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Sigh. Smack dab in the middle of another horrible week. Marik's still so pissed he won't look at me, and I passed by Malik a couple of days ago on the streets. His cold lilac eyes peered at me, flickered, and snapped away as he scurried off into the packed streets of Domino.

I still haven't left my bedroom really. It's where I lay now, under my dirty black comforter in day old boxers, eyes staring out into the dark, listening in on Mother Nature's torment as the thunder rolls outside my window, rain clattering down on the roof-top. Another long day is dragging on, and it's not even 5 pm. I jump as the phone on my nightstand rings, smacking myself as I realize it was just the phone. I pick up the receiver with a sigh, brushing hair away from my ear.

"Hello?" I say mundanely, really wondering why I even bothered answering. Yami isn't here, and if it's for Marik, I won't bring the phone to him anyways out of sheer guilt.

"Hey Bakura, it-it's Malik..." A soft spoken voice trails off timidly. Malik? Why did he even bother to call? A sudden anger returns, a low growl emitting from my throat.

"What the hell do you want?" I snap, knowing there can't possibly be anything important he could tell me. Hm, maybe he'll just lie more and try to ruin my life! Oh, head smack! He already did that!

"Look Bakura, I know you're not happy with me right now... and to be honest, I don't now if I'm all that happy with myself." I snort.

"And this is what you called to tell me? Wow Malik, I don't think you realize how much I don't give a shit," I say dryly, glaring at the wall. If Malik were here right now, I'd love nothing more then to pound his nasty blonde head into the wall.

"No Bakura, Ryou's sad!" I blink.

"Of course he's sad, I ruined his life!"

"No Bakura, he's REALLY sad! Yugi, Anzu, and I have tried talking to him, but he doesn't say much! He's depressed Bakura..." Malik trails off, voice growing more pitiful by the moment.

"Don't put this all on me Malik! You HELPED cause this; in fact it's all you-"

"Bakura! All I'm trying to say is Ryou needs you ok?" Malik whines, what sounds to be a sniffle erupting from the other end of the phone call.

"He doesn't NEED me! He's furious at me! And I doubt he's even sad! It's probably just another way of you trying to manipulate me and make my day even worse! Well guess what Malik? I DON'T CARE! Everyone else already thinks this is my entire fault, so please stop wasting my time so I can just forget you ever existed and this ever happened! I don't want to see you; I don't want to hear you, and most of all... I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU! Whatever it is, I don't care, so just go die or something!" And at that I slam down the phone and throw myself back on my bed, digging my head under the pillows.

I'm so sick and tired of things being this way! Staying in this room so much is starting to make me feel cramped, and I'm DEAD sick of speeches from Yami and Yugi of doing the right thing. I think I know what the right thing to do is... I'm just afraid to do it. The days have been dragging on, and yet they all seem the same. Not a day has gone by where I haven't wondered if things will always be this way. From how I've been feeling, it sure seems like it will! I've broken three hearts, four friendships, and an ego. Way to score for me.

I turn over to stare out the window, suddenly noticing how it's stopped raining momentarily. Maybe a walk would help calm my nerves... I haven't been out of this house all day, having skipped classes.

I roll out of my bed and grab the first pair of pants I see on the ground, and a long sleeve gray shirt, sliding them both on. I groan as I get on my knees and dig out a pair of socks from under my bed, struggling to put them on over my toes. Then come my black shoes I don't bother tying when I wear, and I'm ready to go. I hop up and tread to out of my room, peeking and making sure Marik's not out there for many reasons. Thankfully, he's snoring on the couch, which gives me a get a way! I grab my coat and get the heck out of here, walking out the front door, hands in my pockets as I walk down the staircase, stomping on a spider who dared to cross my path. Stupid critter.

An hour goes by I guess, when I realize I'm in the heart of the city now, down by all the busiest streets and things. I wander around aimlessly, with no real destination in mind, just walking; getting away from things temporarily. My head peers up to the sky to find darkened gray, rain clouds looming over my head. Great, more damn rain, as if my day wasn't horrible enough!

