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Chapter 32: The Final Chapter

Anamaria stood at the bow of the Dauntless as if cut a path through the blue/green water below. Staring into the white waves crashing against the bow of the ship, she barely heard Jack's uneven walk as he made his way up behind her.

"Hello, luv." Jack said quietly, leaning on the railing. Anamaria blinked back tears and looked up at him. He was leaning on the railing, his dark brown hair flying out behind him. His red bandana was gone but, looking down, she found it stuck in the sash around his waist. In his tanned and callused hands he held a bottle…the bottle full of the rejuvenating potion. His thumbs were tracing the cracks on its side, his eyes out on the other three pirate ships, captained by members of the Navy, following close to their side.

"Jack…" He shook his head and smiled at her. "I'm sorry, for everything. I was so stupid."

"You already apologized, and I must admit, this new soft Anamaria is getting very tiring. It makes me fell icky," He gave her a very unreadable look. "We started this together, we finish it together." He held up the bottle.

Anamaria didn't answer, didn't even smile. She looked back out at the water and shook her head. "I let him get away."

"No, I did." Jack said. Anamaria couldn't bear to look at him. "I wasn't there." He laughed lightly. "Is that all that's troubling you?"

"No." Anamaria whispered. "You have a daughter, Morgan." Jack shifted and then started laughing. Anamaria finally looked up and found he'd turned and now leaned against the railing with his back to the water, staring at the mast. "It's not funny."

"I don't have a daughter." He said. "Some wench in Tortuga, she just wanted to say she'd had a kid with me." His laughter slowed and he looked back at her. "You were worried about that? Luv, you may not have noticed but I am a catch…" Now it was Anamaria's turn to laugh. Jack's smile faded. "Fine, suit yourself but…" He squinted into the sun. "Why were you so worried?"

"I'm not." Anamaria stepped away from the railing and looked around the deck. Norrington was just exiting the Captain's cabin. He spotted Jack and Anamaria and began wending his way across the deck. Anamaria grabbed Jack's arm and nodded to the Commodore.

"Oh, joy." Jack muttered. As the Commodore drew closer, he handed the bottle to Anamaria and held out his hands. "I guess your hear to arrest me?" Norrington placed a hand on Jack's hands and lowered them.

"No, actually, though believe me it would be the highlight of my life." Jack made a weird guttural sound and smiled awkwardly.

"Pretty shallow life." Jack said. Norrington ignored him.

"You're free to go." Norrington said. Jack raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak but Norrington held up a hand. "Don't thank me."

"I wasn't." Jack countered. "Why the change of…mind?"

"I told you that until the moment of your death you were to serve the queen and country." He smiled. "You officially died. All charges have been dropped." Norrington turned and began walking away. Jack rocked on his feet for a moment and then stepped forward.

"Commodore!" Jack called. Norrington stopped and Jack walked forward swiftly to catch up. "I can't believe I'm having an attack of conscience but," Jack reached into his sash and pulled out a gold pocket watch, an official gold ring with a navy seal and an honorary medal. With a sigh, he handed them to Norrington.

"Oh…" Norrington fingered them fondly and looked up at the pirate who couldn't meet his eyes. "I wondered where these had gone. Is that all?"

Jack shook his head and pulled out a small gold bracelet. Norrington took it to and looked confused. "That isn't mine." He said. Jack snatched it back and stuffed it into the sash.

"Sorry, I get confused sometimes." Jack said simply. Norrington nodded.

"I'll bet." He said. He walked away across the deck and then stopped again. Turning, he pointed at Jack. "There is a rowboat being readied for you to take out into the water." He smiled blandly. "You can have your ship back." Jack nodded and watched the Commodore walk away with a small twinge of guilt. He hadn't given back the money he'd also taken.

Gillette suddenly appeared at Jack's side. He'd managed to fix his wig but it was slightly lopsided. Jack chose not to say anything and waited for the Lieutenant to speak. "I just wanted you to know," He whispered. "I would have hanged you." Jack raised an eyebrow.

