"Well, Cyborg, raven and speedy have already been eliminated." ,Slade said.

"Speedy? When did he ge-

"Not much longer until you do, Robin."

Starfire looked behind her, to find robin.

"Oh, hello robin, Slade is here!" starfire said, worriedly

Robin and slade started to throw punches and kicks at each other.

Starfire walked away,

"Oh, this is not good ,not good at- AAAAAAAAAAAA" Starfire screamed as she was swept up the tornado.

All that were left were Beast boy , robin and Aqualad.

"I never even told her....I wonder if she already knew." Beast boy said as he stood up, from hiding behind a tree. He was not in the tornado's path so he did not have to worry.

Aqualad had just fallen on a twig.

"Aqualad, you okay?"

"Yeah, I think soOOOOOOOOOOO!" He was swept away by the tornado.

"Man, that is really getting annoying." Beast boy said.

The tornado continued to fly past him, while he was trying to protect himself.

"Okay, beast Boy, the tornado is gone. All you have to do is find your fre-

He saw Slade and stopped. Luckily, slade did not see him and went back inside his helicopter.

"Am I the only one left?"

Beast boy sat for a moment, looked around.

"Slade thinks I died, I would too, if I were him I'm usually the first one to get taken away."

Beast boy was crying now, thinking about the other members of the team.

"I'm never going to be able to live with myself if I know that I cold have died, with them, with her...

"Slade won...he did his job"

Beat Boy found a piece of glass. He dug it into his skin. "Oh, its no use!" Beast Boy said, looking at the blood run down his arm. There was nothing he could do..........


ending chapter, very boring, very sad. Thank you reviewers and GB!