by Adrian Tullberg.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor started operating the console as Jo started hanging up their coats.

"Alright, back to UNIT ... we don't want the Brigadier to worry too much now, do we?"

"Ah, Doctor?"

The Doctor turned to his inexplicably downcast assistant. "Yes?"

"You remember that fungus on Spiradon?"

"My dear Jo, a lethal parasitical organism that spreads rapidly on contact with the skin is hardly something I'd forget quickly. Why ... ?"

"I think ... some of it went ... spread ... you know..." A loose fist pointed quickly at the floor "...down there?"

"Oh." That explained her embassment.

The Doctor rubbed his chin, then brightened. "Well then, just come with me, and I'll get some decomtaninant from the stores. We'll have you fixed in a


The Doctor, as he was want to do, kept talking as he led Jo down the corridors. "In a way, it's a good thing ... where it's ended up. Couldn't

spread to anybody else in that dimension; and creating the exact antidote would be something of a nightmare."

If the Doctor had bothered to look at Jo at that point in time, the expression of fear on her face would have prompted an interesting


'Bones' McCoy looked up from a prone, distressed Captain James T. Kirk in the medilab,

"You know, you expect something like this to happen sooner or later..."

Kirk's eyes widened as McCoy activated the ancient Earth device known as a 'blowtorch'

"...but it's still a surprise ..."