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Soundtrack of Love


It was amazing how life that come down for him. It had been a random ride, that was for sure; from the time he and his sister had seen the Twin City disaster, to the horrors of the system being opened to the Web, to losing the system's guardian, to him losing that game. He could never imagine how hard it had been in the city, but he knew how hard it had been for him…

Surrounded by broken hearts

Promises torn apart

Everybody looking for someone in the dark

But for one Enzo Matrix, nay just Matrix now, things had definitely changed for the worse after he had lost that game. He had made a promise to Dot, to himself, to Bob that he wouldn't let the system and he had gone and done exactly that. But he felt just horrible at what he had done to AndrAIa. She had just come out of the games and he had put her right back in with his cockiness.

Got lost on my own

But even Matrix couldn't deny that being in the games with just a game sprite and a dog was bad. Yes, it was hard jumping from game to game, but he had the game sprite and the dog to keep him company. And over the hours they thought had gone by, that game sprite managed to capture the young guardian/renegade's heart.

Tongue tied on the phone

He couldn't say when it happened, but shortly after losing that game, he began seeing AndrAIa in a different light. He had thought her cute way back in Mainframe, but it seemed the more time they were together, the more attractive she became. At first, he took to be she was the only sprite around and of course he'd be noticing girls at his age, but he just couldn't explain why he didn't find other girls intriguing like he did AndrAIa. And it didn't take long for him to absolutely detest any attention she got from another guy.

Everywhere I look there's a face in a place called home

The truly most amazing thing about the game sprite was the fact she was always there for him, even when thoughts of never getting home and seeing the faces of his loved ones in despair; crying out and asking why he had abandoned them…she was always right there – talking to him, soothing the horrible images away. And it only took once; the first time he had cried in his sleep and she had comforted him, that he didn't want her to leave. He couldn't let her leave. He needed her.

He loved her.

When he wasn't with her or they argued, he felt like the last sprite in the entire Net and the thought of her leaving him always brought him down. Always.

Feeling all alone in the middle of the night

Feeling all alone and nothing works out right

In the present, Matrix lay alone in the bed he shared with the tan game sprite that currently occupied his processor. They had been sleeping in the same bed together since they had their first night within the games, so it felt odd not to have her next to him. Since the return of a Web enhanced Megabyte and his defeat, the Principal Office had been a hub of activity. He and Bob had spent the second going over the CPU list, checking those who had made it and notifying the families of those that hadn't.

While they did that, AndrAIa and Mouse had worked on the shields and strengthening the system once more and cutting themselves from the Net again. This whole ordeal – Megabyte posing as Bob and nearly marrying his sister – not only turned his stomach, but made him think of other things as well. As horrible as it was when Megabyte was revealed, it was still a fun time putting this wedding together. It had brought him and his siblings – and he counted Little Enzo in that – together and he hadn't seen Dot so happy since being infected by Daemon; it also made him think of his own future.

He remembered how beautiful he thought his girlfriend looked in her bridesmaid dress and he couldn't help but wonder how she would look in a wedding dress. He had a small daydream, where he was the groom and she was coming down the aisle towards him. And then of course all Dell broke lose and that fantasy was again put on hold while they evaded Megabyte and his hunt.

But in the quiet and the dark, being alone as he was, the fantasy was back.

Lying all alone in the middle of the night Lying in a dream and everything's all right The sound of the front door opening and closing alerted him that AndrAIa was back from another late night session at the P.O. Nanos later, she entered their bedroom and was surprised to see him leaning up in bed. "You're still up?" she asked, changing into her sleep format – one of his shirts – and climbed into bed next to him.

"I was waiting for you." He whispered, lying back down and taking her in his arms. She giggled softly. "What did you do tonight?"

AndrAIa rolled her eyes. "Tried to undo what Megabyte did." She replied. "Mouse and I spent micros trying to put the system back online from where he messed with the core. Luckily we finished and got started on getting the P.O. back in shape." She yawned, then burrowed deeper into his embrace, nuzzling his neck as she did. "What about you, lover?" she asked. "What did you do?"

"Kept Bob away from Dot, with a little help from Enzo." He chuckled. She raised her head to look at him. "Hey, we tried to get them together," he insisted. "Enzo eve had a great plan where he faked an injury that got both of them running, but then he got all excited about something and blew his cover." Again, she looked at him.

"I didn't condone the idea!"

"You just let him learn on his own, right?" she asked, a smirk on her face.

The large shrugged. "Isn't that what older brothers are for?" he asked, innocently.

She chuckled as she laid her head on his chest, snuggling deeper next to him. Matrix watched her, his hand stroking her hair, the other making circles over her scales. Despite everything, this sprite had been with him; through thick and thin. The renegade couldn't see his life without her in it.

"Hey Andri?"

"Hmmm?" came the sleepy reply.

"I love you."

"Mmmm." She cooed, a smile on her face.


