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So I sit here, now, at this bar, bored. It had been an absolutely boring Friday night and there was absolutely nothing to do but sit in the empty apartment I shared with my college friends, Yami, and Marik.

Marik, as usual, was at a party somewhere leaving me alone, bored to shreds. I decided to go out and look for some action, or at least more than the hairy fur ball cat of Yami's was giving me.

I walked down the busy streets of Domino, full of nightlife. I soon found myself outside a brick two-story building. It was a strip club called the 'Smitten Kitten', one with no sexual preference. It sounded entertaining enough, even if all I really am only gay. I sighed, paying my way into the building.

I peered inside to see that decorated in blacks, pinks, and violent reds. At the back was a bar with people from young to old, females and males alike sitting at the stools and tables that surrounded it. There were also tables surrounded throughout the room in front of the stage that went out in a 'U' shape.

Right now, two girls were stripping, belly dancing, and twisting and turning in strange ways on the metal pole. Some people cheered, while others starred with lust-filled eyes; but I just sat quietly at the back of the bar and rested my head on my hands, watching the scene about me wearily.

"What'll it be?" The female bartender asks. She's tall, with sunshine blonde hair that has caramel blonde high lights accentuating it. Her mahogany eyes scan me happily. She was clad in tight, black jeans and a white tube top.

"Um… one round of Jose Querbo." I state mockingly, quoting a country song. She nods, and passes me a shot glass with said drink in it, smiling.

"So what's your name?" She asks,

"Bakura." I reply, before devouring my drink.

"Another." I add. She gets me what I ask for and returns.

"Oh, tough guy are we? I'm Mai, nice to meet you! You must be a newbie because I'd recognize a face as handsome as yours." She muses playfully. I glare at her showing I'm not interested.

"Oh, hon, don't worry, I wasn't hitting on you. I could've guessed you were gay the second you walked in the door!" I give her a look of shock. She shrugs.

"It's a gift. Anyways, you even look a little like one of our male strippers here! Surprisingly, he's a real crowd pleaser, they all love him!" She exclaims. Hm… a stripper that looks like me eh? I will just have to see for myself. As if reading my mind, she replies, "He'll be on in an hour." And walks off to serve others. I lie my head back down on the bar counter awaiting this stripper.

I almost dozed off when suddenly something catches my eye. A snowy haired, pale-skinned stripper whirls down from the pole, thrusting their body back seductively. Who ever this stripper is, he is amazing! I can't really see him all that well from where I'm at, but I think he wears a tight black leather corset which reveals off his trim tummy, black matching hot pants, that show off his flawless, beautiful legs, fish nets, and black stilettos. It's easy to see why everyone loves him. He's too sexy… Although, he looks awfully young to be working in a strip club. He jumps gracefully off the stage and starts giving people lap dances who stick money down his corset… and other places. Hm, he seems to be enjoying it though.

Now he's giving a guy a few tables away from where I sit a go, and gets over two hundred dollars, and a phone number stuffed in his corset.

"Call me!" The middle-aged man purrs, flicking back a strand of the strippers beautiful snowy locks. The stripper winks, and moves to on to another woman next to him. It's amazing the way he bends and dances so sensuously. He's by far the best exotic dancer I've ever seen.

The woman stuffs another twenty dollars in his corset, causing him to give out a cute giggle. He exits off her and oh shit… he's starring right at me, licking his lips. 'Oh shit, oh shit… oh shit.' My mind chants. I have absolutely no money to tip him with and I really don't want him on me… not here in front of all these people any ways… Eep!

He smiles and waves at me before straddling on my lap. He's fantastic… He has black eye liner all over his enchanting emerald eyes, giving them a cat-like structure, mascara bringing his flirty, curly eyelashes to new lengths. He has blush and shimmer on, giving him a glow, and some very glossy lip shimmer on, making his lips all that much more kissable.

He rises a little and starts raising his arms, and shaking his hips. I bite my lip in return, trying my utmost not to grope him. I want to… like hell I want to… Just, I want to be the only one touching him, with no eyes watching.

Weirdly, the boy has been dancing on me the longest out of anyone. I'm somewhat flustered, and a bit embarrassed I left my wallet at home, and only brought along a twenty.

He giggles cutely again when I open my mouth slightly when he softly caresses my cheek. After, he looked deep into my eyes; his own filled with emotions I could never place. I want to pull him on me and kiss him horribly. He then the tip of my nose with a single finger, giggles and says "Goodbye cutie"

In a low, breathy whisper before strutting off. I feel so… confused.

I don't think I've ever wanted anyone the way I want him; it's bizarre. Maybe it's just because he was dancing in my lap, probably. It's just lust, and I'd never date anyone on lust alone, even if the sex were great.

"So, you've met Bandit I see?" Mai remarks nonchalantly, pouring me another drink. I nod, glaring at the counter.

"Here. You're going to need it." She says, handing me a drink and winking.

Why would I ever need it? I think back to him on top of me and almost drool. Oh yeah, because I'm infatuated, that's why.

I guzzle the drink down and drift off into a light dose.

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