"And I'm sure you'll be promoted someday." He answered. Gillett nodded and walked away swiftly, following his Commodore. Jack shook his head and grabbed Will's arm as he passed. "You can come with me to get the Pearl or stay here." He said. Will looked up at his wife who was waiting beside the far rail with Bill and smiled slightly. He turned sad eyes on Jack.

"Sorry." He said sincerely. "But, I really want to go and kiss my wife." Jack made a face and nodded. "My father could…"

"No." Jack said, shaking his head. "Your father would rather kiss you." Will laughed, clapped the pirate on the shoulder and walked away. Gibbs came up beside Jack and watched the blacksmith walk away from them.

"I'll come." He said. Jack shook his head and eyed the dark clouds coming closer to them.

"You don't like storms." He said. "This one will be a good one." With a wink, he set off across the deck towards the row boat. As he was climbing in, he felt a distinctly feminine presence behind him. Anamaria was waiting on the other side of the railing, ready to board the boat behind him.

Will looked over his shoulder and saw Jack helping Anamaria into the rowboat. Shaking his head, he turned to his wife who was smiling at him. Reaching out, he wrapped a strong hand around the back of her head and brought her forward, kissing her deeply. She didn't pull away and chastise him for being so rude in public but her mouth clamped over his and kissed him back just as hungrily. When they pulled apart, she giggled.

"Have you been to check on Christian?" Will asked. Elizabeth nodded and smiled, her hand falling on her stomach.

"He checked me over to." She said. Will raised an eyebrow. "He dosn't know what happened but…we're pregnant again!" Will laughed out loud and grabbed her, pulling her close to him. Elizabeth took in the heat of his body and laid her head on his shoulder. Looking over at her father-in-law she blushed. "Do you wish to be alone with your father for a while?"

Will shook his head, still not letting go of her. "We were together alone for a while, in the cell." He said. "I'd think he'd be rather sick of me." Bill smiled and shook his head.

"Now that I'm captain of the Blue Sphere, you can both come visit me when ever you want." Bill answered.

"Not if you decide to engage in piracy." Norrington had joined them and was gazing at the eldest Turner with a small hint of a smile on his face. Bill shook his head seriously.

"Not for a while." He answered. "I need some space and grow a crew." Bill shrugged. "Then I'll see what I want to do. I may join the navy." Norrington's face flushed.

"A very…proud day it will be, I'm sure." He answered crisply. "When we dock in Port Royal, I will hand over the Blue Sphere to you." Bill nodded in thanks and watched Norrington move away. Elizabeth squeezed her husband's hand and rushed off after him.

"James!" She called. Norrington turned and smiled at her. "I was wondering. Would it be alright, if sometimes you…turned your back on Jack when he visited? Ignore him?" Norrington seemed to ponder her request.

"We shall see." He answered. With a nod, he said, "Good day, Mrs. Turner." And left. Elizabeth laughed lightly and went to the railing. A steady, light rain was coming down now and the small dot that was Jack and Ana in their rowboat was bobbing on the slowly rocking sea. She leaned on the rail and sighed, smiling.

Anamaria rowed steadily, watching Jack's back. Finally, as the waves began to grow rougher, she spoke. "Jack, were you him? Were you the stranger?" Jack stopped his rowing and looked over his shoulder at her.

"Why would you say that, luv?" He asked. Anamaria shrugged and stayed silent until he had begun rowing again.

"Were you there when my husband died?" Jack was silent. "Please, Jack. I need to know." Jack finally sighed and looked around. He stood and rocked unsteadily in the rowboat until he had turned around completely and sat down to face her, the rain growing harder.

"Yes." He said finally, sighing. "He told me to look after you."

"And you ended up stealing my boat!" Anamaria cried. Jack smiled slightly.

"Years later." He answered. He grabbed the bottle from the bottom of the boat and put it in his lap, staring down at the water below him. "Do you think we're here?"

"Jack, do you have a child?" Jack snorted derisively. "Well?"

"No, why would I want one? There small and wrinkly and they smell funny."

"They don't when they're older." Anamaria said. She sighed. Jack wasn't forthcoming about his past and he probably never would be. She looked down through the water and then up past the ships nearby to the island. They'd left some crew on the beach but they had all been washed away by the waves and probably eaten by sharks.

