had stopped near an island and were about to have Jack drop off the plank. Bill held a pistol, and a single shot all meant for Jack. Bill knew Jack would never be able to use it to call for help or hunt so only one thing left to do was to shoot yourself and end your suffering. The island, which he had watched as they approached, was small; you could walk around the whole thing in ten minutes.

'Isn't it lovely Jack?' Barbossa had asked mockingly as he had led Jack to the plank of the Pearl. Jack's eyes had been fixed on the island, a disgusted look on his face. 'I think you'll like it a lot, of course, you'll be there the rest of your life so you'll learn to like it.' The crew gawfed all except for Bill whom couldn't seem to open his mouth. This was one of his friends; he couldn't find it amusing even if he had wanted to. Jack's hands, which were knotted together with a coil of rope, twisted and turned a small bit of the rope, which had been dangling. He was nervous.

'Barbossa, you don't want to do this mate.' Jack had said quietly. Everyone stopped laughing to listen. Jack's eyes had met Barbossa's as he continued. 'There is something waiting for you if you maroon me. Remember, great circles of hell...' Barbossa had laughed again and clapped Jack on the back hard, making him wince.

'Ah, Jack.' He had laughed showing yellowed teeth. 'There is nothing you can do to scare me. What? I'm I to suffer the rest of my days because we left you to die. I'm not worried Jack.' He had pulled a large green apple from his pocket and placed it inside the red sash Jack wore around his waist. Making sure it was secure he said, 'As long as I have my apples.' The crew laughed again and Barbossa had led Jack to the end of the plank. 'Bootstrap, bring his pistol and shot...and a belt, so he can keep it with him at all times.' Bill had walked forward, holding the items delicately. Jack had watched him come and smiled evilly as Bill began tying the belt onto him.

Quietly, so Barbossa wouldn't hear, Bill had said, 'Sorry Jack, but I have a family to support.' When he was done he looked into Jack's brown eyes and was met with understanding. They nodded to each other and then Jack had turned, walked on to the plank and jumped clear off and into the sea.

The Black Pearl had waited long enough by shore to watch as Jack climbed onto the island before it began to sail away, under the control of Barbossa. Bill had stood at the rail watching as Jack stood on the beach, watching them go.

'Jack's to daft to use his shot.' Barbossa had said in Bill's ear. 'He'll starve to death first.' As he walked away towards the middle deck, Bill had watched him go, Jack's voice ringing in his ears. 'Circles of hell.'

A few days later they had found themselves at a rocky island. Mist seemed to cling to it and Bill had an uneasy feeling as he had stepped into a rowboat. There was something evil about the Isla de Muerta, something untold. He had wondered briefly if the curse was real before they entered a small water filled tunnel. After only a few minutes though, the tunnel had given way to a large water filled cavern. There were some heaps of gold but Barbossa had ignored these and went straight to a gold chest.

Inside waited the treasure of Cortez himself, little gold coins with a skull caved into them. The men took greedily, no one noticing that as they did they grew cold. They spread the gold until finally there was almost none left. That's when it had happened, the moon, which had been hiding for a while now came out and they realized they were cursed.

Bootstrap felt despair wash over him as he went deeper and deeper, it grew darker and darker and quiet. William!

William Turner bolted upright, his mind spinning. A man, who looked like him, was being pulled under the waves, calling his name! His father. The dream had been so real; he had felt everything, every bit of despair, every chill...every regret. Will rubbed a hand over his sweaty brow and through his tangled brown hair. The dream had been so real but he knew it had probably come from his own fears and memories.

Beside him, his wife Elizabeth lay fast asleep, her chest rising and falling slowly. He smiled. The only reason he had found out anything about his father and his father's life had been because of her. She had seen him in the water as a child and given out the call to rescue him as her ship had floated by the flaming wreckage of his. It had been her who had taken the cursed Aztec gold from around his neck in hopes of keeping it secret from everyone else about the past he might have had. It was her who had been kidnapped and used his name, the one captain Barbossa had been needing, for her own. It had been her he had fallen in love with and gone to rescue. It had been all that four years ago which had bought them together.

Of course, he couldn't have done it without Jack Sparrow, correction, Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack was a weird man if not quite all there. He had known Barbossa, known where he would be and the curse. Will smiled, he would do anything necessary to get his ship back, even trade Will's life for it.

Will got up slowly trying not wake the women next to him and crossed the room to stand in front of the large glass window. Their house over looked the ocean which, tonight was storming, large waves beating roughly and violently against the shore. The ships still docked in Port Royal's bay were rocking dangerously. Out there, somewhere, Jack was battling the storm. He winced as a large bolt of lightning streaked across the ebony sky and a roll of thunder crashed down over their heads.

