Title Never Give Up


Disclaimer Not mine I just borrow and torture them

Rating PG-13

Summary after losing the most important thing in his life, Elladan never gave up.

Chapter 1

The light of the sun filtered through the dark clouds, shining light on the already good spirits of the friends.

"Did you see the look on Dan's face..." Estel laughed.

"Is that before or after you decided to draw pictures on it?" Elrohir asked, laughing hard.

"I saw nothing but the tree that he rode into." Legolas added, causing more laughter.

"He is going to kill us you know," Elrohir sighed, unable to wipe the grin from his face.

"Kill you perhaps, I think I am long overdue a trip to Mirkwood," Estel smiled to his friend.

"I agree, I think we should leave..." they saw the annoyed older twin storm through the trees, "NOW."

"Estel, wait until I catch you, you annoying little brat." He yelled his horse coming up fast.

"I told you to keep the horses," Estel yelled to his brother as they started running.

"Hey Dan, how's the tree?" Elrohir laughed dodging the horse.

He soon found himself being lifted by strong hands...and dropped in the river. Staring wide eyed at his brother, Estel was rooted on the spot.

"Hello Estel, my dearest brother," Elladan said, annoyingly calm, trying to put his Human brother on edge, and it was working.

"Hey, Dan...it...it was just a little fun...no harm come to anyone...stop looking at me like that." Estel backed away until he was against a tree.

"Very well," Elladan grinned pulled the man onto the horse and then attached him to a strong branch. A high branch.

"Erm...Elladan...how do I get down?" he asked trying to swing off the branch that held him.

"No idea." He said turning and riding home.

"Elladan...hey Elladan..." Estel called, "a little help here, Elrohir? Legolas?" he could not see the other two either. Thunder started rolling in the sky. "Oh great." He muttered as spots of rain hit his face. "Ada will kill you when he finds out you left me here and I get another cold, again." It was useless. They were gone. Long gone.

"Need a hand Mellon nîn?" Legolas asked dropping behind from a branch.

"NO, I enjoy hanging here, in the rain. Soaking wet." He said sarcastically as the Elf lowered him to the ground. "Where's Elrohir?"

"I didn't see him go back..."

"The river," they said in unison and went to the bank.

The younger twin was no where to be seen.

"We should get you home," Legolas said, "I'm sure Ro is fine and has probably gone home on his own."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Estel smiled, but was not too sure.