I'm starting to get tired, and I couldn't have picked a more perfect time, considering the light sprinkle is now turning to downpour. I really don't want to get wet, so I take cover under the hood of a coffee shop, my brown eyes gazing in through the windows, spying many things, people, tables ... and Ryou? I blink to make sure I'm not hallucinating, but still find him sitting there all alone at a small circular table, notebook and pen out, drink pushed off to the side. He looks sweet in a long sleeved button up blouse with the sleeves rolled neatly up to his elbows, a button or two undone for personal style preferences, head rested upon an hand while the other seems to be tapping a pencil, thinking of something to write. His nose wrinkles as he finds soft white strands invading his eye area, shooing then away with a whisk of his hand, a few strands flying behind his ear unconsciously. He seems to be quite concentrated on whatever it is he's doing. Oh crap!

I jump behind the wall, to a place unseen to his eyes as he glances up to the window, looking out into space. I turn my head slightly so I can get a better stare, and suddenly my heart drops when I see what looks to be a silent tear streaming down his cheek, watery eyes looking up to the ceiling. My eye brows knit in frustration, knowing I probably had something to do with why he seems so unhappy. I scoot out a bit more so I can watch him fully. His eyes widen, and his mouth drops open when his teary emerald eyes spot me, what I can only guess to be a gasp emitting from his throat.

"Oh shit," I mutter and run away... How could I do that to him? Let him cry about me, when I'm supposed to be the one comforting him? I bite my lip in thought, feelings and thoughts running through my mind, knowing none of this should be happening... I've got to find a way to change this... and soon... I don't want Ryou to be sad anymore...

Ryou gazed up from his lyrics notebook, a couple of tears sneaking out of his distressed eyes. He couldn't find words to explain how horrible he was feeling right now, or how lousy he'd been feeling since two Sundays ago, when things had taken a turn for the worst. All he could do was mope knowing he'd lost one of the best, truest friends he'd ever found, and blew his chances of ever being that friend's love interest forever; of ever being happily in love. He was so sure Bakura was the one! Bakura had crossed the line though; all he wanted was in the poor teenager's pants! But... how could that be true? Bakura had never once been forward... a little shameless flirting here and there, but never going as far as to even KISS Ryou. In fact the kiss the two had shared was because of Ryou, not Bakura trying anything. Bakura was always so sweet, cheering Ryou up, making him laugh, somehow managing to make the boy smile, and feel as if his life was perfect, as if all his problems washed away. Bakura was just like that, always in a seemingly good mood. Hell, he was even funny when he was mad and cute too. Ryou sniffed, smiling sadly as he thought of the two's trip to the zoo. Things were so good only two weeks back, when he and Bakura had been getting along, when he hadn't known the truth. But god, why did Bakura have to go and do something SO stupid?

Ryou sniffed, emerald orbs gazing to the window, barely even taking notice of the newly falling rain. He sighed, remembering he was jobless after that whole fiasco. His boss had basically fired him on the spot, creating such a scene. Green eyes flashed to the corner of the coffee shop, flickering as they saw something familiar, something they'd yearn to look upon for a good few days now. Bakura... but was they really him? Ryou blinked, but when he opened his eyes, nothing was there! Maybe Yugi was right, he should stop studying so hard, and try taking a sleeping pill or two and getting a good night's sleep for once. Ever since he'd quit befriending Bakura though, sleep just didn't want to come... It could've really been Bakura, it seemed so real... An idea popped into Ryou's head; finally some inspiration for a song! He started writing again, hoping it hadn't been an illusion...

"AH! Holy crap!" I scream for about the billionth time. I cannot figure out what to write in this letter, or how to phrase things! Who knew it could be so hard to apologize! I'll blame Yami though, since I did KIND OF ask for advice on how to write a letter. He slapped me in the head though and clenched his eyes screaming, "You're the one who wants to be a journalist, you should know!" He did end up telling me to just try be all suave and stuff, and give Ryou a bunch of complements about how great he was, and beautiful, and how I'd die without him, etc., etc. Be as romantic as possible in other words... I don't think I even know how though! I slam my head on the desk, whining. How am I going to apologize if I can't write this?!?

"Bakura?" A soft voice utters, my ears perking up. I hear footsteps entering my room. Sheesh, ever heard of knocking? Yami needs to teach his pet some house rules...

"What is it Yugi?" I mumble, looking up from my desk to see Yugi standing by my chair, a small smile on his face.

"I just wanted to come and see what you were up to. Yami said you wouldn't let him come in last night that you said you were too busy, so I took your open door as an advantage, and came in... is that alright?" I roll moody earthen eyes.

"Would it really have mattered if I told you 'no' anyway? With my luck you'd go tell Yami crying or something, then he'd come in hear and yell his head off, only further disturbing me from trying to write!" I groan, slamming my head in my hand. Yugi giggled, ignoring my slight glare.

