The Wolf Awakens
Ch. 2

Aoshi was stunned at the site that befell his eyes. Hajime Saitou and the Battousai, the two most feared people of the revolution, were battling head-to-head. It was a spectacular site to the Oniwaban group leader. He couldn't help but to admire the way that the Wolf of Mibu was silhouetted by the silver web of the full moon. His every muscle was outlined by the glowing orb in the sky and the swinging of his already stained blade reflected the power that he held within. He was a site to watch when he was in battle.

The Battousai though boasted an even greater skill, despite his young age and lack of power. He was unbelievably fast, the human eye alone couldn't keep track of him. Any opponent who had faced him had not lived to see another duel. He bore a long, red pony tail that some say is red because of the blood of all his opponents has stained it.

'The Battousai is sure to be the winner of this duel, should there be no interruptions.' thought Aoshi as he watched their swords clash once more. Aoshi's heart raced with excitement as he saw Saitou stagger backwards in surprise. The Battousai's sword was stained with new blood on the edge. Saitou was breathing hard from the view that Aoshi had, and he was covering his stomach. Though both of his knees were wounded severely and he had a deep gash in his stomach, the Wolf of Mibu was no quitter, and all three men knew it.

Suddenly, there was a loud whistle blare from off to their left. Both the Battousai and Saitou looked and observed that there was a bobbing light approaching from off in the distance.

'Imperialists!' thought Saitou. 'There was no report of any in this area! Why didn't Okita come and warn me? I told him to keep and eye out.' He gritted his teeth together and turned to face the man before him. The Battousai wasn't even breathing hard, he was simply watching Saitou, not concerned in the least that the Imperialists were approaching. And why should he care? He was one of those bastards! Saitou was forced to abandon his train of thought as the Battousai launched another attack at him. He leaped at Saitou and caught him in a rare state of being off guard. He was not fast enough to stop the near fatal blow to his being. Saitou was nearly sliced in half as the sword collided with his left side and opened a good portion of his side. Blood flowed out as thick and glossy as oil in the moonlight. He staggered backwards as he attempted to collect himself and put up a defense. A second whistle was blown, the Battousai could no longer ignore the call and was forced to abandon his fight with the Shinsengumi leader. He wanted to finish him off but he was being called for help and there would be more battles, the man was not an easy person to kill. He would live to see another sunrise. Reassured of this, he left after the bobbing light. "Damn him," cursed Saitou who was on a knee clutching his stomach and side. His weak knees could no longer support his weight. "He and I will face off again. I swear it." "I wouldn't swear anything in your condition," Aoshi's smooth voice reached his ears from behind. He craned his head around to look and saw the boy standing over him with both of his kodachi's draw. "You are seriously wounded and are in no condition to be making promises you might not be able to uphold." In the silhouette of the moonlight, Saitou saw a smirk flash across his young face. "Hm, don't forget that you still have me to face." Saitou blacked out and did not hear anything else he might have said...or see anything that he was about to do...
to be continued
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