I hear the calls echo off the walls
Of these blackened, godforsaken halls

They reminisce on their tainted bliss
Damned souls unable to resist

As I walk the darkness stalks
On claws that click like a ticking clock

I turn my head and look upon the dead
Gaze locked on sunken eyes of red

Gleaming fangs of white among the night
Shine with promise of an endless plight

I stumble back into the black
Fall to the floor, all muscles slack

Its breathless sigh is a screeching cry
Declaration of a dying lie

I feel the need as my ears bleed
To flee but its will I must heed

My flesh and bone become as stone
It takes my soul on as its own

Salvation lost, the threshold crossed
Warm blood replaced by deathly frost

Become as them, I am condemned
A faded visage, an unseen hand

I reach for light within this night
But look on black where I once saw light

The sun is shaded, the stars have faded
And I walk these halls wholly degraded

I walk along amid the throng
And raise my jaded voice in song

A plea for bliss in the midst of this
A reaching hand, a single kiss

My pleading cry comes as a silent sigh
A fading star in the endless sky

They sing devoutly all about me
As the world of life moves on without me

Now I make the calls within these walls
These blackened, all-forsaken halls

Now I reminisce on my former bliss
And I am damned, unable to resist

Now I walk as darkness stalks
My claws sound as a ticking clock

I am the dead, lifeblood I shed
My eyes now gleam forever red

I am the fangs of white within the night
Promising life unending plight

Wholly damned is what I am
By the will of some undying hand

My identity is lost to me
Soul reaver is all I shall ever be

I'll not be free of destiny
Soul reaver is all I shall ever be

All I shall ever be...