"I wouldn't do that, and yes, I would have left you alone... what are you writing anyways?" He asks, curious lilac amethyst eyes peering down to the crumpled papers on my desk. My eyes gaze nervously to my letter, my hand moving to hide it from Yugi's view.

"A letter."

"What kind of letter, and to whom?" Nosy bastard! Can't he just be happy with an answer like some people?

"A letter of apology to Ryou..." I trail off, my eyes daring him to laugh. He smiles sincerely.

"Can I read? That's so sweet Bakura, so you are going to fix this after all!" He cries, jumping for joy. Yami really shouldn't give him candy before sex.

"No," I state coolly, hiding the letter under a binder. His smile falls to a frown as suddenly disheartened violet eyes blink down at me.

"Why not?"

"God damnit, fine just read it! What is it with you cute freaks and puppy dog eyes, my god!" I seethe, handing him the stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid letter I wasted my time writing. I know Ryou's going to rip it, chew it up and spit it up in my face, and then give me another good slap. My bruise still isn't fully healed from that...

He gasps, a hand covering up his gaped mouth, eyes sparkling over.

"Bakura, this is so sweet! Ryou's going to die if he gets this, he'd have to be an idiot not to want to forgive you after this letter! I'm serious Bakura, it's just perfect!" He gushes, setting the letter back down on my desk, hugging himself, grinning. I shudder.

"Whatever, it sucks; he's not going to accept!"

"Bakura, he will too, you're apology sounds like it came from that wicked heart of yours! It's really good, ask anybody! Now I can see why you chose writing for a career, you're wonderful Bakura! I have to admit, I kind of believed Yami at first when he said all your stories, and articles sucked!" I blink. That yellow haired bitch! Oh he is so going to be the main course for dinner tonight. Anyone else want some Yami steak, cause I'm pretty fucking sure there's enough to go round! I push that to the side for now though, my letter comes first. After all, if I was on a deserted island with Ryou and Yami, no doubt I'd choose Ryou's pretty little head over Yami's irregularly shaped one any day!

"If you say so Yugi. I swear though, if Ryou doesn't accept this letter, I'm going to eat up your boyfriend, and then I'll invite over Noa and let him have you for himself!" Yugi smiles, shaking his head.

"Whatever Bakura, but trust me, he'll love it, just like he loves you."

"You'd better be right tree head, you'd better be right."

Ryou awoke late Saturday morning to a light drizzle. What was it with Domino City and rain this year? The white haired seventeen year old ran a hand through his disheveled locks and brushed the sleep out of his eyes, disentangling himself from the warm cloud printed flannel sheets he'd managed to cocoon himself in over the night. He sighed, turning over to his other side, avoiding the light that shown through his window, and found his jersey cloud comforter on the floor. Hm, must've been why he was trapped in sheets then. He hopped out of bed, pulling back on starry pajama bottoms he must've discarded in the night, too. For some reason, Ryou found sleeping naked to be more comfortable. It gave him a strange feeling of peace and freedom, knowing nothing was stopping him from showing off all he was. Of course, he'd never slept with anyone else naked, maybe because the only one who he'd ever want to sleep naked with was well... Ryou really didn't know what Bakura was anymore, just that he was still sad and missed him, though what the man did was still cruel.

Ryou walked down the newly carpeted stairway into a cleanly living room, glad that the curtains were still shut to avoid the brightness of day getting into his still sleepy green eyes. As he made a turn for the kitchen, he realized something was on the floor in front of the door, just lying there; plain and white.

"An envelope? Why is there an envelope in the middle of the floor? I wasn't writing letters, and I do have a mailbox..." The teen trailed off, bending down to his knees to pick up the envelope, flipping it over, and sat down on the floor when he read the title: To whom it may concern. Ryou blinked, ripping off the top of the letter, to get to its contents. Maybe it was bill collectors? They wouldn't stalk him and his father though; his dad had always been really good with paying those on time. He found a neatly folded piece of paper inside, slipping the enclosed letter out, unfolding its contents. He gasped at the signed name at the bottom, heart skipping a beat.

Love always,


His eyes rushed to the top of the letter, wondering what Bakura had given this to him for?

Dear Ryou,

Let me start out by saying these last couple of weeks have been hectic. I've had constant fights, lectures, speeches, and more sympathy than I can bear. But after everyone's constant nagging, and pushing, I came to see they were right; it was indeed time to fix this.

