Title: .....These Are the Days of Our Lives

Author: BuffyAngel68

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Rating: Light R at the very most (I intend on progressing Darien and Bobby's physical relationship a bit here and much more fully through the last section of the series. If you're uncomfortable, you'll know well in advance which chapters to skip. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Summary: A few more vignettes to hold you over until I start the last section of what was supposed to be a short story and has turned into the longest thing (excluding original work) that I've ever written. BTW: I've decided on an overall name for this epic piece finally. I'm calling it the "Connections" series, since that's really what the whole thing's about; finding the courage to make connections, coming to believe that the ones you've made are right and will last and leaning on your deepest connections when everything falls apart. Makes sense, huh? Sure it does. Think about it for a while.... Oh, and read on.

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# 1:

"Go on. Take her for a minute."

"Darien... I'm not good with babies. They really don't like me. We don't.... communicate." Danny protested, leaning away from Bobbi slightly.

"Hey, I gotta go, an' I gotta go now. She doesn't breathe fire an' we haven't started her on hand to hand combat training yet. Just hold her for five minutes. Please?"

Finally, Danny grimaced and surrendered, holding out his hands. Darien transferred his daughter into their new partner's care and tore off toward the men's room. To Danny's surprise, the baby didn't immediately start crying as most did when he attempted to hold them. Instead she studied him carefully, then grinned and touched his face gently.

"Does that mean I'm okay with you?" he asked, chuckling.

When a wavery, faded image of an upraised thumb appeared in his mind, Danny's eyes opened wide and he gripped the baby in his arms tighter, fearing he might drop her when the shock set in and he passed out. Darien had casually mentioned that his daughter could perform this amazing feat with him, but had neglected to pass along that it worked with anyone else.

"Whoa. Okay... can you do that again, girlfriend?"

This time the images were a bit clearer, and the stunned rookie agent thought out loud while he put the puzzle together.

"Me standing in front of your dads.... a gun.... Superman.... Oh! I get it! That is so cool! You're asking if I'm going to protect your dads. Of course I am. I'll be there anytime they need me, sweetheart."

Bobbi frowned and projected a slightly stronger picture of an adhesive label, reading only MY NAME IS....

"Right. No more cutesy names 'till we really know each other. It's Bobbi or Roberta."

He received another bright-as-sunshine smile and an approving pat on the cheek in response. Just then, Darien returned to rescue his new colleague, or so he thought until he saw the two together.

"See? I told ya. She loves pretty much everybody. And you said you couldn't communicate with kids." Darien chided Danny, grinning as he accepted Roberta back.

"Uh... I was wrong. In this case I was so wrong."

Darien's expression turned serious.

"You've got somethin' to tell me, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah. I really do...."

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