Show: General Hospital

Title: Bender

Disclaimer: In the words of Sea'Wana, I don't own, just worship.

Summary: After an especially bad night, Skye wakes up next to our favourite Australian Candy-boy.

A/N: For Tai, the world's biggest Sax fan.

What is it about the neutral appearance but bitching kick of vodka? What is it about this innocent looking drink - as innocent as a cool tall glass of water - that makes you take that first sip, then the next, then the next, then forget it all in the morning?

Well, you will have one helluva memory.

You'll remember this serious bitch of a headache that was what woke you in the first place.

You'll remember the prick of the late-morning sunlight behind your eyelids.

You'll remember how you fell off the wagon... again.


Skye groaned, that feeling of self-loathing making her skin crawl and that headache even bitchier. She could still taste the vodka in her mouth - ugly and sour - and she vowed she wanted absolutely nothing to do with potatoes again!

Funny... last night it had made her feel invincible; like a God.

Her stomach roiled. She didn't feel very God-like now.

She felt small, insignificant, like someone had chewed her up and spat her out like tasteless chewing gum onto the floor. She felt like the irresponsible fuck-up she knew Tracy called her in her head.

Damn Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, that silver-haired fox! Damn him and fuck that blonde bitch Faith!

Skye could feel the anger boiling in her veins and was amazed she could feel anything beyond an irrepressible need to throw up what little she'd managed to eat the night before. She tried to sit up and, even with her eyes closed, instantly regretted it.

Fuck me!

Groaning, Skye rolled to her side and was instinctively drawn to a source of immense warmth. It calmed her frayed nerves, made her feel better, felt amazing against the skin of her naked stomach.

She'd been more than a little slow on the uptake but had been more consumed with the need to snuggle into the semi-pliant warmth to her front. She slipped a silky thigh against it and practically purred like a comforted kitten.

When said source of warmth groaned in reply, her senses had said: "Fuck the pain!" and her eyes immediately snapped open and she found herself staring at a smooth expanse of golden skin.

Shock rendered her speechless as the vision that had failed her thirty seconds ago sharpened into focus as she took in smooth golden chest and flat stomach before this delicious looking skin was covered by the crisp cotton of her sheet.

Self-loathing returned with a vengeance and a conscience berating her asking: "Skye... what the fuck!"

"Who the fuck!" or "Who did you fuck!" was infinitely more appropriate.

How typical of her to wake up next to some nameless stranger....

Goddamn it; how could you Skye!

The source of warmth , noe recently descerned to be a body - groaned again and shifted, pressing itself intimately against Skye's front.

She hissed at the arousal that poked its sneaky little head around the pounding nausea and her eyes immediately snapped up to Mr. Warm's face.


Time stood still.

She found herself, nauseous face to gorgeous face, with a pair of shiny blue eyes.

"Mornin' sheila."


For those few seconds they stared at each other aas memories of the night scrolled past her mind with nauseating rapidness.



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