Hikari no Tsuki

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Chapter One: The Light

It was said that the Light was so powerful it could burn through anything. The corrosiveness of it was so intense that there was hardly a substance that couldn't be destroyed by its glare.

A brave group of warriors used combined energies and magic to capture it, shielded from its powerful rays. It was the hidden far away, deep beneath the surfaces of the Demon World, to never be used or discovered again, for if in the wrong hands, the Hikari no Tsuki would become the ultimate weapon...
Koenma sighed, stretching out at his desk as he tied a napkin around his neck so not to get anything on his blue outfit during dinner. Things had been rather quiet around the office the past few days, not that the pint-sized ruler minded. After all, if he just took a few hours to stamp his paperwork, the rest of the time he could be left to his own devices.

"Yo, Ogre!" Koenma called, glaring down at his sloppy desk. "I can't find the remote under all this stuff!"

Impatiently, the toddler drummed his fingers on hardwood surface of the desk as he waited for his bumbling bodyguard to come running in, most likely tripping over the new doorstop.

A few seconds ticked by, during which time Koenma became even more impatient. Finally, practically sizzling, the tiny ruler stood up on his chair, his eyes squeezed shut in irritation.

"OGRE!!" he yelled, just as the blue creature opened the door with a bang, causing the room to shake and sending Koenma toppling to the floor.

"Koenma sir!" The ogre shouted, blinking as he realized that the prince of Spirit World was nowhere in sight. "Er...Koenma?" he blinked.

There was an impatient hiss as Koenma pulled himself back up into his chair, his hat lopsided and his face red with anger.

"Ogre..." he hissed, twitching. "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you."

The blue ogre sweatdropped, feeling embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm sorry, Koenma sir, but this just came in," he explained, showing Koenma a few sheets of paper that he'd been clutching. "Several demons from the Most-Wanted list have seemingly formed a group out in the mountains of Demon World..."

Koenma sizzled.

"Well GOOD!" he shouted, snatching the papers away. "Then let them STAY there and leave me alone!"

The ogre sighed.

"Read the report, Koenma sir," he explained, pointing to the top. "Apparently some valuable and quite dangerous weapon was hidden away in those mountains years ago."

Koenma blinked, scanning the front page with mild interest until he ran across on sentence in the third paragraph. The ruler paled, gulping and flopping back in his chair looking depressed.

"The Hikari no Tsuki..." he mumbled, his shoulders sagging.

The ogre blinked.

"Hikari no Tsuki?" he repeated, looking confused. "It sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't place my finger on it."

Koenma sighed.

"You probably heard it in fairy tales or something," he replied, looking worried. "But it's a real thing. It's a powerful light...or stone that emits light, I forget, and that light is so powerful that when harness with demonic energy or spirit energy, it becomes a corrosive and near invincible weapon."

The ogre gulped, looking terrified.

"Corrosive?" he pressed.

Koenma nodded.

"Yeah..." he replied, looking around his office. "Just imagine the toughest steel wall. It can break through that with just a glare of its light energy. Think of everything they could destroy and take with that kind of power."

The ogre's eyes widened even more as the door opened again, and the blue-haired Botan walked into the room, waving her baggy pink sleeves around, a big smile on her face.

"Hello, Koenma!" she said brightly, looking around at the ogre and Koenma's glum faces. "Er...is something the matter?"

Koenma glared at her.

"Yes something's the matter!" he shot back. "The most wanted demons in all of Spirit World are after the Hikari no Tsuki!"

Botan's smile faded.

"They're actually trying to take the light?" she asked, blinking in surprise. "But no one's ever tried to do that before. Not since it was sealed away."

Koenma drummed his fingers on his desk, glaring up at Botan.

"Well they are now," he replied impatiently. "And unless we DO something about that, I have a feeling that all of demon AND human world are going to be in BIG trouble."

Botan nodded, looking horrified.

"Yes sir!" she replied, putting her hand to her forehead in a salute. "But what can we do?" she asked, her purple eyes wide and worried.

Koenma shrugged.

"What else? Call in Yusuke and have him go stop them before they reach the light," he replied. "Can I trust you to round him up?"

Botan nodded, hurrying out the door. Koenma sighed, looking down at the ground.

"This is not good..." he mumbled.
Yusuke Urameshi yawned, leaning back in his chair, his feet up on his desk. He was sitting in the back of the room, as he always did so that the teachers wouldn't notice that he wasn't paying a bit of attention. If Keiko didn't make him come, and if his mom didn't call the school to make sure he was there, he wouldn't bother showing up at all.

"And so, for your homework, write a two page essay on the book that we just finished reading," The teacher in the front of the classroom lectured as the school bell rang.

Yusuke yawned, standing up and walking toward the door. He was almost out the door and into the bustling hallway when a voice called back to him from the room.

"Hey, Yusuke!"

Yusuke turned around, raising an eyebrow as brown-haired Keiko Yukimura came running up to him, her bag under her arm, another bag in her right hand, and her left hand supporting a blue bird-like creature.

