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centerGentle Dawn/center

centerChapter One/center

centerTrilatica: The Living Hell/center

A middle-aged girl wiped the sweat off her brow, glaring at the man across from her.

"I don't understand why I have to infiltrate the Hall." She snapped as she sat back in her chair, the heat causing her hair to stick to her face. The man that sat across from her, Lord Jorval, fidgeted nervously.

"Lady Sasha, Lady Heketah has already sent you two messengers trying to tell you why you were needed, but you killed them off before they could explain." He said quietly as he watched Sasha's dark green eyes narrow. She fingered the Ebon Gray Jewel around her neck as Jorval started to sweat. Sasha smirked slightly as she noticed this, though she was not sure if it was from the heat, or herself.

"Very well. If Heketah wants me as a spy, she will have to come herself and tell me just what it is that she wants." Lord Jorval paled as Sasha finished saying this.

"B-But Lady Sasha! Lady Heketah is too busy to come here! She can't come see a lower rank Lady such as yourself." Jorval immediately shut his mouth after that remark. Sasha's smirk grew wider.

"Oh really, Lord Jorval? I think that she will come. Now leave before I slice your head off and feed it to the wolves." Sasha snapped as she poured herself a glass of brandy. Lord Jorval quickly stood up and bowed before leaving the small room. Sasha sighed as she sat back in her chair, sipping the brandy slowly. She hated her job. She was one of the best assassins in the Dark Realm, but she only did it for money and a place to stay. She closed her eyes as she thought of her cousin, the only living relative that she had.

Surreal, where are you...?

Lucivar Yaslana smirked as he watched Karla and Jaenelle teach Saetan how to do a special Craft trick. He then snorted.

Special trick indeed. Those two are just trying to bribe him into letting them go somewhere. Or else they are making up for something they already did...

Lucivar choked on his drink as that thought settled into his mind. The girls had already destroyed half the Hall, and he had put shields up around his room so they wouldn't get into it. Lucivar glanced beside him as Smoke sat down.

The Lady is feeling well, yes? Smoke asked Lucivar as he stared at Jaenelle.

Yes. I just hope she doesn't destroy anything. Last time Mrs. Beale had a fit when Chaosti and Morton tried to cook and ended up blowing up half the kitchen. Now those two are permanently banned from the kitchen unless Mrs. Beale is in there with them. Smoked chuckled inside his head.

The group suddenly halted as Mephis came hurrying into the room. Saetan walked over to his son and put a hand on his shoulder. Lucivar's ears twitched as he tried to hear their conversation, but he was too tired to get up and walk over there. But when a dangerous light came into Saetan's eyes, Lucivar decided that he had rested enough. He stood up and stretched his long Eryian wings and waltzed over to the two demon-dead.

"What's wrong?" He asked when he had reached them. Saetan and Mephis glanced at each other before turning back to Lucivar.

"A small Territory, just outside of Kaeleer, is experiencing some...interesting things. Mephis has not been able to contact their Queen, so we've decided to go there ourselves." Saetan explained as he called Jaenelle and Karla over.

"What kind of interesting things?" Karla asked as she poked Lucivar in the back to get him to move out of her way. Lucivar growled at her, but moved aside. Saetan sighed wearily as he turned to Jaenelle.

"Lately the whole Territory has been engulfed by darkness, and reports of casualties are high. We also believe that there are Kindred in the territory, so we are trying to contact the Queen. Unfortunately, since so little is known about this Territory, we do not know who she is. So we will have to go there ourselves to try and figure it out." Saetan said as he walked off. Lucivar mentally groaned when he noticed the strange light in Jaenelle's eyes. He had a feeling that this was going to be an interesting trip indeed.

Sasha sat in the trees, careful to hide her psychic scent. She watched with curious eyes at the group that traveled to 'her' kingdom. She counted two females, three Eryian War Lords, and, much to her surprise, the High Lord of Hell; Saetan SaDiablo. She smirked slightly as the taller Eryian War Lord glanced at her tree and narrowed his eyes. She quickly fled her tree, and raced to her village. They would be there soon. Just like Heketah had said.


Sasha yawned and stretched just as Heketah walked in. Heketah narrowed her eyes when she noticed Sasha wasn't giving her the proper respect. She was about to say something, but Sasha's quiet voice stopped her.

"Don't order me to do anything, Heketah. Just tell me what you want me to do, and then leave my lands." Heketah ground her teeth together as she sat across from Sasha.

"I want you as a spy. You have to gain the High Lord's trust, as well as his family's, and infiltrate the Hall. Every month you will give me a report on what they are planning. I will pay you a hearty sum, as well as give you back the Kindred's lands to the East. Understood?" Heketah explained as she examined Sasha's 'office'. Sasha was quiet for a few minutes before speaking.

"Very well. But instead of the pay, give me back the Kindred's lands in the East and South." Heketah held back a snarl as Sasha smirked at her. Heketah fumed for a few moments before nodding her head.

