Title: Perfect Lover
Author: WhiteWolf
Summery: Buffy and the Immortal have a little chat after Angel and Spike have left Rome.
Spoilers: Season 5 of Angel episode 20: The Girl in Question.

Perfect Lover

Buffy was in the arm of a tall dark mysterious man with hypnotic black eyes and she was kissing him passionately. They were standing in his bedroom, which had enough space to house a family of ten. They came up for air. She smiled at him and then she sucker punched him in the face. He flew ten feet through the air hitting the opposite wall.

"What did I do to deserve that?" He said with a not very convincing hurt-face.

Buffy was stalking toward him and sat on his well muscled abdomen. She gently kissed him on the place she hit him.

"You've been stringing Angel and Spike along all night. And stole their head."

"Yes, and?" He wasn't even trying to look innocently.

"I want you to give them the head back to stop their little war in his town." Buffy answered.

"And why should I do that? And I still can't see what you have seen in those two. I'm ten times more perfect than them." The man was looking very smug with himself.

Buffy grinned. "You might have a perfect body," she kissed him on his chest, "a perfect personality," she was working her way up to the neck, "a perfect face and," she kissed him gently on the lips, "even a perfect lover." She deepened her kiss.

A minute later when she came up for air. "But you don't compare to those two, when it comes to love. You have no idea, what love means." She was caressing perfect circles on his chest. "They have their faults, but they would do anything for their love ones. The same way that I would do it. That doesn't compare to anything we have. You are just a simple distraction. A scratch that needs to be scratched." She kissed him on the chest again. "Although a very pleasant and a satisfying scratch."

Buffy was grinning predatory and he was smirking back.

"I'm here to please." The man purred into her ear.

A shiver went through her back and Buffy shuddered lightly. "Our involvement was always meant to be temporally. I think we ... I will break up with you in a week at the max a month."

The man under Buffy was taken by surprise. It was almost unheard that women broke up with him. It only happened to him once before.

Buffy made use of his distraction. "To answer your question, why you should do it." A glint of danger appeared in Buffy's eyes. "I'll promise you that Angel is going to get a head and you can decide which."

Buffy was gently stroking his throat. The man was mildly shocked, before he grabbed her head and kissed her feverishly. When they parted he grinned at her.

"You're a very dangerous woman, Miss Summers."

"I think I'm somewhere in the top ten." Buffy replied nonchalance.

"I should have kicked you out of my city the moment you entered it." He said half mocking.

"There's where you are making the mistake, that you think this is your city. The moment I left the plane it had became my city." Buffy smirked. "That's why you tried to charm me, hoping that I wouldn't take over."

The man laughed and pushed Buffy, gently, of him. He walked to the phone, dialled a number and waited for somebody to pick up. "Dante, give the head back to Angel with my compliments."

He disconnected the call without waiting for a reply. He turned back to Buffy, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Are you happy now?"

"Yes, but I think I could be even happier." She looked seductive at him and he smiled back throwing the phone over his back.



A/N: Is it me or is Joss making Angel and Spike look like two wusses?