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"Woman" Vegeta yelled at the top of his lungs for the fifth time.

Ahhh, won't he shut up I'm getting there as fast as I can, Bulma thought.

She finally made it to the outside of the GR, where she was confronted by Vegeta, who was standing in front of the entrance of the GR. He had his usual scowl on his face.

"What Vegeta"

"The gravity machine is broken"

He didn't have to say anything more, she knew he wanted her to fix it and she knew she definitely would not get a please.

"It wouldn't kill you to be nice you know"

Something wasn't right with the woman, she didn't have the usual fire in her eyes. He thought about this for a while , then he just continued.

"Why should I be nice to you, you are weaker and lower in class than me" He then put on his trademark smirk.

"Vegeta I don't feel like fighting with you, I have had a rough day. I mean, come on, I just broke up with Yamcha, but I know you don't care so just leave me alone."

So that is what was wrong, Vegeta thought. It made him happy to know that that scumbag and her were not together. Why would this make him happy?

"You finally got rid of that loser, I applaud you." Vegeta said, his smirk getting even wider."

"He isn't a loser" Bulma said unconvincingly.

"Whatever, woman." Knowing calling her woman would aggravate, but it didn't work.

"Do want me to fix the GR or not." She sighed and all of a sudden she looked really tired. So Vegeta just nodded and walked away.

Strange, Bulma thought, while pushing the button to open the door of the GR, normally he doesn't back down from a fight, never has he just stopped talking and walked away.

By this time the door had finally slid open. Note to self, Bulma thought, increase the speed of the door opening. She wondered how Vegeta handled it, waiting so long for the door to open. He isn't the patient type. Why was she thinking about Vegeta?

She stepped inside the GR and looked around. Nothing seemed wrong from where she was standing, so she walked over to the control panel to take a closer look.

Ah Ha, she saw the problem instantly. A wire was pulled out of place. All she had to do was attach it, she didn't even need her tool box. Thank goodness there wasn't any major damage, all she wanted do was go to sleep.

She bent down and started connecting it. Suddenly there was a beep, "What the hell" she thought.

Just as Bulma thought that she was pulled so quickly to the flour hitting her head violently on the edge of the control panel on the way down. She was now face down on the floor, her head felt like it was split in two and she was sure she felt blood running down her face.

Everything was woozy and fuzzy, it felt like she was spinning around at light speed. Grrr, I need to get up. She tried but to no avail and she just wanted to sleep. The last thing she said before darkness overtook her was, "Ve..ge..ta".

All this time Vegeta had been in the kitchen (where else) eating whatever was edible and pondering his thoughts.

Why was he happy that she broke up with that loser? He couldn't understand it. When he heard a humming noise he didn't think anything of it, until he felt a drop of ki, to be more precise the woman's ki.

The humming was the GR, which means it was running. The stupid woman, what was she thinking turning it on while she was still inside, but he didn't feel angry. It was another feeling, what was this feeling... do I care for her. But he dismissed the thought, he had to get to the GR and fast.

He made it there in a few seconds. He reached for the button to open the door.

The door was taking forever to open. Note to self, tell the woman to increase the speed of the door opening, that is if she made it through whatever happened to her.

He could barely feel her ki. No, he couldn't think like this she was going to be ok.

When it finally opened he stepped inside and looked around until he laid eyes on her. What he saw disturbed him.

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