The Soundtrack for "The Searching"

(or, The Longest Author's Note for This Story)

Better Than Ezra, Trust Company, Fuel, Sarah McLachlan, Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette, Stabbing Westward, ATB, Matchbox Twenty, as well as some random techno/trance and JPOP mp3s were vital to the creation of this story. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

Several songs seem to fit the story so well and they helped me through many a tough chapter. I have my own interpretations of each, but maybe even you'll find some that you think match the characters in the story. Since music also played a pivotal role in the plot, I've listed a few of them below so you can download/buy them (if you don't know them already). At least expand your musical horizons and try something new. ^_^ Although most of them are in the alt/rock category....^^

"Suburn" by Fuel: This song simply belongs to "The Searching." It fits especially well for the first chapter with Kuririn, when he wakes up and neither Juuhachi nor Goku are there anymore. But it also works well for when Juuhachigou wakes up without Juunana there. And the falling sun reminds me of the blazing light that Juuhachi releases at Capsule Corp. Coincidentally, I noticed the line about "all my friends are searching" the day after I decided on the title of this fic. ^^ I think Fuel made this song just for me…

Other songs (incomplete and in no particular order):

"Take My Love" by Plazma (although this song makes me laugh for some reason...O_o)

"My Evil Friend" by Prime STH (just plain great for the story!)

"Let Me Bleed" by Prime STH

"Here Is Gone" by Goo Goo Dolls (also perfect for this fic, I think!)

"In Your Arms Tonight" from the "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" Soundtrack

"You Owe Me Nothing In Return" by Alanis Morissette

"Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" by Orgy

"Remedy" by Abandoned Pools

"Hung the Moon" by Better Than Ezra

"Particle" by Better Than Ezra (the first lines!!! oh!!! inspired a line that Kuririn says!)

"The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most" by Dashboard Confessional

"Honestly OK" by Dido

"Shame" by Matchbox Twenty

"Last Time" by Fuel

"Innocent" by Fuel

"To Be With You" by Hoobastank

"Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank

"Visions of Paradise" by Mick Jagger (whose voice I dislike, but the song is written by Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, whom I adore!)

"Every You, Every Me" by Placebo

"Supreme" by Robbie Williams

"Gravity of Love" by Enigma

"What Is Love" by Haddaway (I'm serious! Just listen to those deep lyrics...ROFL! ^_~ This song came on my playlist while I wrote the scene near the end where Juuhachi explodes with energy and her vision of Juunana is ripped to shreds and Kuririn rescues her from her insanity. It was strangely appropriate at that moment. o_O)

Okay, so if you read all this, I'm very, very impressed. If you can't find any of these songs, have comments about them, or have ideas about other songs you found fitting, you ought to know where to find me by now! or leave a review. ^_^


Thanks to Toriyama Akira for creating the characters in this story (with the exception of Gigi, Korynna, and all the inhabitants of Chamomile City!). Despite its extended battle scenes and slow plot movement, Dragonball was a great manga and good anime, filled with deep characters that just beg to be explored I hope my copyright infringement will be forgiven. ^_^

Thanks to all those who read this fan fiction, especially those who helped me out during the two years of its production. It was a growing experience for me, as a writer and as a person, and I hope you enjoyed it as well! Final encouraging messages: Don't let anyone ever tell you that fan fiction can't be literature, and don't forget that every day of your life is a short story or novel waiting to be written! Life has symbolism, foreshadowing, irony, drama, comedy, romance, angst, and plot twists all of its own!

I look forward to hearing from you in other fiction. Thank you!

Ja ne!

~Crazy Retasu~

January 6, 2003