Elizabeth and Will had not seen Jack since he had fallen over the battlement after his ruined hanging four years ago. Will could still remember his unfinished sentence, "Friends! You will always remember this as the day that you..." Will smiled. They had heard stories though, many stories about Jack and his exploits over the years. Many, of course, where probably fabricated and told by the captain himself but some sounded true and to his nature.

One such story had said that Jack and his crew had stopped a port town and gotten drunk. A large fight insued and many of the barmaids had helped an inebriated Jack escape a mad man by lifting their skirts and stopping the man long enough to have Jack escape. Another told of how Jack had outwitted fifteen armed soldiers thirsty for his hide. Many of the parts of the story went unanswered but it ended in the guards hanging by their undergarments from the side of their ship.

One Will had to shake his head at and laugh was that Jack had dressed like a bar maid to escape guards. Will smiled, knowing how Jack liked to impersonate people he wouldn't be surprised if he had.

Another peel of thunder rolled overhead, interrupting his thoughts and turning them back to his dream. He shuddered and wrapped his arms tightly around himself. He had felt the crushing waves, the cold and seen the dark. He suspected that the stories Jack had told him and the cursed sailors of the Pearl had told him, had been brought together to make the dream. His father though probably hadn't thought of him when he died, he was probably to worried about what was happening to himself at the moment.

A cold thought suddenly struck Will. The curse, when they had lifted the curse! What if Bill had been alive, still under the waves and they had lifted the curse and...no. If Bill was still alive, it was ten years since they sent him down to the depths. He had a long time to get loose. Then again, if he were alive he probably would have come looking for his son...Will shook his head. The dream, like water in cupped hands, was starting to float away. It wasn't as clear as before. As he focused again on the rocky waves below, his wife came to his side and placed a hand gently on his shoulder. Will smiled and looked over at her. Her face was dark; he could hardly see what she looked like save for the flashes of lightning. Will had been taken in by her beauty since the day he had woken up aboard her ship. He had seen the fog and the rigging but that's not what stood out clear in his mind. It was an angel, no older then himself. She had been wearing a billowing blue dress, her face framed by brown ringlets and those eyes...he could get lost in those eyes.

"Will, what's wrong?" She asked. Her voice made him shiver still. Mrs. William Turner, he loved the ring to it and loved to see her now, standing before him...forever. Will smiled widely and shook his head.

"Nothing, I can't sleep is all." He turned his gaze back to the sea. Elizabeth suddenly wrapped her arms around him and he pulled her in close, both watching the sea.

"Do you miss it?" She asked suddenly. He lay his cheek on the top of her head and took in the sweet smell. "The ocean, sailing. Do you miss it? Being a pirate." Will pulled away from her and, taking her chin gently in his hand, lifted her face up so he could look into her eyes.

"Not if it meant leaving you." Elizabeth smiled. "And I am not a pirate anymore. I am the husband of the most beautiful women in the world."

Elizabeth smiled and placed a hand on her stomach, the place where they're baby was growing. Will placed his hand over her's and looked out to the storm again. In eight months, he'd be a father and there would be no time for day dreaming about the ocean...no time wondering what happened to his own way ward father.

Will could remember first stepping off the boat, Governor Swann's hand on his shoulder, young Elizabeth beside him. The town entranced them. Men worked on the dock, sweating in the hot sun. One man asked for his name and he gave it, a new resident of the town.

'This is Mr. Brown, Will. He'll be teaching you the art of sword making. Mr. Brown, meet Will Turner.' Will had shaken hands with his master. Mr. Brown had taken him in when he had no one, father gone, mother dead. Mr. Swann was a good man, getting Will a job. Mr. Brown had looked him critically up and down before saying, 'I can see this boy has heart. I'll train him up Mr. Swann, don't you worry about a thing.'

'I shall, a craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated.' Will had said to Governor Swann just hours before he had met Jack Sparrow and the Pearl had bared the cursed pirates to Port Royal. Governor Swann had not replied because at that moment, Elizabeth, his future wife had begun to walk down the stairs. He could still remember watching her, entranced by her beauty.

'Will! It's so good to see you. I had a dream about you last night.' She had said as she approached. Will could remember being shocked. 'About me?'

Governor Swann had tried to intervene but Elizabeth had plunged on. That's what he had always been attracted to, her strength. She had spoke of the day they had met, which he could never forget. 'How could I forget, Miss Swann?'

'Will, how many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?' As always it was at least once more.

Will stood at the window lost in his thoughts until her voice called him back to bed. Taking one more minute to admire the intensity of the storm, Will joined her. Under the covers she leaned into him, her back pressed firmly into his stomach. He wrapped his arms around her and listened to the rain beat down on the roof.

"Will, I love you." She said quietly. Will kissed her hair.

"I love you to, Elizabeth." With that, he slept

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