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Pressure - Chapter 10

Waking up he felt peace, something he hadn't felt in... forever and it was all because of her, his eyes averted themselves onto her sleeping form. Her hair was splayed out over the pillow. She was on her side, one arm wrapped around her midriff the other next to her. A sheet was wrapped tightly around her. He thought about last night and smirked. He went over to her side of the bed and wrapped his arm around her. His hand cupping her cheek. He remembered doing this when waking up the time when he fell asleep in her bed. He left after that, but this time he intended on staying. He kissed her and she awoke. Looking up at him she smiled.

Bulma remembered last night and she had to smile. It was like a dream, just him and her. She wrapped her arms around him kissing him back. She bit his bottom lip playfully.

"I take it you enjoyed last night? Vegeta asked huskily, trailing kisses down her neck.

"Yeah" Bulma said knowing he would be offended by that answer.

"Yeah!!! Yeah is all you have to say? Vegeta all but shouted, he was back up to her height looking at her in a shocked way. Ok maybe that wasn't the very best thing to say.

"Vegeta, calm down I was joking!!" Bulma assured him, playfully punching him on the arm. She then burst into fits of laughter.

She then became serious.

"Vegeta" she stroked his cheek and kissed him on the lips "last night was... beyond words" he smirked.

"Vegeta...I" her voice faltered "I love you." There she had said, she had a suspicion that she had fallen for him and last night proved it. Everything that had happened felt right, felt as if it were meant to be and saying I love you didn't feel awkward, that is what she felt.

"Onna...I" she placed her fingers over her lips.

"Vegeta, you don't have to say anything. I understand. I don't want to make you say it. It is ok" she smiled. He smiled at her and then kissed her fingers. Then he just lay down holding her.

While holding her, Vegeta thought about everything that had occurred. The accident, when he had first experienced the feelings that to him was new. Then the incident in her room which involved a lot of tickling between them and then him waking up with her in his arms. Yesterday in the pool, when he was sure his feelings were not just attraction or lust. That was when he kissed her and then all of this happened. What he experienced with her was pure ecstasy. The way she made him feel, were these feelings 'love.' If they were, he would have to find out on his own accord. He had never loved anyone, so he didn't know what the feeling was. He felt something for this onna, this enigma. But he would have to find out on his own.

"Bulma... I have never loved anyone, I know not what the feeling is." Vegeta stated. She lifted her head and kissed him.

"Vegeta, I can wait." Bulma whispered kissing him again.

There was no pressure with them, which he just realized now. She hadn't put pressure on him to say that he loved her. His thoughts stopping when he pulled a sheet over both of them and him making Bulma giggling. No pressure.

The End

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