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Chapter 11

... "Now, I would ask you to leave," he continued, without looking at Ella. "I cannot be in the presence of the lower class before I start to be irritated. I am allergic to you all."

Ella stood up. Her confusion had passed and was now replaced by unbound fury. "Excuse me, Your 'Highness'," she spat at him in her most sarcastic manner. "I was not aware that we were such a burden on you. One day, perhaps, you will realize your mistakes in thinking badly about us 'lower class' people."

And with that, she stormed out of the tent, confused and angry.

She just could not understand it. Why was Char-- Gin-- Whoever he was, doing this? Ella did not understand all that was going on here, but she knew that she had either been duped by the pair she had left in the tent, or that she was glad she had decided not to marry Char. Either way, she felt like an idiot-- and Ella did not appreciate feeling like an idiot.

She had stormed right out of the tent without paying attention to where she was going, but when she took a moment to collect herself, she realized that she had come to the place where all of the others were camped.

Ella sighed. She could not tell the others that their "savior" was an imposter if she did not have definite proof. For now, at least, she needed to pretend that there was nothing wrong so she could come up with a plan of action.

Sitting next to Mashelia, Marian, and Tempest, who seemed to be getting along quite nicely, Ella shared in their meal; somebody had had their wits about them when they had fled the village and stolen food from their masters. Roast pig was on the menu that night.

While she did not participate in the conversation that was going on around her, she felt a sense of fellowship being with these people who had been through much the same things as she had. When she had finished her rations, Ella noticed that there was somebody in the little group that she was sitting with who she had not met before.

He was tall, and seemed to be older than her. He had a strong jawline and dark red curls. His green cloak complimented his eyes, which were suddenly upon her.

Ella took in a sudden deep breath. She had never been so struck before. There was something in those eyes that took hold of her and wouldn't let go. It was as if they were pulling on her mind and soul, telling her that there was something to this man that sat across from her.

She stood, suddenly free from the man's hold on her. She glanced sideways at him as she noticed that the rest of the group was staring at her, apparently surprised at her abrupt movement. Wishing a good night to them all, Ella quickly grabbed the cloak that she had put on the ground and rushed into the forest.

Sitting on a rock a ways into the wood, she put her head in her hands, unable to explain the events of that day. She had almost been executed, was saved by somebody that she thought was trustworthy, discovered that there was something about Gin she did not care for, and now she had been caught in the entrancing gaze of a man whom she had never met. So much had happened in so little time, and it was a bit overwhelming.

Ella pulled out her little magic book and placed it on her lap. Opening it, it began to glow faintly allowing her to read its contents.

The first page that she turned to had a picture of her old home, Mandy standing in front of it. As she stared at the image, Mandy transformed into her mother. That picture was very comforting, and Ella was glad to have it. Closing the cover of the book, she lifted it to her lips and whispered "Please keep that..."

She quickly stuffed the book under her cloak when she heard a crunching noise nearby. She looked around only to see the man with whom she had connected with before.

Anger rushed into Ella's body. He had no right to spy on her like that! Why had he followed her?

"What do you want?" she asked coldly.

He stared at her, surprised at her callous greeting. He had not expected such after they had both felt the bond between them. Carefully, he replied:

"I... only thought that you might want some company... You left so quickly after we... I mean..."

"Go back and tell whoever sent you to give up. I am not going to be a part of this madness. If it weren't for my friends back there, I would be gone already!"

Eyes wide, the man answered, "I do not come on anybody's orders! What had happened to make you suspect that I have?" After a moment, he decided that it was useless to press the subject further. "Never mind. I just thought... Did you not feel that back there? Because if you didn't, then I'll leave, but I cannot imagine that you did not, after the way you reacted when it was broken."

"When what was broken? I have no earthly idea what you are talking about," Ella lied through her teeth. But how could he possibly known that she had felt a... bond between them? She grew angry as she thought about how this man was trying to use her.

"Fine. I do not know who you are, or what your problem is, but if you cannot acknowledge the truth, then I do not want to have anything to do with you." He spat at her feet and turned to leave.

But Ella could not leave well enough alone. She grabbed his arm and turned him back around. "How dare you! You are the one who is trying to pry into my life when you don't even know me, and you claim that I am the guilty one here? You are mistaken!"

Rounding on her, he grabbed her right above the elbows and shook her. "I put myself on the line coming out here and risking myself for somebody who I hadn't even properly met! And when I finally find the girl that had fled from me, she accuses me of being some traitor to whatever cause she follows. I am not the one at fault here!"

Ella glared up at him. "Spying on a girl is not the work of a gentleman."

"Well, then, perhaps I am not a gentleman. Perhaps you are not a lady! Perhaps I am just a man who knows something real when he sees it, and you a woman who is afraid to grasp something good when it comes her way!"

Ella could not believe her ears. This man really did think that there was something between them, even though they were still strangers to one another. She needed to sit down, but he was still gripping her arms tightly, and she could not break free. She tried to pull away, but he just held on to her more tightly.

Struggling, she looked up at him-- a mistake.

It was as if a lightning bolt had grabbed each of them and pulled them together. Later, neither would be able to explain it to themselves. Time stretched and expanded, transforming a few seconds into the lengthiest hours.

When the connection was broken, so was the man's hold on Ella. Both sat on the ground, not looking at each other. Afraid to.

Quietly, the man muttered, "My name is William."

"Ella," she replied.

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