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Forever My Bellflower

By Sweet Ruby Moon


Thunder and lightening.

Darkness and shadows.

Enmity and coldness.

One could find no better words to depict such an anguish-filled night.

Relentless winds carried the gelid hands of a winter downpour, hands that showed no mercy towards the nighttime creatures of the deep, vast woods they took for abode. They were forced to run and conceal themselves from the raging storm as its whip would violently strike the lower parts of the Western Lands, as if portraying the agony and wrath of its very master.

Away from the nature-caused frenzy fallen upon those fields, he, the great youkai of the Occidental areas himself, observed in mute rage as an ancient oak tree of his domains was struck by one accurate lightening and came a-tumbling down with a screeching moan. Its trunk and leaves burst into flames instants before the heavy raindrops embraced that colorful exhibition and becalmed the fire's fury in all its destruction hunger. Oh, if only the touch of flowing water could extinguish the agonized blaze reflected upon the taiyoukai's eyes…

He stood still, watching with indifference as the ashy remains of the once portly tree disappeared behind a screen of dust and smoke. He let out a low snort, now fixing his blank stare upon the violent firmament; clouds seemed to merge in crimson chunks as the seemingly endless downpour grew heavier and heavier. Several lightning bolts cut across the storming sky, closely followed by the deafening sound of crashing thunders. Such noise, however, was not loud, or deep enough, to rival the excruciating screams of the young maiden laying on his bed.

In spite of his inner misery, Sesshoumaru put on a mask of serenity and confidence and, with a flip of his long, star-painted hair, turned away from the window he was standing before and walked over to the woman, who was now clutching to the sheets with whatever little strength she had left. In a quiet motion, he took a seat by her side and placed a gentle hand on her sweating forehead, brushing a few locks of raven hair off her milky face. One more pained shout broke into the atmosphere and she fell on her back, breathing with difficulty.

Amber oculars narrowing in growing concern, the youkai guarded his lady, feeling his heart clench at her pain. Her chest arched at a fast pace as she gasped for air, striving to linger in the realm of the living, and several beads of cold sweat streamed down her temples. He spared her a rather gentle look and allowed his hand to slide down her shaky body, finding rest on top of the big lump on her abdomen. She strenuously fluttered her earth-brown eyes open and cast them upon her lover, offering him a weak smile.

The taiyoukai tried to return her affectionate gesture, but all he got as a result was a set of lips twisted in an awkward fashion; he knew how much she appreciated that ever so rare motion of his, and time had taught him to grant this whim of hers, but at that very moment, Sesshoumaru could not bring himself to smile, no matter how intense his efforts were. Still, in one last attempt to demonstrate his genuine affection, he gently, if gawkily, stroked her protuberant belly, as if to soothe the source of her pain.

Yet another flashing bolt crossed the turbulent skies as Sesshoumaru mentally cursed the doctors for their unforgivable delay. Yes, he had - and that was a very strong ego blow to take - to employ the aid of two village doctors, supposedly the best in the whole region, at his mate's request. He was aware that bearing the child of a taiyoukai was no easy task for a human, and as much as he despised the presence of humans other than the few selected ones he had long allowed to stay by his side, pride had no place in his heart when his beloved's precious life was at stake.

After all, that treasure of hers had already been toyed with way too much.

His acute hearing captured the sound of rushed steps making their way through the corridors of his castle. His narrow oculars followed the light noises all the way to the shoji, slight hints of relief and hope gracing those pools of deep color as they spotted an incoming girl in her mid-teens, wearing an ocean blue and white striped kimono, dark brown hair hanging loose down to her waist, with a few locks tied up sideways on a high ponytail.

"Sesshoumaru-sama…" She bowed briefly and went on, in a low tone. "The doctors have arrived… Should I send them in?"

"Yes, Rin. Please send them in." He momentarily eyed the lady on his futon before bringing his glance forward once more as the young girl allowed the doctors to hesitantly enter the poorly illuminated room. "You're late." Sesshoumaru warned the two men in a frighteningly low tone, smelling the fear that emanated from every little pore of their skin.

"We apologize, S-sesshoumaru-sama…" The shorter, seemingly older of the twosome started, several beads of sweat running down his shaky head. "The storm was too brutal and we couldn't…"

"I have no use for your feeble excuses, humans." The demon prince raised his tone in a couple of octaves and rose to his feet, eyeing the two men with a vicious glare. "You should waste no more time on words and begin tending to her immediately."

"We will, milord!" The taller one replied after a brief bow, as the other one dove inside his fabric bag searching for his medical equipment.

The silver-haired youkai nodded sharply and turned on his heels, ready to leave the room, when he felt something - better yet, someone - trying to stop him from departing. He cast his glance downwards and spotted a pair of mahogany eyes looking up at him, and he easily recognized fright in that gaze, even though that was not a woman to normally have such feeling. His beloved's pale hand was clutching tightly to his baggy pants, pleading with mute words that he would stay and support her in such difficult situation. His amber oculars, previously ferocious, turned soft and kind, as he crouched down beside her and planted a sweet kiss on her silken lips.

"Fear not." He took her delicate hand on his and gently rubbed its back with his thumb, whispering in a soothing tone. "I shall not allow any harm to fall upon you." She nodded weakly and fluttered her eyes closed, trying to get some rest, as he caressed her angelic features once more. One moment flashed by and he stood up, speaking to the human men in his threatening voice and mortal glare. "Should anything happen to her life…you will pay with yours."

Finding some comfort in having filled the air with the two men's fear, the taiyoukai brushed past his unwanted, however needed, guests and walked out the shoji, standing guard right outside the room, in case anything happened to the mother-to-be. The young girl also followed suit and left the place after sparing one last concerned look at the raven-haired woman, having decided to stay in the corridor and make some company to the demon prince while they waited for any news.

"Don't worry, Sesshoumaru-sama…" She cupped both hands over her bumpy chest, in an attempt to becalm her own angst-ridden spirits. "Kikyou-sama will be alright."

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