She looked at him, surprise and a bit of annoyance at having disturbed her when she was just drifting off. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just…" he stopped, wondering what exactly he was doing. Sometimes, like Enzo, he would say what he was thinking, without filtering it first. And sometimes, his processor went a mile a nano without stopping to consult the rest of him what was going on.


He gazed at her, knowing that his processor and his heart were working on the same idea. All he needed was to get his mouth working along with them. He tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, grinning when she saw the slim eyebrow raise in question. "I want you to marry me." He blurted, blushing slightly. He had a speech down about what she meant to him and how he couldn't have ever survived without her.

"What?" she laughed.

"AndrAIa, you're everything to me." He began. "I love you, so very much. And…I…I'm asking you to marry me. Will you?"

He was afraid of the reaction. Yes, they had talked about this, in passing or teasing, but he wanted her truly and forever and officially. He let out the breath he was holding when she smiled down at him. "You didn't have to ask." She whispered. "I'd say yes no matter what. I love you, Enzo. I always have and I always will."

"So is that a yes?"

She leaned into him, her lips hovering over his. "What do you think?" she asked, before closing the distance.

Don't you know I'm in Heaven

My feet never touch the ground

Now I've found you

Heaven, my feet never touch the ground

Now I'm in Heaven

Surrender to a broken heart,

Beat down from the start

If you think it's over, baby

Let me know

Bob, Guardian 452 of Mainframe, was bored.

No, he wasn't bored, he was just…what was the word? Tired, sick of everything, just…run down to deletion. This new crisis had left a hole in his heart bigger than he ever knew to be possible. Even if Megabyte didn't know that Dot had proposed, he had done his homework while hanging around the Diner and those that occupied it. And that in itself made the guardian seethe. He had wanted to help the virus, as random as the others thought he was, and this is the thanks he got.

Bob wasn't an angry sprite. He got mad on occasion, of course, but nothing unruly. But when he had seen Dot go after Megabyte as the virus headed into the core, that was it. He had tried to be nice, had tried to be understanding and all he got for it was…well, nothing. Phong had said this time his merger with Glitch wouldn't outright delete him – thank the User – but it was still a risky thing to do. Besides, he had no choice. Dot was in trouble and even if things between them could never be the same, he would rather delete than to see her suffer.

And that brought his processor back to her, as it always did.

He should've known he wouldn't stand a chance with an original copy of him. He had been through too much out in the Web to seriously think that Dot would want him, want him the way he was. It caused him no undue amount of pain, of course, but he had known somewhere deep inside. But that didn't stop him from trying; it didn't deter him from trying to separate himself from his keytool so she would love him again; and yes, it nearly did delete him, but…

The blue sprite sighed. This got him nowhere.

He had spent all this time trying to win her back and she had made it clear that it was too soon for her. But she hadn't necessarily said it was over.

But it's easier than it seems

Find ourselves in a dream

If you want to go there, baby

Just say so

She wasn't sure how long she had been pacing, but Dot Matrix knew enough that she had probably worn a hole in the floor.

She had spent the morning in her office, going over files and reports of the chaos that Megabyte inflicted, plus reading the reports Phong and the MU team had given on her brothers' conditions after their showdown with Megabyte. And almost hesitantly, she had looked at one file on how Bob was fairing being remerged with Glitch.

Dot had really done it this time. It had only been a few minutes, but the return of Megabyte would haunt the small system for hours to come. And there was no telling what she herself had done would do…Stopping mid pace, she sighed. How could she have betrayed Bob like this? Was she truly that shallow? She didn't think she was. She had made it known to the guardian that she would need time, that she couldn't get into another relationship with him…or something to that effect…but User, she missed him. Bob had always done a good job of picking her up whenever she was down. And here she was, pushing him away.

This was ridiculous.

"This is ridiculous." She muttered to herself. "I should just call him and tell him I'm basic and I should gravel before him." She took up her pacing again. "I love him, don't I? I asked him to marry me, didn't I? And what happens? A better, safer Bob comes along and I ditch him like a used read-me. When have I ever played things safe?"

She stopped again in mid pace. She gave a defeated sigh. "I always play it safe." She whispered. "And look where that's gotten me of late." She frowned before standing straight, a determined look on her features. "I'm Dot FAQing Matrix." She said. "I own half the system and my own Diner. I've led the people of this system through not one, not two, but three wars. Surely, I have the strength and the confidence to vid one single sprite!"

She took a few deep breaths and again strengthened her resolve.

"Now all I have to do is vid, Bob." She said. However, she continued to stand, looking at the wall in front of her. Nodding her head, she again began to pace. "This is ridiculous." She muttered.

Feeling all alone in the middle of the night

Feeling all alone but nothing works out right

It was definitely late at night, as well as Bob could figure. And it always singled a bout of nightmares from his time in the Web. He was still reeling from everything; maybe the downtime had finally caught up with him, as he couldn't shake the things he had done and the things he had seen. He didn't know if he would ever be ready to talk about what happen, just like Matrix would never fully go into details about what his experiences were within the games.