Looking back at Jack, she saw he was smiling even though the boat was now rocking violently, the rain was heavy and lightning cracked over their heads. "Why are you grinning, you daft fool?" She asked.

Jack smiled wider and laughed lightly. "This is fun." He said as a large wave hit the side of their boat and almost capsized them.

"This is not fun!" Ana almost shrieked. Jack's smile vanished but the glint in his eyes noted that he was still amused. "These last few days have knocked you silly!"

"No luv." She growled at his de-humanizing word. "These last few days, though painful to be sure, was just what I needed. This rain is a nice reminder that we are still alive." He threw his head back and screamed it into the rain. "I AM STILL ALIVE!"

Anamaria allowed herself to smile and she crawled across the rowboat unsteadily towards him. When she was closer to him she said, "Did you hear anything of what I said…on the island…when you were…"

"Dying?" Jack asked. Anamaria looked grim. "Yes, luv." He looked down into the rough water below. "I heard everything." The grin had now diminished. "Even…that...part." He said. Anamaria felt herself blushing but thought Jack wouldn't notice. Her hopes were dashed, however. "Any more heat coming off you luv, I won't need the sun to tan."

"Captain…" Jack took her face in his hands and pulled her so close they were only an inch apart. Anamaria could feel his warm breath caressing her face.

"You need a ship to be a Cap'n, luv. I don't have a ship…I do have something else, however…and no need to be called a Cap'n by her." Anamaria smiled and leaned in closer, meeting Jack's lips with hers. She forgot about the rain and the cold chill that was seeping down her neck. Everything was suddenly right. When they broke apart Jack acted as though nothing had happened but grabbed the bottle and held it up to his eyes, peering through the glass at the liquid inside. Anamaria fussed with her hair and tried to hide her smile. Suddenly, Jack leaned over the side of the rowboat, so far Anamaria thought he would fall out and into the storming sea.

"Jack!" Ana yelled, reaching forward and grabbing his sleeve. He looked over at her and smiled insanely.

"Curses don't kill me." He said. "Bit a water won't either." He held the bottle up for her to see. "How much did you use on me darling?" He asked.

Anamaria overlooked the 'darling' part and leaned forward to look at the bottle to. She could see part of Jack's face, distorted through the wet glass. "You were very dead Jack." She said. Jack raised his eyebrows, lowered the bottle and uncorked it, taking a sniff of the contents.

"I'll be alive forever now, thanks to you." He said, stretching out his hand and letting the bottle drop in to the ocean's turbulent water. "Hope it works."

They waited…and waited. It felt like forever they sat there, staring at the gray water hoping…praying for something to happen. After several minutes in silence, Anamaria opened her mouth to speak but Jack held up his hand and pointed to the water. There were bubbles. They started small and then began to grow, becoming bigger and popping, the bubbles spreading through the water around them until it looked as if the whole ocean itself was boiling.

Suddenly a head popped up; bobbing in the water and wiping soaked hair from his face. When he caught sight of Jack and Ana he smiled and waved. It was Moises. Then there were more, here and there, tons of head popping the surface and blinking in the dim light. Christopher's head emerged nearby, his boyish face beaded with water. He swam over and held onto the rowboat.

"Where's the Pearl?" He asked, looking around. Jack opened his mouth but suddenly a mast rose from the water, black and gleaming. It was like a knife pinching the sky as it grew. The water beneath the rowboat rocked wildly, tipping the small thing over. Anamaria screamed but didn't have far to fall before she was thrust back into the light, sitting on the deck of the Black Pearl. They'd been directly over the wreckage.

"Here." Jack answered Christopher, his voice underneath the rowboat which had been overturned in the sudden appearance of the Pearl's deck. "We were on it all along." Christopher looked around, astonished, then turned his gaze to Anamaria.

"Last thing I remember, there was an explosion…then total blackness." He said as two crew members rushed forward and pulled the rowboat off Jack. His face was flushed but he was smiling.

