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-Chapter 16-

A Fateful Accident

Kagome went home. She was sure that the party was a blast, but did she care? No. N-O! She would not go low enough to be considered part of the crowd! So what if they had fun? She didn't want to get drugged and raped.

The next day came, and Kagome went to school, bright and chipper as usual. She could tell who had gone. They all dozed off during the day and had bags under their eyes. The entire time, everyone was whispering and gossiping about Inuyasha.

"Did you hear about Inuyasha," Sango asked Kagome.

"YES! I was kinda THERE when it happened!" Kagome was very annoyed. Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Inuyasha, all frikken DAY! God, who gives! Well… everyone did. Even teachers were talking.

Mr. Takemaru was relieved it wasn't poisonous, but was taking a day off from sheer fright. Inuyasha was being suspended for the next couple of weeks. Like Kagome cared.

So, the weeks dragged on without a single prank, and the students grew restless for another one. Inuyasha was the guy that made everyone laugh, the guy who was friends with almost everyone, and the guy you wanted to be friends with. He was the popular guy. He set the trends, he set the slang, he had the student body wrapped around his finger. And during his absence, the entirety of the students felt extremely awkward— except for those who Inuyasha didn't like. They felt freedom, and boy, did they love it. They wished he'd been expelled.

But not all wishes come true.

They realized this during first period many more weeks later. The door was flung open and in walked their usual, grumpy hanyou.

Many classmates smiled, and he returned them with his copyrighted bad-ass smirk. The teacher snorted and went on teaching since the bell rang thirty minutes ago. Kikyou smiled flirtily at him, and he just grinned. He took his seat, balanced his pencil on his nose, and shut his eyes to doze off. Dang, it was good to be back.

Days passed, and Inuyasha's anticipated prank had not come. No one really knew if he did the snake prank or not, but he did have much more respect now. Some figured that he'd get expelled with the next one, but they wanted some action, and he wanted them to shut up.

Inuyasha and Kikyou were getting more serious. Kagome wasn't seeing them hug anymore. Instead, it seemed that every time she saw them, they were making out. She was fed up with their PDA too.

One time, Kagome shoved Kikyou into the Janitor's filthy water bucket as she passed by the spit swapping duo. Kikyou now hated her, but Inuyasha loathed her. Every moment he could, he'd say something hateful about her or to her. Everyone started avoiding her, and talking about her…

And Kagome even started to despise Inuyasha…

Kagome's mom wanted to pick Kagome up after school on Friday so they could have some girl time and go shopping. Kagome thought this would be fun, but her mom grew ill on Thursday… so much for that. She decided she'd start driving to school, seeing as everyone else was.

She took all the courses… She got herself a license. But that was before.

She drove to school, and had an average day.

Inuyasha was his usual, rude and mean self to Kagome. Same 'ol, same 'ol.

After school, they all dispersed as usual. The students who took the bus went to the front of the parking lot, those who walked loitered around to talk with friends or started down the sidewalk.

The raven haired girl walked along with the others who drove. She glared at the other girl who glared back. It was funny how two girls who looked so similar could hate each other so much, and like the same boy with the same passion, except that was liking. Their relationship consisted of only hate.

They split and went into their own cars and took separate streets.

One of the girls, still fuming from today's experiences, was going a bit too fast. She didn't even notice the light turn red as she kept going. She didn't notice until another car plowed into hers, and her vision spun and slipped into an abyss of black.