I write you now from my desk at home, a candle lit, and the sound of the constant rain beating down on the ceiling for music, memories I wish could be forgotten still replaying a thousand times over. And all these memories are more like nightmares; reminding me of how horridly I treated you. I acted as if you were just a thing, some person, disregarding the fact that you had a heart too. Ryou, I'm sorry for the things I did, I destroyed your life, and your stable relationship with my best friend, whom I should never had hid things from in the first place. I guess I never thought about how you'd feel. I just wanted you so badly... and no, contrary to popular belief, I didn't want you for sex Ryou, you mean more to me than that, so much more than you'll ever know. I wish I could've told you everything instead of doing something so deceiving. Malik did start it, but I had to no right to go around and agree with it, and try to steal you away, and from my best friend nonetheless! What an asshole I was...

You're probably sitting there right now, rolling your pretty jade eyes, thinking 'that doesn't explain why you did it Bakura, you fuckhead'! Well, it all started when I saw you for the first time at the strip club. I dismissed my immediate crush on you as just lust, and who could blame me? You looked gorgeous, and yes, I was they guy who was mesmerized by you, if you were still trying to figure out who was there that night. You awoke something inside of me that night that no one else ever could. In fact, that night when we went to the coffee shop, I then realized, it wasn't lust, I just fell for you, and I would've asked you out then and there, if I didn't find out a few seconds prior you had a boyfriend. I was disappointed, and envious that my roommate got to have something so wonderful, and I didn't have anything, besides an ex boyfriend, who's obsessed with the fact that I'm still 'in love with him'. Insert the eye roll here.

Anyways, when you two fought, and you cried, all I could think about was making you smile again, and I did... but then once we were getting close, Marik and Malik interrupted, and Malik immediately claimed to be my 'boyfriend', and for that, I am truly sorry. I shouldn't have lied, and wish I could start things over between us. It's a lot to ask for I know, but after seeing you at the coffee shop on Wednesday, I couldn't take it anymore! You seemed so unhappy, crying, and I had the worst feeling I probably helped in causing you such stress. I don't want the darkness to loom over us, I want to apologize to both you and Marik, but more to you because I know you won't kill me ( or at least I hope, you hit pretty hard! ). I also want your forgiveness more because I can't help but think it means more. I wish I could've explained this all to you the night you ran from me, but I knew you wouldn't listen, and that I didn't deserve for you to even hear me out anyways. I wanted to apologize to you in person, but couldn't because I'm too much of a wimp to meet you face to face, though I want to talk to you again... I think being away from you has only made me want you more, I find myself longing to hold you in my arms again; a wish I don't deserve for you to grant me. But I do have one proposition to make. I want to make up with you and show and tell you everything my writing can't. Please meet come to the park tomorrow night around 6 pm by the fountains. I know you probably hate my guts right now, but please, just come so you can hear me out! Once again, I'm sorry any of this happened, Ryou. Please come?

Love Always,


So I find myself shivering; and not from the cold either. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life! I glance behind me to the strange mermaid fountain at the park, spitting into it. There's really no reason for the spitting, it's just to pass time. After all, it's nearing six o' clock... I still wonder if he even got my letter... then again, how couldn't he have? I slid it under the door! I really do hope he shows up, I want to tell him everything!

I glance up to the sky, to see rain clouds forming, go figure. I think it does this to me purposely, really. I run a hand through the crystal waters of the fountain, enjoying the cool blast of the water that touches my pale skin, trench coat sleeve accidentally getting soaked, too. I really don't think he's going to show... I don't deserve for him to show... He won't come here; I don't even know why I asked! It was such a dumb idea! Damn you, Yami! ...Yet here he comes from the distance, in a light blue fuzzy sweater and jeans, looking cute as usual. His shy emerald eyes look up to me, blinking softly. I stand by the fountain gulping trying my hardest to keep my cool but I don't think I know how, or that I even have any cool...

"Hey Bakura," Ryou says shyly as he gets closer, only a foot between eh two of us. I give him a small smile, looking down at him.

"It's been a while, Ryou... Thank you..." I say softly, shying away from the curious gaze he sets on me.

"For what Bakura? I-I didn't..." I take his slightly smaller hand in mine, curling fingers around it. No one has hands as smooth and luscious as his. He smells nice too, like a sweet vanilla.