"I think we should grab the rest of the crew…possibly pick up Bill, Gibbs, Elizabeth and the whelp and think bout going home eh?" Jack said, coming over to Anamaria. She smiled.

"Home?" She asked, dazed. Jack nodded.

"The open sea…free of curses." He answered as calls of now alive crew members were carried to them on the wind and the parrot flew over head, squawking. Anamaria nodded and made for the wheel. She was already home.


Will looked over at his father, his foot moving up and down with the rhythmic ticking of the blasted clock on the wall. It had been three hours, what was taking so long? Jack was nearby, his head resting on the top of Anamaria's, hers on his shoulder. They looked so peaceful there…hands intertwined.

"Didn't take this long with you, Will." Bill said, talking to his hands. Will sighed.

"Didn't take this long with any blasted kid!" Jack said quietly, opening his eyes slightly but not moving. He didn't want to wake Ana. "Has to be done right, eh? You look like ye could use a drink."

"I could." Will admitted, looking at the clock. Only a minute had gone by. What was going on? He couldn't hear anything. "How do you remain so calm?" He asked his father. Bill shrugged so Will turned to Jack who also shrugged.

"Why worry?" Jack asked. Ana stirred slightly, her head repositioning itself on his shoulder. He froze and stayed very still and silent for a moment before Ana stopped, her breathing still deep and steady before he continued. "It'll happen when it happens, why rush?"

"You've never had kids, Jack." Bill pointed out. "You don't know."

Jack's eyes turned uneasily towards the top of Anamaria's head for a moment and then he said very matter of factly, "Why would I want kids? After looking after yours, Bill, for a few days, I know now I never want them." Will glared at the man but Jack had closed his eyes, smiling.

Will watched the clock for another thirty minutes before Christian came out, a large grin on his face. Jack nudged Ana awake and Bill sat up. Will, on the other hand, sprang to his feet and almost grabbed the doctor.

"How is she? Is she alright?" He asked. Christian grinned.

"She's fine. Both of the girls are doing all right." Will started and his brow furrowed. Jack could have laughed, the kid was so clueless.

"Means you have a girl, Will." He said. Will smiled and turned around to face the pirate.

"Thanks Jack. Couldn't have gotten that." Jack shrugged and Will turned back to the doctor. "Can I see her?" Christian stepped aside and Will entered the room, closing the door behind him. After about another hour, he came back out and beckoned to Jack.

"She just wants you." He said. Jack frowned and looked at Anamaria who nodded and pushed him slightly. Jack entered the room and wrinkled his nose as he saw Elizabeth sitting in the bed, holding the baby in her arms.

"Has all its parts then?" He asked, coming closer. "Fingers…toes…doesn't look the whelp?" Elizabeth laughed. "Cause that would be a bad thing."

"No, she looks just like she's supposed to." Elizabeth said, watching Jack sit down in the chair beside her. When he was settled, she held out the baby. "You have to hold her."

"No." Jack said firmly, sitting back in his chair as though the baby was a disease. "I think I'll wait, have a lot to teach her when she gets older…pirate business, you know. Don't want to drop her, may turn out like Will if I do." Elizabeth smiled.

"You won't drop her, Jack. She weighs less than that damn sword you carry. Please." Jack sighed and took the baby from Elizabeth, holding her carefully. "See, not so bad, is it."

"Worse." Jack muttered. He handed the baby back to Elizabeth and smiled. "Well, didn't drop her."

"No, you didn't." Elizabeth said. Suddenly she looked serious. "You scared me Jack."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked, confused. He wasn't really sure he wanted to go down this road with her.

"Will and I were afraid for you. Never thought I'd worry about the well being of you, of all people. If you hadn't lost the Pearl, if you hadn't pulled me from the water…if you hadn't saved me…she wouldn't be here. Thank you." Jack shifted uncomfortably.

"Stop complimenting me." Jack said, smiling. "I may start getting ideas…think you care about me."

"I do." Elizabeth said. "Me and Will, we care for you so much. This time, after this journey we've just been through…don't you dare be a stranger, okay?" Jack nodded, his eyes on the baby. Elizabeth mimicked him and sighed again. "Still don't have a name. Started months ago, but…we wanted something that would mean something to her. And us." Jack got up and made his way to the door.

