I've exempted A LOT for Become The Ninja, even written a few side stories, too. I like 'em pretty well, so there's no use in just getting rid of them. I AM AWARE THE TITLE IS ATROCIOUS. I'M SORRY, OKAY?!?! BTW, Surreptitious means 'secret'. DL learned a new word today! 0

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Shinobi Tales

Chapter 1: A Surreptitious Romance

By: Dragon Lady9

The accident with the tengu across the Oboro River took both his eyes. He found he was nothing without his sight. That was when he met…Homura Wu.

Homura helped him get it back together, and because of him he was much more advanced than before. That reminded him of something Moritsune once told Hotsuma.

'Get out there and fight, NOW! You can mope later!'

Kizami smiled. Moritsune. No doubt he was missed. Losing you life over a sword, it was tragic.

Oh, no. Homura was coming. And he seemed to be dead drunk, too, from the way he was stumbling across the court. He hoisted himself up onto the stone platform where Kizami was perched.

'Hey, Kizami,' he said, staggering slightly. He hiccupped violently and lost his balance-falling right into Kizami's lap. Kizami let out an 'Omph!' Homura just half sat-half laid in his lap, motionless.

'Homura, please get off me.'

'But I'm gonna be sick if I move!'

'Then by all means, be still.' A few minutes later he was pulling himself up by Kizami's long hair. Homura grabbed a hold of Kizami's shoulders, rose up and hugged him.

'What are you doing, Homura?' He only hiccupped softly into the blind man's neck. It was only natural for him to shiver. Homura chuckled.

'Ki-hic-zami, why are you always alone?'

'What do you mean, Homura?'

'I never see you hanging out with anybody…And you was hardly ever with us.'

'I was always with you, Moritsune, Hotsuma, and Ageha. You never sensed me, but I was always there.'

'Ya mean, you hid?'


'Why? We liked you pretty well…'

'Homura…' The fire ninja made no response.

He was asleep. I don't want to wake him. I just hope nobody sees us like this.

Ah, what the Hell? Live in the moment….

He laid down across the platform and pulled Homura closer to him, until his head rested on Kizami's chest.

Homura opened his eyes for a moment to noticed the change in position. He smiled and nestled himself closer to the older ninja.

Dawn came, and Homura found himself alone, extremely hung-over and quite stiff.

'I see,' he whispered into the morning sky, 'Heh…A secret…'

'No one will ever know but you and me…'

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