Disclaimer: I was bored so sue me! But don't sue me because of Sora and Riku, I DON'T OWN THEM!

First things first: Extremely pointless drabble. I was bored. Took me 3 minutes and 48 seconds.. I was listening to "Honey" by L'arc en ciel and wrote that...

Honey So Sweet

Their mouths crash together in need, in heat, in passion and at very awkward angles. Neither knows how to do it, yet both are too stubborn to give up on what they've started. The younger one tries to take a step and begins to drape his tongue across the other's lips but he only ends up being bitten; accidentally, of course.

Embarrassed and hushed apologies are mumbled as they continue to move their bodies in mindless action. A hand finds its way into the soft hair and yanks at it a little too roughly, causing the owner of the silver locks to groan in frustration. Another hurried apology, another muffled reply. Their mouths crash together over and over again and the sound of clothes rustling increases the heated atmosphere.

Friction builds up, too much friction to bear. Hot sensation courses through them as they rock against each other, a little too eager perhaps. Their hips meet and collide, drift apart and are crushed together again. There is no real rhythm in their movements, no grace, no care.

Inaudible whispers echo through the dark room, half spoken confessions with no meaning – they thrust against each other, bodies moving on their own accord.

Being young, they reach their peak very soon, too soon probably, as the pleasure ends far too quickly. Their passion is spent fast and hard, making a mess with their clothes and the sheets on the bed. Ragged breathing floats now through the air along with soft panting sounds and sighs.



"Wanna go for another round?"


- fin -


: I want to fly / waiting for sunrise :

Ending notes: as I said... I was bored. And Sora and Riku got to make out because of it. Ain't we all happy now?