This next short is part of a stupid little number I wrote waaaaaay back in the day...before I was officially the Shinobi Whore. stands proudly This story was in the horrible fangirl cliché format of, 'What happens if all the dead people were still alive?' Homura, Moritsune and Ageha, everybody was alive...but I'm taking it out.

This takes place in the days when they were all alive, and happy, and has a pretty lighthearted feel. Basically I took a very early work, cut all the fangirlishness and shit. Here it is.

I listen To R. Kelly- Thoia Thoing as I write this. And I don't even like it. Whatever. And an erimaki is a scarf.

Only One Day...

By: Dragon Lady9



Yet another Sunday morning where Moritsune took the opportunity to mess with his brother's head. He had stolen the erimaki once again, in a vigorous and loud game of keep-away.

'Ooooo! LOOKIT MEEEE! I'm Shinobi!'

'Get back here with my erimaki!'

Pretty much all was well. Ageha seemed to favor Moritsune (which bothered the heck out of Hotsuma), and they were still dating (which also bothered the heck out of Hotsuma). Homura was still a smartass, his caustic voice always accompanied by Kizami's listless tone. Tomo was still slightly of his rocker, Joe and Naoko still traveled a great deal. Everything was as it should be.

'Well well, SOMEBODY has had their candy stolen this morning.'


Hotsuma dove for his erimaki, but Moritsune was too quick for him. All he got was a mouthful of grass, and a brush of his had against Ageha's chest.

'You little creep!' At this she firmly planted her foot in the back of his head.

'Sorry, Ageha, didn't see ya, there.' Moritsune quickly replied, not thinking of his brother.

'I'm sorry,'s a reflex.'

'Pretty good reflex,' He replied, suffering from a nosebleed.
'I didn't hurt you too bad, did I?'

'Nah, I'm alright.' He went back home to clean his nose. Upstairs Naoko was trying to wake up Joe.

'Wake up, Joe, honey.'

'Five more minutes, love...five more...'

'Get up.'


With that, she yanked the blanket off the bed and threw open the curtains. 'You have got to be the laziest ninja I've ever seen.'

'I got home late last night.'

'Well, you deserve it for staying out after dark. You KNOW about the demons, you've lived here all you life.'

'Whatever...' Then he received a whack on the head.