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Chapter Two

"Aphrodite!" I called, uncomfortably aware of how out of place I must look in the sunny, flowering meadow that Aphrodite claimed as her own. "Aphrodite!" I tried again.

"Hades, dearest, how wonderful to see you again," Aphrodite said mockingly as she slid into the meadow with her usual boneless grace. Before I could reply, she had slunk over to me. "What can I do you for?"

"Loathe as I am to say this, I need your help," I said, with a deep breath. Aphrodite raised a perfectly arched golden eyebrow at me, and place a slender, white hand on my arm. Her mouth quirked slightly.

"Well, well, well," She said, smiling felinely. "It isn't often Death and Love go hand in hand anymore, is it?" She suddenly clenched my arm, and moved even closer to me. "Whose got your eye now, Hades? " She asked, red lips parted in a grimacing smile.

"I-'Dite-" I stammered, using the nickname I had given to her years ago. Aphrodite was one person I could not easily fend off with my icy demeanor. She knew me far, far too well for that.

"Hades, stop. Just tell me what you want, and then leave," She said, blue eyes narrowed. I nodded, slowly, and she lessened her grip on my arm.

"I-I need you to help me, with a matter of love," I said, blushing. I hated how she could turn me—me, ice-king of darkness!—into a stuttering wreck. She looked up to the sky in exasperation.

"Obviously, dearest. Now, get into a bit more detail or I'll have to—force it out of you. Who is she? She'd better not be a mortal."

"No, of course not. She's... Kore, daughter of Demeter. And I don't know how she feels about me, but I know that Demeter despises me," I said. Aphrodite looked away, considering. She bit her lip, and smiled sadly. "So? Will you help me?" I pressed.

"Of course, dearest," she whispered, eyes glittering slyly. She threw her arms about my neck and pressed her beautiful, blonde head against my chest. "You didn't even have to ask."

Later that—week, as I suppose mortals call it—I paced around Aphrodite's bedchamber, impatient. Aphrodite was lounging on her bed, watching me.

"I told you, it will work. I will make it work." She told me, smiling slightly. "And I promise you, Kore will forgive you. How could she not?" She shook her head slightly. "She can't resist you."

"Are you sure you are talking about her, and not you?" I asked, joking. I smiled widely at her, good humor replacing my eagerness. Although I had spoken in jest, I received a solemn answer.

"I speak for the both of us, love. There was a time when I would have gladly given up my immortality for you." She said.

I stopped my pacing suddenly. "'Dite—I'm sorry..."I trailed off, and sat beside her. I took her graceful hands in mine, and continued. "But you have Ares, now, and I, well, I hope to have Kore. There was a time I, too, would have died for you," I said, quietly. She nodded, and took a deep breath.

"Then let us put this plan into action."

I took a deep breath as I paced a clearing in which I had once seen Kore. The golden flower I had placed on the edge of the clearing glimmered in the corner of my eye, and I realized how distracting it would be. With an elegant wave of my hand, I cast a temporary glamour over it to make it blend with its surroundings. I closed my eyes slowly, and exhaled.

Just then, I heard it. The telltale sign that Kore was there—girlish shrieks of her nymph friends. I could hear her laugh, bubbling and musical. My heart contracted and I assumed a position that seemed more natural. I sat on a boulder, looking down as if in deep thought.

I heard her friends crash into nearby brush. Then, they were heading away—my head snapped up—this wasn't supposed to happen! I quickly jerked my hand and took off the glamour on the flower. I once again went into position.

Thankfully, I heard from somewhere nearby, "What's that glittering over there?" It was Kore's voice, sweet and curious. I heard a nymph tell her to move on, but thankfully, she persisted. Finally, she said, "Look, why don't you go ahead? I'll be there in a second, I promise!" Giggling ensued when one of her friends said, "Yes, alright, but don't let any tall, dark strangers sweep you away!"

My eyes, still lowered, widened. Were they talking about me? My ponderings were interrupted when I heard a slight noise from the opposite side of the glade. Sure enough, there was Kore, slipping almost silently into the clearing. I looked up quickly as a twig snapped under her feet, pretending to be surprised. The movement caught her eye, and he mouth opened slightly.

"Oh!" she said, eyes wide. "I'm sorry, my Lord, I wasn't aware you were here—I'll leave..." I cut her off with a hand.

"No, it's fine. Call me Hades," I said. She closed her mouth quickly and gave me a smile. Unconsciously, I felt the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile; I quickly controlled it.

"Oh-alright," she said, green eyes still wide. I felt myself get up, and in two quick strides I was across the glade. I hesitated before her. What was I doing? This wasn't right.

She clearly thought so too. She looked shocked, timid, perhaps even—giddy? Up close, now, I had to fight my every urge to reach up and touch her face. Her skin looked smooth, sun-kissed, soft. Her lips were a perfect rose, her eyelashes were long and thick.

We studied each other, her and I, for who knows how long. I felt her eyes absorb my dark, dark hair, my pale skin, my dark blue eyes. We were polar opposites, she and I, but I could not help the way my heart thumped, the way she made me feel. Tenderly, timidly, I raised a (steady, thankfully) hand to brush a silken red strand of hair off her face. She gasped at my touch, and I moved to pull my hand away, but her own dainty hand shot up gracefully and pressed my hand to her cheek.

My heart was throbbing, my blood pounding, my throat dry. I leaned down—slowly, so slowly—and still cautiously, whispered, so close, it hurt to keep my face schooled to show no emotion, "Come with me,"

"To where?" she whispered back. I dint reply, but let her know with my gaze where I meant. Home. Come to my home.

She gasped, slightly, and shook her head. "I-I cant," she said, voice quavering. It hurt me, hurt me deeply to do this, but I shot her a look of carefully controlled coldness, and turned away. Without replying, I became invisible silently, but as was expected, she thought me gone. I saw a tiny, precious tear stroll down her cheek. Ai, how I wanted to wipe that tear away, and kiss those perfect rosebud lips until they bruised.

Suddenly, I saw her glance at the golden flower I had placed there. She breathed, "Oh..." and carefully plucked it from the ground. Holding it up to her face, she inhaled the sweet smell it softly emitted. As she held it, a tear dripped off her face and she murmured, "Hades...Hades..." The tear hit the flower in the center, and then—

With a near silent blast of energy, she was gone.

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