"Puu!" The little bird-creature squeaked, Keiko smiling at it happily.

"What is it, Keiko?" The black-haired boy asked, bored.

"You forgot your bag, for one thing," she replied, handing it to the boy, who reluctantly took it from her. "And you forgot Puu!"

"Puu!" Puu squeaked again, waving its small blue arms around.

Yusuke growled.

"Stop yapping in public!" Yusuke ordered his spirit beast, who looked sadly up at him. "People aren't supposed to know you're alive."

Keiko sighed, the room now completely empty, with the exception of the teacher who'd gone off to the back room to get out supplies for his next class.

"You should still keep him with you," she advised. "He IS yours."

Yusuke grumbled as Puu flew up to his shoulder and landed on it, looking quite pleased with itself.

"Puu!" It squeaked as the two middle-school students walked out into the empty hallway.

"Yeah, yeah," Yusuke muttered, feeling a bit irked at being back to regular life.

Fighting demons and worrying about how to use his powers next seemed a lot more fun and exciting now than algebra and worrying about how to keep his teachers off his case, not to mention Keiko to quit nagging at him.

"Well, so what are you doing after school?" Keiko asked, smiling at Yusuke, who shoved his hands into his pockets.

"I don't know," he replied in a monotone.

"I do!" Came a bubbly voice from behind him.

Keiko and Yusuke both turned around to come face to face with Botan, clad in a blue girl's uniform just like Keiko, with a yellow bandana around her collar. She was clutching an envelope in her hands.

"Great, you're here to nag at me to do some other stupid Spirit World mission, aren't you?" Yusuke grumbled.

Botan giggled and shoved the envelope into his hands.

"No," she replied. "I was just instructed to give that to you," Botan said sincerely with a wink as she backed up, her blue hair flapping back and forth. "Nice to see you again Keiko, but I must be going! Bye bye!"

With that, the blue-haired ferry-woman vanished. Yusuke looked down at the envelope curiously.

"What the hell was that all about?" he muttered, turning it over, seeing that it was completely blank on all sides. "It's not my birthday, is it?"

Keiko looked worriedly down at the envelope in her friend's hands.

"Yusuke, it might be another dangerous tournament invitation," she whispered, looking very concerned. "But you just got back from the last one! You can't go off to another one! In fact, I don't think you EVER should go back to another one of those..."

Yusuke waved his hand casually, shoving the letting into pocket as he cut Keiko off in mid-sentence.

"Don't worry about it, Keiko," he said cockily. "Whatever it was, I'm not going to read it. So I won't do anything dangerous. Happy?"

Keiko nodded, but didn't smile as she walked after her friend, who was starting down the hallway.

"I guess..." she murmured, looking down at the ground as she walked.
Across town, Botan flew by on her brown, trusty oar, holding three more letters in her hand.

"I hope that Yusuke reads it," she muttered to herself, stopping at a modest home and slipping one of the letters into the gutter, where it slipped down the drain and down to the catch at the bottom. "And the others too."

After delivering the remainder of her letters to the respective house, the ferry-girl flew back toward Spirit World, her mission, for now, accomplished.

"What's this?"

Shuichi Minamino bent down and picked up a letter on the porch of his house, his red hair flying in the chilly evening wind. It was almost dark, as it nearly always was when he returned home from school, and it was curious to find any piece of the mail on the doorstep.

"Maybe she dropped this," he murmured, looking it over, wondering if it had slipped out of the stack when his mother had been collecting the mail. "But..."

He paused, narrowing his green eyes at the envelope.

"It doesn't seem to be written by a human," he murmured, tearing into the letter carefully, unsure.

He scanned the page quickly, his eyes growing darker as he read on. Then, he looked out into the night with a sigh.

"This is indeed not a good sign," he murmured to himself.
A young woman with brown hair slid the screen door to the backyard open and stepped outside into the night, closing it behind her. She pulled a black lighter with a few initials marked on it out of her pocket and lit a cigarette, watching the smoke rise into the heavy night air.

"This is a strange night," she murmured, looking out at the small backyard.

She could see the neighbor's lights on next door, and her younger brother's cat roaming around the backyard. Shizuru Kuwabara didn't really have a fondness for cats, but she knew her brother loved them, so she never complained. So long as they kept out of her stuff, she was fine with them.

As she sighed, turning to walk back inside, she looked down, noticing a white envelope on the porch.

"Funny," she murmured, picking it up. "Just where I thought she'd leave it. I wonder what Spirit World has in mind for my baby-brother now..."
In a far away place, a small, dark-haired demon picked up a similar white envelope, looking even more displeased about its arrival than any of the other recipients. He sliced open the top of the envelope neatly and then pulled out the letter.

"Heh, already in need of help," he muttered, looking up at the sky after he finished scanning the letter. "But..."

The demon vanished in a blur of black, taking the letter with him. The envelope fell to the ground, having been left behind.
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