"For giving me a second chance," I say, gazing down into his eyes. He smiles a bit, nodding.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you Ryou, I didn't want to! I only ever wanted to make you happy and me-" I find a satiny hand pressed against my lips, silencing me.

"Bakura, it's okay, I forgive you... but there's still one more thing I want you to do. Show me what your letter and talking can't. Bakura, show me you love me..." He whispers, gazing down to the wet grass. I smirk, cupping his chin, and drawing his head back up, stepping in closer.

"Just don't hit me..." I whisper huskily, closing my eyes as I press my lips to his. He moans, wrapping frail arms around my shoulders, pulling himself up closer. I encircle my arms around his waist, lips parting slightly as I draw my tongue out to brush it against his bottom lip, and wow, I never though kissing could feel this good. He opens his mouth, his own tongue sliding out to greet mine in a tongue war, my own delving into his mouth, licking around everywhere, causing him to moan, my own purrs emitting as I stroke his tongue with mine, loving how he leans into my every touch.

"Is that good enough?" I purr against his lips, resting my forehead against his. He smiles, eyes gazing around as he feels droplets hit his head. We both laugh, nuzzling our noses together. Suddenly, the rain doesn't seem so bad, and things seem surreal again, thanks to Ryou.

"It was great... but we should probably go. I don't want you staying home come Monday Kura; Yugi already says you had a mini vacation this week!" He exclaims, green eyes blinking cutely at me. I nod, grinning as my nose tickles as it brushes against his again.

"Yeah you're right, we should leave... my cars in the parking lot, so let's go!" I cry, letting go of all but his hand and rushing him forward, running along him in the downpour. We both laugh and smile at each other as we go along, knowing this was how it was meant to end.

I unlock the car, and open his door for him, shutting it, and run to my own, jumping inside and starting up the engine. I then remember something, and start to worry.

"Ryou, are we really together now?" He giggles leans over to me, brushing his lips against my cheek.

"Yes you dork! After that kiss, what did you expect? You'd better watch out Bakura, cause I'm not gonna ever let you go if you kiss me like that!" He chirps, smiling up at me. I grin, eyes staring at him with adoration, brushing my lips against his.

"I hoped you wouldn't."

I unlocked the door to my apartment for the first time in two weeks feeling giddy. Why? Because of the cute, laughing boy next to me of course!

"Come on, I don't know if Marik is home yet so be quiet, okay?" I whisper to him. He nods, smiling and following into the apartment after me, locking the door behind us. We creep down the hall way and I peek around the corner to find two people making out on our couch, a pile of clothes on the floor.

"Holy shit, Malik?!?" They gasp and look up to me, grinning. Malik waves girlishly, kissing Marik on the neck, causing the man to purr.

"Bakura, could you do us a favor and get the hell out so we can make out in peace?" Marik grumbles, turning around to glare at me. I grin and drag Ryou out into the open, nodding.

"Whatever you say! The stripper and I got a movie to watch anyways!" Ryou ahems, blushing slightly.

"I'm not a stripper anymore... I got fired," He says softly, smiling up at me. Marik snorts and Malik laughs.

"Either way, come on you, let them have their fun!" I chime, dragging Ryou into my room.

"Have fun!" I call to them, slamming my door. Ryou giggles, latching onto my waist, green eyes staring happily up at me.

"Looks like Malik and Marik hooked up!" I say, arms slid down into his back pockets, pulling him even closer. Did I ever mention how perfectly he fits in my arms?

"I guess so, but now..." He twirls around and before I know it, I'm pushed onto my bed, Ryou on top of me, grinning.

"It's time for us to have a little fun!" He says seductively, nudging his nose against mine. I grin, and smash my mouth up against his, tonguing him for all it's worth. Ryou then closes his eyes, moaning, arching upwards and slips off his shirt, delving into my mouth, savoring away.

"This is going to be one beautiful relationship... especially in a few minutes!" He chimes, kissing me again playfully. I laugh and give him a tight squeeze, before letting my hands roam all across his back. I hear screams erupting from the living room. Eye roll.

"BE QUIET, WE'RE TRYING TO HAVE A MOMENT HERE, BUT WE'LL NEVER HAVE THAT IF YOU DON'T KEEP MOANING SO DAMN LOUD!" I scream. Ryou smiles and kisses me again, resting his head on my shoulder.

"At least their happy now!" I smirk and kiss him on the top of the head.

"And so are we..."


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