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Okay, I decided to get my arse moving and type up this little Rei/Kouga fic people have been egging me on to start working on. Gah, I'm getting too distracted from my other fics that are in dire need of my attention.

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Anywho, this idea was suggested by Mars Lover, so kudos to her and her brilliant idea (even though she suggested it like ... counts six months ago o.o; )! I would've originally worked this into 'Fire's Heart', but then I'd probably lose some good fans who had voted for the Rei/Sesshoumaru pairing, so I went ahead and made this. Wonderful, no?

Onto the point, this could be a one-shot, this could be chaptered, but I'm not the one who decides that, the fic does, because I'm just like a channeler for the ideas, they temporarily take over my body and make me type up stuff. So, we'll just have to see where this goes, 'cause I'm writing this on impluse.

The fic's title literally means, translated, 'Unyielding Wish', or something like that, so you get it.

Now, in relavence, this fic is just a bit. . . .different, screwing around with the whole 'the senshi reborn after the Silver Millenium' thing, where Rei is accidentily reborn earlier, in Sengoku Jidai. Yay me and the easy-to-manipulate timeline of rebirths!

With that said. . . . . .

Ready, set, READ!




{author's notes}


The Silver Millenium was a peaceful era. A very wonderful era of peace and prosperity, where there was no war and everything was perfect, the planets were inhabited and at peace, and life was finally worth living.

Sadly, the Silver Millenium was destroyed some two-thousand years ago. (I'm kinda going by the manga timeline here, since in the anime it kinda states that they were reborn some one-thousand years into the future, but the manga never specifically states it, and I don't think the Japanese anime does, either, but I only have dubs and my manga to go by, so give me a break here.)

In the time of the Silver Millenium, there were nine princesses, eight of which were to guard the heir to the throne by using special powers they were to aquire from their planets.

The inner Sailor Senshi consisted of four warriors.

Sailor Mercury, Princess Ami, was the warrior of ice and a bit of water. Despite her weak attacks, her knowledge more than once had gotten the team out of sticky situations.

Sailor Jupiter, Princess Makoto, was the warrior of thunder/lightning and wood. Of all the inner soldiers, she was one of the strongest. Despite being in the outer regions of the solar systen, she was made part of the inner guardians for her power and great loyalty.

Sailor Venus, Princess Minako, was the warrior of light and love. She was the leader of the inner senshi. She was a playful spirit, a bit of a tomboy yet still able to be a gorgeous young woman. She looked almost identical to her dear Princess.

Last was Sailor Mars, Princess Rei, warrior of spirit and flame. With her hot-headed temper, she would often get a bit mad at her princess, but had to be the closest to the Princess of them all. With her wonderful ways of seeing into the future and paralyzing enemies with her ofuda scrolls, she was a force to be reckoned with.

The outer Sailor Senshi were fabled to exist, only the Queen knowing of them, and were to always stay on guard and stop intruders from the outer reagions of the solar system and space from invading the kingdoms. They consisted of the last four warriors.

Sailor Uranus, Princess Haruka, was a total tomboy, and tried to get away with wearing men's clothes, but always failed and got stuck in dresses. Her power was over a few earth and sky-based attacks. She had wonderful speed and agility.

Sailor Neptune, Princess Michiru, was the warrior of the oceans and seas. She was graceful and the perfect image of beauty, always having at least one noble wanting to claim her hand. She only had eyes for her Haruka, though. With her moods matching that of the sea, going from calm and tranquil one minute and fericious and stormy the next, she was able to catch many of her opponents off guard.

Sailor Pluto, Princess Setsuna, ruled over the powers of time and space itself, able to open portals to other areas in time and space at any given time. She had the forbidden power of stopping time to give her fellow soldiers time to fend off enemies. With her calm demenor and dangerously flashing garnet eyes, she was someone you did not want to face in a head to head battle.

Last, Sailor Saturn, Princess Hotaru, was the soldier of silence, death, and destruction. She was put into a deep sleep, only to be awakened at dire needs to drop her glaive to the ground and destroy the galaxy with one blast, killing herself off. With her power, she was a force to be weary of.

Finally, there was the princess of the moon herself, the Tsuki No Hime, Princess Serenity the fifth. She was graceful, beautiful, and anything any man could want in a wife-to-be. She was also to inheirit the throne to the Moon Kingdom and to rule the whole solar system with her fiancee, Prince Endymon of Earth. She was also able to wield the most powerful force in the universe, the Ginzuishou.

Her mother, the fair-ruler Queen Serenity the fourth, was wise and gentle yet firm. She ruled with a fair hand and made sure the peace she had in her kingdom was maintained.

Then the warriors of the Dark Kingdom struck, tearing apart everything in their paths, including the great inner sailors while the outer soldiers would not even hear the news in time to come save the queen, for they were even forbidden to leave their posts.

And so, they gathered, just as the Queen made a last wish on her powerful crystal which zapped her last bits of energy, and the great Saturn was awakened, doing her kamikaze attack and putting the galaxy into eternal silence.

The Queen's wish was to be heard, though, and her wish was this:

'I wish for my subjects and daughter to be reborn again, in a peaceful place, where they can live normal lives in a peaceful time with no worries of the evil we have had to face here today. I call for them to be reborn, and, if the need arises, they shall be called forth by the guardians and awakened as their warrior selves to disperse of the evil.'

And with those dying words and that long boom of silence, the galaxy was thrust into darkness.


Some one hundred years later, life sprung on Earth and Earth only.

Some one-thousand and five-hundred years later, a certain hanyou was sealed to the tree by his lover after both were thought to have betrayed eachother. Another fifty years later a young reincarnation of the lover pulled the arrow from the hanyou's chest to hopefully save the village, which then set off a chain of events.

Some time inbetween the sealing and awakening, approximately one-thousand and thirty-seven years after the sealing of the hanyou, a young girl was born and was raised with incredibly amounts of energy within herself, able to use firey magic to be almost like a demon yet able to use some miko energy within her to purify any demons that came to destroy the village she lived in.

Upon her raising, she happened upon two crows, which she then named Phobos and Deimos, despite the protests of people who said that such names were unusual while she protested that they just seemed right.

And from then on out, our story begins.


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