Ch 1

Things that go bump in the night

It was a Friday evening at Sunnydale high school. The bell had just rung, and everyone was anxious to head home for the weekend.

"Thank god! I thought the week would never end. Finally it's time for some serious relaxation and fun." Cordelia says with excitement.

"And smooching, don't forget the smooching." Xander says with a smile as he drapes his arm across Cordelia's shoulder.

Willow rolls her eyes at the sight of Cordy and Xander's affection. "Get a room."

"Unfortunately for me I don't get much in the way of relaxation or fun." Buffy says with great disappointment.

"Giles still doesn't have any idea who could be causing the extra deaths around town?" Willow asks.

"Nope, the only thing we do know is that it's definitely the work of a vampire."

"That's the great part about vampires, they always leave a mark behind as evidence." Xander says with a smirk.

"Well, while you're busy with your slayer duties, we we will be at the bronze." Cordelia says as she grabs Xander's arm.

"Yeah, I guess We'll catch up with you later, you coming Will?"

Willow looks at Xander, surprised by the offer. "Guess so, see ya Buffy."

As Willow, Xander and Cordelia leave for the bronze Buffy begins her walk home.


"Hi Buffy, how was school today?" Her mother asks, as she hears the front door open.

"It was okay I guess."

Joyce grunts as she tries to pick up a rather large artifact, remaining unsuccessful. "You think you could give me a hand?"

Buffy walks into the living room to see her mother struggling with an ancient tribal artifact.

"Just help me lift it to the corner." Joyce points to a section in the room.

Buffy lifts her end of the statue with with little trouble as she helps Joyce place it in the corner of the room. "Wow, what's the occasion?"

Still out of breath from lifting the statue Joyce responds, "It just came in for the museum. Just holding it here till they can make room for it."

Buffy makes a disgusted face. "Sure is creepy looking."

"Well, it isn't really supposed to be pretty Buffy. Hundreds of years ago villagers would use these artifacts as a form of protection to scare off evil spirts and protect them from their enemies."

Buffy looks intently at the dusty old statue, as she examines it with curiosity.


At the bronze Xander and Cordelia are seen sitting at a table together. Willow awkwardly sits across from the two, feeling much like the third wheel.

"Don't you think we should help Buffy?" Willow says.

"Why? So we can get in her way? She knows what she is doing, or at least she thinks she does." Cordelia responds.

" I agree with Willow. I don't think it would hurt for us to help keep a look out during patrol." Xander stands up and pushes in his chair.

Willow smiles with excitement at having a good idea.

Cordelia snaps at him, "Fine, you too have fun spending your Friday night in the graveyard together. I'm out of here." Cordelia stomps off, exiting the bronze and not looking back.


Back at the Summer's house.

Buffy glances out the window, noticing the sun is beginning to set. Quickly she drags her trunk of weopons from beneath her bed and takes out a bottle of holy water and a few stakes, shoving the items into her backpack. Trying to remain quiet, Buffy then carefully climbs out her bedroom window. As she finally makes it to the ground she is startled by a tap on the shoulder. With a quick jolt Buffy spins around.

"Oh, its you." Buffy says sighs with relief.

"Well that's a fine how do you do." Xander says with a smirk.

"What are you two doing here?" Buffy demands

Willow then mutters, "We thought you could use some help."

Buffy lets out a longwinded groan of annoyance, "Fine, you can come along but just be careful."

"Don't worry about me, I came prepared." Xander points to his cross necklace with a smile.

Buffy nods and hands willow a jar filled with holy water. Willow carries it at her side, being careful not to drop it.


Hours pass as the three come up empty handed at the graveyard.

"Well, this sure was a bust." Xander says with disappointment.

"Doesn't look like our mystery vamp is going to show. I say we call it a night." Buffy agrees. "There is no sense in wasting any more time. We better go and head on back.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then Buffy." Goodbyes are exchanged asWillow begins to walk home and Xander and Buffy head the opposite direction. It isn't long after Willow is separated from her friends that she is suddenly grabbed from behind. Willow attempts to scream but her mouth is muffled by the shadowy figures hand. She jerks franticly to escape from his grip when she suddenly hears a familiar voice.

"Hello little one." Luke says with a smile, baring his teeth.

Willow continues to struggle, trying to break free from Luke's grip.

"You're wasting your time, that won't do you any good." Luke casually begins sniffing Willow'sr. "Mmm you're a fresh one aren't you? You should make a fine meal."

Willows eyes light of in terror. Right as Luke opens his mouth to bite down on her neck, Willow manages to loosen his grip on her left arm, just enough to splash him with the holy water she was given.

"AHHH!" Luke screams out as he feels the water burning through the skin on his arm.

Willow runs as fast as she can through the graveyard, trying to get as far away from Luke.

"You can't escape me that easily!" Luke yells out.

Willow runs through the brush, getting scratched in the process and continues to run until she feels as though her legs are going to give out. Breathing heavily, she slumps forward and stops a moment to catch her breath. Her hound pounds violently as she looks over her shoulder to see if Luke is still on her tail. Seeing that he is no longer in sight, she breathes a sigh of relief. As she turns back around to head home Willow comes face-to-face with the angry vampire.

Willow gasps in horror. "What do you want!" she screams.

"Why, you of course." He says with an evil grin.

Without wasting anymore time Luke grabs poor Willow. "I don't like working for my food!" And with that he quickly tilts Willow's head to the side and bites down on her neck with all his might.

"No…" Willow whimpers. "Please.. don't…" Tears flood her face.

Luke was about to finish her off when a though comes to mind. "I should leave your pathetic carcass here to rot after what you put me through! But I think I know of a better way to deal with the slayer."

Luke then cuts his arm with a knife from his pocket and shoves the fresh wound in front of Willow's mouth. "The slayer's best friend becoming one of her enemies." He says with a laugh as he carries Willow's now, lifeless body and tosses it in an empty grave, casually dumping a thin layer of dirt over her.

"The look on the slayers face shall be priceless." Luke then makes his way to the sewers.


Buffy's backpack lands with a thud on her bedroom floor, as she continues to pull herself the rest of the way in through the open window. When inside she is momentarily surprised to see Angel sitting on the edge of her bed. Jumping to his feet, Angel is startled by Buffy's entrance. Buffy smiles as she watches Angel.

"I don't know why you are so surprised to see me; it is my room after all. So, what brings you here?"

"I found some info on the recent killings." He says looking at her with concern.

" Really? What do you know?" Buffy says excitedly.

Angel looks down at the floor, then back up at her. "It's Luke."

Buffy looks at him a bit surprised. "Luke? The guy with the bad skin complexion."

"Buffy this is serious!" Angel snaps.

"It can't be him Angel. I killed him a year ago, remember? Stopped the freeing the master, killed him at the bronze, yada yada yada."

"A group of vampire worshipers brought him back through the use of dark magics."

"Well, I guess I am just going to have to have a little chat with them." Buffy begins to head towards the window.

"They're dead." Angel says emotionless.


"Luke must have killed them after his resurection. I found the building on my way to meet up with Giles when I smelled the huge amount of blood." He sighs and looks down at the ground. "It was like a slaughterhouse. Only one of the cult members were barely clinging on. That's how I was able to find out what I did. He died shortly after. Luke is strong Buffy, strong and wise. You were lucky the last time." Angel warns.

"What are we going to do?"

"Get some sleep. There is nothing we can do for tonight."

Buffy looks down at the ground in shock, when she looks back up, Angel is gone, the curtain still swaying from his departure.