"Very well. But in that case, I have another mission for you. Kill Lucivar Yaslana. I don't care how you do it, or how long it takes. Just kill the bastard." Heketah spat as she stood up. Sasha contemplated for a few seconds before nodding her head and standing. The two woman bowed stiffly to each other before Heketah quickly left the room, catching a Red Wind and heading back to her own lands. Sasha sighed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. She despised Heketah.

End of Flashback

Sasha yawned as she waited for the group to arrive. She did not hide her psychic scent totally, but kept enough hidden so the High Lord and the others would not become suspicious. She grinned as she ran her hand through the large wolf's white fur.

Why are you so anxious, my Lady? The Kindred Wolf asked her as he gazed at her intently. Sasha sighed and smiled sadly.

"I-I think that this will be my last mission, Tori." She said softly, before straightening up as she noticed the group coming closer. The wolf, Tori, nuzzled her hand before getting into a defensive stance. A strange expression came over Sasha's face as she had a stare down with a blonde-haired girl. She noticed a flash of power in the girl's eyes, and then it was gone. She shook her head.

I must not be getting enough sleep.

"I am Jaenelle Angelline, this is Lucivar Yaslana, Andulvar Yaslana, Prothvar, Karla, and Saetan SaDiablo. We wish to speak with your Queen." Sasha stared at them for a minute, not bothering to hide that she was bored. She noticed the impatience in Lucivar's eyes, and smirked to herself. She let out a low chuckle before speaking.

"You're looking at her. Welcome to Trilatica. I am Sasha." She quirked an eyebrow when she saw most of their eyes widen. But the blonde-haired girl, Jaenelle, looked calm, as if she was expecting this. Sasha's eyes narrowed when Jaenelle's eyes flickered to Tori's.

"I see you have Kindred in your lands." Jaenelle said softly as she walked towards Tori. Sasha growled as she stepped in front of the nervous wolf.

"Yes. Kindred live here, as well as in the East and South. What's it to you?" Sasha said softly as she shifted into an offensive stance. Lucivar snarled and stood in front of Jaenelle.

"You do know that as Queen, you must grant us entrance to the lands." He said as he bared his teeth. Sasha snarled and bared hers back. Jaenelle sighed and put a hand on Lucivar's arm.

"We just want to help. There have been reports of strange things happening here, and as I look around, I can see that the reports were correct." Sasha's eyes softened considerably as Jaenelle finished speaking.

"Yes. This land was engulfed by darkness a few years ago. The previous Queens have all given up on this land, and the Kindred that made their homes here were slowly dying out. I was told by a friend that this land needed a Queen, so I took the 'job'. Don't ask me how I did it, even I don't know. But...it was strange. The Kindred, wolves, unicorns, tigers, dragons, all appeared here. But...they were wounded. That is why I created this place. The only people that live here are loyal Blood and a few landens. We heal wounded Kindred here. Or at least we used to." Sasha's eyes became cold and deadly as she continued to speak.

"Heketah stole the East and South lands, destroying the Kindred that lived there. Now I have to protect the Kindred by being an assassin for Heketah and Dorthea." Sasha snarled, her dark green eyes glowing brightly. The group felt a chill go up their spine at the psychic power that was radiating off of Sasha's body. Jaenelle stepped over and laid a hand on the quivering shoulder of the angry Ebon Gray Jeweled Queen.

"We will rid Trilatica of it's darkness, and save the Kindred. But I am afraid we will need to rest before that, as it has been a long journey." Sasha hesitated but nodded and motioned for the group to follow her. Saetan and Andulvar's faces paled as they saw the rotting human corpses that littered the area. Jaenelle tensed when she saw two dead children lying in the middle of the road. It looked like they had just died. Sasha sighed quietly before making a weird noise deep within her throat, and soon two black panthers and one white tiger appeared in front of her. She nodded towards the bodies and the Kindred nodding before they feasted. Karla, Jaenelle, and Lucivar turned outraged eyes towards Sasha.

"How can you just let them feast on those children!?" Karla snapped angrily, her ice-blue eyes shining. Sasha smiled sadly.

"That is what the Darkness does. It kills the weak, and even in death they are pained, so I let the Kindred feast on them to take away their pain. But it takes up the Kindred's strength to break the barriers of Darkness around the corpses, so I will only save the children. Any others are left to themselves." Sasha explained as she waved around her. Lucivar felt sick to his stomach as he saw some War Lord's piling up bodies out in a field, and started to burn them with Craft. The stench was almost unbearable. Even Saetan, Andulvar, and Prothvar had to use Craft to be able to breathe through the heavy stench of death. Sasha turned her head to look at Lucivar and smiled ruthlessly.

"Now you know what I have to live through everyday. The agonizing screams of people dying from the Darkness. The stench of blood and death. The horror of seeing a rotting corpse when walking through the streets. In truth, all I care about right now is saving the Kindred, and the few Blood and landens that I actually trust. Anyways, here we are. You cannot smell the stench once you are inside. There is a shield covering the house." Sasha said as the group stopped at a fairly large building. Lucivar shuddered slightly as he felt the power of the shield.

This place truly was a living Hell.

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