All right well this takes place in like October...where the season should pick up and I got inspired and just had to write this and since we are on the verge of a OCless summer.

"So you're, what, breaking up with me?" Summer stares at Seth; her mouth set in an angry firm line but her fear eyes betray her true feelings.
"No of course not," Seth's sarcasm breaks through his words, "our relationship is absolutely perfect."
"Cohen." Summer seems to deflate but suddenly rages seems to take over her, "you're the one who decided to take off for the whole summer. You only left me a note!"
"We're really having this fight again? I've been back for three months."
"Cohen!" Summer exclaims.
"I'm sick of fighting Summer, that's all we do anymore."
Summer bites her lip hard hoping Seth can't tell that she is on the verge of tears, "Cohen…Seth…"
"Summer I'm sorry but…"
"Seth," Kirsten interrupts their conversation.
"Mom!" Seth quickly snaps, "we're kind of in the middle of something here."
"I know," Kirsten's face is pale.
"Mom what is it?"
Kirsten's voice is shaky when she states, "I just got a call from a hospital in Chino, there's been an accident."

The drive to Chino was long, uncomfortable and silent; they'd quickly stopped to pick up Marissa before leaving Newport. Summer sat in between the still feuding Marissa and Seth who continued to blame Ryan for the reasons why he had to leave.
"Wha'd the hospital say?" Summer asks desperate to break the silence.
"They couldn't say much over the phone," Kirsten explains, "just that we have to get down there and they would explain when we get there."
"But it's serious?" Marissa's voice is full of unshed tears.
"It's serious." Kirsten responds sadly.
"Was anyone else involved?" Marissa continues asking question, not really caring if she gets an answer just not wanting the silence that only left room for thinking to go away.
"She didn't say sweetie."

Theresa's mother is waiting in the waiting room when they get there and she immediately rushes toward Marissa, "thank you so much for coming."
"What's going on?" Marissa asks, "what happened?"
"We don't know anything about Ryan, Teresa and the baby's conditions." Theresa's mother's eyes are fearful. "But Eddie is dead."
A small gasp goes around the room and Sandy is the only one who can ask, "what happened?"
Teresa's mother shakes her head sadly, "they were going to Theresa's last doctors appointment. Eddie was with them because they have been doing all of these things together…The police…" tears slip down the woman's cheeks, "the police think Eddie drove them off the road."

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