Hey People! Yeah, I know. Waaaaaay long time no write, but I've finally decided to get this little baby up. If you don't know about this fic, it's called "Songs of Love" and it's for all you Bob/Dot fans out there. I was listening to the new Sugar Ray cd and for some reason, every song just spoke to me about Bob and Dot and what they're going through after the whole My two Bobs and Megabyte thing. So I decided to write these feelings down.

Just so I don't have to write all this in the ficlets, I'll tell you what's up with each song. The first chapter is called "Ours" which is from Sugar Ray's self titled cd. I immediately thought of the whole Dot and two Bobs thing as I listened for the first time. As you read the lyrics and story, hopefully you'll get the idea.

The second chap/song is called "Chasing You Around" from the new cd, In the Pursuit of Leisure and is followed by "Answer the Phone" from the self titled cd. These two are tied together as Bob tries to get Dot to speak to him in the aftermath of discovering Megabyte's deception.

The fourth chapter/song is entitled "Photograph of You" from the new cd. This is just sad, I'll admit. Even listening to it, I start to cry. Not an easy feat, folks.

The fifth song is called, "Can't Start Loving You", also from the new cd. I think this perfectly describes both Bob and Dot's feelings about their current situation. The line "Even though you want me to/too" I think fits to both the lines for Bob and Dot. You'll see when I get it up.

The sixth song is called, "Waiting" from the self titled. I actually took this from the story, "Trading Spaces" and this chapter will be based on that. So if you haven't read it, you really should or you'll be confused. Also, you should review too. Cause, well I ask, no no. BEG you to review. I like reviews. :)

And finally...the last chapter is entitled, "Heaven" also from the new cd. I threw a little Matrix and AndrAIa in there (cause really. No story is complete without them) But no worries, this is a Bob/Dot story after all. lol

Lastly, you guys no the dealio. I so do not own Reboot or the charaters featured in this story. They belong to Mainframe Entertainment. All songs used in this story belong to Sugar Ray. No money is being made. Believe me, people, if I did...no student loan pay back for me! ha ha ha!