"Ana loves babies, wants one of her own." He said over his shoulder. "She'll want to see it. I'm going to get Will a drink, poor kid's gone crazy." Elizabeth's voice stopped him before he left.

"Do you have a name for her? One that's close to you?" She asked. Jack stopped and turned to look at her. With his eyes on the baby, he said the first name that popped into his mind.

"Ruth." Elizabeth's mouth twitched slightly, but she managed not to smile as she listened. "My mother's name was Ruth."

"Thank you Jack." Elizabeth said. "I love that name." Jack nodded to her and left, looking over at Anamaria.

"Ana, there is a little baby in there who hasn't been fawned over yet." Anamaria grinned and got up, waling past him and entering the room. On her way through she slapped his butt making him jump. Bill was smiling. "What are you smiling at Grandpa?" Jack asked.

"I can see another baby in the future." Jack's smile vanished.

Elizabeth smiled as she saw Anamaria slap Jack. Anamaria closed the door and sat down in the chair Jack had occupied. "Might I?" She asked, indicating the baby. Elizabeth held out Ruth and Anamaria took her. "Oh! She is so beautiful." Ana cooed. The baby's eyes were closed tight, wrinkly reddish pink skin soft. The baby was fast asleep and Anamaria had the slight impression that she was going to look like Will.

"Ruth." Elizabeth said. Anamaria smiled and looked up.

"That's a beautiful name." She said, looking back down at the baby. "The bible, I think?"

Elizabeth's smile widened and she shook her head. "No," She said. "Believe it or not…Jack gave me that name. It was his mother's."

"His mother?" Anamaria asked. Elizabeth smiled. "I'm surprised, Jack actually having anything to do with a baby." Again, her mind drifted to Marko's words in the dark captain's cabin, that fateful night…Morgan…

Elizabeth smiled and laughed slightly. "Will doesn't know about the name." She said. Anamaria raised an eyebrow. "I know he'll like it though, I mean, I mentioned it before." Elizabeth made a small noise. "Ruth got her first look at Uncle Jack today…" She grinned. "Wonder what she thought."

"Hopefully something better then what I thought the first time I saw him." Anamaria answered just as there was a loud crash from the other room and Jack's laughter. The two women shook their heads. "Norrington greeted us on the way in."

"I know, he told me you had arrived yesterday. How long have you been waiting off the coast?" Anamaria smiled.

"A few weeks. We were in Dead Man's Kay for a while, waiting. Jack wanted to head out to more open waters and pillage but…" Anamaria kissed the baby's head. "I didn't let him."

"How drunk do you think they are yet?" Elizabeth asked as Anamaria handed the baby back to her. The female pirate shook her head.

"Oh, with Jack around?" She said, smiling. Getting up, she crossed to the door. "Rest, we'll come back tomorrow before heading out again. Norrington only gave us a few days." Elizabeth smiled and waved.

Will dropped the glass and tripped, pushing the chair across the room as he fell. Jack laughed loudly and sat down beside him as Will spilt the rest of his rum onto the floor. Bill was just watching them, smiling. "Like 'aving kids now, Will?" Jack asked. Will laughed and looked over at his friend.

Will leaned his head on Jack's shoulder and laughed. Bill shook his head and looked at his brother. "Doesn't take much does it?" Jack shook his head and grabbed Will's rum as Anamaria stepped out of the room. She surveyed the two men sitting on the ground and shook her head. "Come on, Cap'n." She said, "We have to get to the Pearl and inform the rest of the crew."

Jack groaned and pulled himself to his feet as Bill moved across the room and grabbed his son. Will waved merrily to them as they left the house, passing Governor Swann who looked shocked at their presence. Anamaria burst out laughing when they had got to the end of the driveway.

"Did you see his face?" She asked. Jack looked over his shoulder and waved at Swann who looked utterly shocked.

"I think he stopped breathing." He said. With that, they walked off into the sunset. From the shadows of the Turner house, Marko watched them.

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