chapter 20

"Elladan?" a knock on the door sounded. "Elladan are you alright? Do you need help?" Elrohir grew concerned not hearing an answer.

"I'm fine Ro." He called back as the younger twin entered the room.

"You don't look so good." He noted, "Are you sure you want to try this?"

"Yes," he nodded as Estel walked into the room, "if you to can help me to the door, I'll walk to the table."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." He sighed; if he hears that question again he was going to strangle his brother.

The three brothers walked slowly to the door as it opened Elladan nodded to them to let him go and he slowly walked into the room, the younger two followed closely, hovering in case he fell.

Everyone started in silent shock, even their father.

It had been nearly a year since he had told them it was unlikely Elladan would walk again yet he was slowly making his way to the table before them.

"'re..." Elrond started.

"I know, told you I would." He smiled at his father taking a seat to his right.

"I am proud of you my son, and you two, I never thought you could keep something from me for so long." The younger brothers gave their father a mock piqued look.

"To be honest Ada I think Elrohir was starting to crack." Elladan laughed Elrohir was about to kick him under he table but thought he wanted to live.

The rest of dinner was fairly quiet as Estel and Legolas were giving a full detailed account of their latest escapade and all were surprised that neither had returned with mortal wounds, just the odd scratch. Ithil was well risen in the sky when everyone started to leave for their rooms.

Elladan tried to stand but fell back to his seat with a small cry of pain.

"Easy Elladan," Elrond said softly from his side, "you should not overdo it. To know that you can walk is enough for will need to strengthen your legs in time before you can walk as you used to." He picked the younger up with great ease and carried him into his room.

"Ada, I'm not an elfling." He stated softly as Elrond helped him into his night wear.

"Just humour an old Elf son." Elrond replied pulling the covers around his eldest.

"Good night Ada," he whispered falling to sleep.

"Good night my son," Elrond whispered kissing Elladan's brow. He smiled, unable to remember the last time he had put his eldest to bed like this.

He blew out the candle and made his way to his own rooms.

It was good to have the twins starting to get back to normal...well normal and the twins didn't really fit in the same sentence, but seeing Elladan starting to walk again gave him hope that they would act more like themselves, especially Elladan, he hated seeing his eldest so quiet but hopefully as he was beginning to fully heal so would his mood lighten.

Only time would tell.