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Intro: This fanfic centers on RikkuxGippal / GippalxRikku / Rippal, however you want to put it xD; This is in Gippal's POV.

The title symbolizes Rikku, cause she has pretty Al Bhed eyes ... a main attraction for most people -.. 'specially Gippal. Damn, you sure as hell better believe they're divine, she surely beat the snot out of fiends in my game. Who would say shes not a toughie anyways? SHES A GODDESS, or an angel.. I actually used her as a white mage...but you know what I mean. Shes a goddess in Gippal's eyes…:P

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Chapter 1: Thoughts & Dreams


It was a hot night.

Gippal took a glance at his sleeping beauty and without hesitating, he took off his clothes and jumped into bed, wrapping his strong arms around her small, slim body.


She was still asleep…

He leaned beside her burying his face in her hair, his nose and lips towards her neck. Taking in her scent he sighed—she smelled so good like strawberries probably strawberry shampoo she always smelled like strawberries—and moved his hands up and down her waist. He moved aside, turning her over on her back where he could see her full body and face, still hugging her waist.

Rikku…I couldn't stop looking at her delicate and petite figure on my bed. She slept so peacefully taking only slight breaths; her soft golden hair tossed gently on the silk pillows. She was literally glowing in my eyes. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair and caress her tender baby face…and kiss those light strawberry lips…they were so pink and youthful. I could lie next to her forever. Every moment I spend with her I feel warm and happy. Awake she is the funniest and cutest girl I know, always bright and cheerful. I'm sure everyone feels her radiance but I want her to be around all the time…to give me her full attention. I can't stop imagining that smiling face…hopefully smiling for me.


Gippal woke up drooling, only to find that he had been hugging his pillow and not his bedtime lover the whole time…

"What the fuck am I doing..."

I was only half-surprised and disgusted as I noticed the drool and that my arms were locked tightly around my pillow. I woke up from the most pleasant dream ever. It was becoming normal dreaming about Rikku every night.

"EWW GIPPAL YOU DROOLED!" exclaimed Rikku, who barged right in and was about to wake him up, but apparently he had already done so himself.

"Don't tell me Cid's little girl hasn't drooled a dozen times in bed before…"

I remembered how I used to poke fun at her for drooling all over her Chocobo plushie when she was a crazy little kid. She was always innocently cute when we were still kids—and not to mention puny, but she is even cuter now. Hell, not only is she mad cute, she is gorgeous. It must be those striking green eyes…whenever I look into them they always seem to captivate me. We had grown apart for awhile—actually for a long time. It wasn't until recently that I saw her again and spent time with her. I always had a thing for her in the past, however not too long ago I realized that I had fallen for her. I thought about her so much lately. She grew up beautifully; sometimes I can't believe that this girl saved Spira. She has accomplished so much and has more than enough guys lining up for her. I have to admit shes quite the sight, but no guy knows her like I do...it's purely skin deep for me. I feel as if Rikku and I have a deeper connection…although shes always distracted and I don't think she ever focuses solely on me. Shes not that kind of girl I think…

"OooOooo!! You're so mean!.. and.. and I HAVE A NAME!" Rikku pouted, remembering how he used to tease her about drooling.

She looks so adorable when she pouts, especially when shes aggravated over little things because of me.

I lightly shoved her head and ruffled her hair. My way of teasing of course.

"Heheh, you're always good for a laugh.."

"Crid ib!" ("Shut up!")

Rikku stormed out of the room.

I layed back down on my pillow and pondered what it would be like if Rikku and I were together...if she liked me back. I never really knew, we always teased each other. It's rare that we're serious about anything now that Sin and Vegnagun are out of the picture. I am relieved we can finally focus on our personal lives and have fun. I'm not sure if Rikku ever feels the same, shes always involved with everyone, eager to offer her help and entertain others with her bright personality. I love that about her, how she can always put on a smile that lightens everybody else's day. Sometimes I think she risks too much for that—peoples' happiness—I mean I was so worried when she went off to fight Sin...I knew she wanted to help Yuna and I wish I could have been there more for her.

I'm glad that for a tiny girl she is strong. Well she is a pretty smart girl compared to her dimwitted Brother and Cid. Not only is she energetic, bouncy, and encouraging—she has excellent survival skills. And heck she works great with machina too…though not as good as me of course!

I don't know what I would do if she wasn't in my life or if something terrible happened to her. She really is the only joy of my life—especially here at dull Djose, but I guess she doesn't know that. I really hope that she doesn't run off again to do anything that could possibly harm her. No, I won't ever let that happen... I'm going to protect her but damn why does she have to be so independent for such a young girl. I have already tried and failed. She ran off to fight Sin AND Vegnagun but this time I'm not letting her put herself in danger. Twice is more than enough; it's too risky.

"GIPPAL!" Rikku had stormed back into my room, and noticed I was just lying there on my pillow.

"Why are you going back to bed?! You have work to do here at the Machine Faction, you don't expect me to do all the work do you??"

I sighed. I really should get up.. and NO I didn't want her to be too worked up... I didn't ask Cid to make her come here to be my slave... I just wanted an extra hand thats all...

No, who am I kidding? It was just another excuse to be with her...

"GIPPAL!!" she pounced over to my side.

"Oh no! Are you sick?" She looked worried and put her hand on my forehead.

"Rikku! Chill, I'm fine.."

All of a sudden I felt hot and bothered. She was now really close, and had her hand on my head. I kind of liked the feeling though—Rikku's warm touch.

I think I was getting too hot.. because I felt myself blushing. smack WTF is wrong with me.. I of all people don't blush or feel embarrassed around girls. I wasn't embarrassed. I was just enjoying myself and this close proximity to Rikku.

"WHAT? Look at you since when were you a doctor?! You don't look fine at all to me.."

She noticed me blush..

"SEE your face is all red! You might have a fever or something!"

I sighed again.

"Well I don't remember Cid's little girl ever being a doctor either, and I'm telling you nothing is wrong with me."

"Then why are you all red?"

I blinked for a second there.. thinking about what to say.

"Heh. Wouldn't you like to know"

And with that, I dragged myself out of bed.

"I'm going to get changed. Take a break and make me breakfast instead would ya?"

Rikku scowled. "Since when was I your maid? COOK YOUR OWN BREAKFAST!"

I laughed, grabbed my clothes and left the room.

"OoOo... GIPPAL! Were you even listening to me??" And with that she stomped out of my room attempting to make breakfast.

Oh Yevon. I finally thought... maybe it wasn't the best idea to ask her to prepare breakfast. Who knows what she'll end up making... I grew sick just imagining what shes cooking up right now. I could guess something far worst than burnt toast..

I grinned as another thought popped up.

...Well she is going to have to get used to making me breakfast, especially since I'm planning to marry her someday... and SOMEBODY is going to have to make me breakfast!

I probably shouldn't be getting my hopes up but it doesn't hurt to dream…


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