Lying all alone in the middle of the night

Lying in a dream and now everything's all right

It was late, as Bob knew it, which was why it was strange that someone was knocking on his door at the millie. Stumbling into the living room, he leaned against the door jam and asked, "Who is it?"

There was no sound and just as he was about to trudge back to bed, he heard the caller answer him. "It's me."

His eyes widened in surprise and he quickly opened the door to reveal one Dot Matrix on the other side. "Hi." She whispered.

"Hi." He replied, his confusion melting into shocked pleasure. "What're you doing here?"

The commander of Mainframe blushed and looked down at her feet. "I um…" she mumbled. "I wanted to see you. I…I was hoping we could talk." She looked up, dreading the look she would find on his face. As she did, she noticed his sleep attire and instantly cringed. It had taken her all night to build up her courage to come over and she had woken from a deep slumber. She was now 0 for 4. "I woke you up." She blurted, quickly. "Bob, I'm so sorry. I should've called earlier like a normal sprite, but…"

Bob chuckled. "It's fine." He said. "I don't sleep much anyway."

"You should." She said, immediately forgetting her earlier embarrassment. "Especially now after you've…" She stopped and again looked at her feet. Things had never been hard for them before, why was it now? "I didn't come to lecture you, I promise."

"It's okay, Dot, really." They stared at each other before Bob blushed and stood back. "Do you wanna come in?"

The entered and the two sprites were once again silent.



The two chuckled. "Ladies first." Said Bob.

"I've been a null to you."

"No you haven't." he said, shaking his head. He saw the look she gave him. "Yes, you have." He corrected, eliciting a sigh from her. "But I understand, Dot. I really do."

"No, you don't." she whispered. "I could easily say that I was under stress from Megaframe and seeing you and Matrix and AndrAIa again, and that it was just too much for me to handle once Daemon came, but…" She took a breath. "I'm not going to make excuses for my behavior. I played it safe and I was wrong. People think I have plans coming out my ears and all I have to do is pull one from my ASCII, but they're wrong. I've always been the planner, while you and Enzo were 'think on your feet and fly by the seat of your pants'.

"Sometimes, having a plan is good; it's excellent. But sometimes you have to think on your feet." Dot walked up to him. "Do you understand, Bob?" she asked, quietly. "When you and Matrix came back, I played it safe, cause I was afraid of all the things that had happened to you both. With Daemon trying to come after you, I thought that could be enough to distract from how sacred I was that you were back; that you were both back. And then when the other…when he stepped from that portal…I played it safe, cause I needed to have something good happen. I needed to have something go right for a change.

"And I was wrong. I played it safe and I was so wrong…and I am so sorry, Bob. I am so sorry."

She was sobbing by now and Bob just couldn't let her continue. Pulling her to him, he held her, soothing her cries with murmurs and squeezing her softly. He pulled back until his forehead rested against hers. "You don't have to be sorry, Dot." He whispered. "Megabyte knew what he was doing when he stepped from that portal and saw us together. He wanted this to happen, wanted to pull us apart. The only thing is, he never counted on the fact that I love you more than anything in the Net and the Web combined and he never counted that I would just let things end this way."

He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face. "I love you, Dot Matrix. And I would wait an eternity if it meant I could be with you one second."

Dot stroked his cheek. "I can't wait that long." She said, with a soft smile. "I'm tired of waiting, Bob. I love you, but I…don't know if…"

She was cut off, not by his words, but by his lips on hers. "You know, there is such a thing as a long engagement." He whispered. He smiled at her. "Marry me, Dot."

She returned his smile and straightened up. "No."


Bringing his face to hers, she whispered, "I asked you, Guardian. Don't think your asking can over ride my asking first."

He chuckled. "When will I learn to never out do you?" He brushed his lips against hers once, then twice more. "At least have lunch with me tomorrow."


"Anytime that you're not at the P.O.," he asked, cheekily. "Or anytime in general?"

Dot moved from his arms, but he could tell she was trying to hold back a smile. "You're pushing your luck, Guardian." She stated, heading for his apartment door. She waited for him, then kissed him softly as he reached her. "I should go." He could only nod. "Tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow." He said, capturing her lips once more. She giggled, pushing him back slightly as she left the apartment and stood in the hallway.

"Good night, Bob."


He watched a blush cover her face before she turned and headed down the hall. Closing his door, Bob couldn't help the silly grin that was displayed prominently on his face. He felt light headed, but he knew that was just a side effect of kissing Dot. He couldn't be happier. Yes, they would have to take things slow for a while, but at least their engagement was back on. He had a small smug thought at how Megabyte had failed once again, but his processor quickly switched back to Dot and his grin was once again there. Little did he know, the green sprite that had left also felt the same way.

Don't you know I'm in


My feet never touch the ground

Now that I've found you


My feet never touch the ground

Now I've found Heaven

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