"So, uh, how'd that happen anyway?", Jim Hawkins asked. John Silver frowned, remembering the fateful day when his whole life changed. He remembered the accident as if it had only happened an hour ago...

Thirty-seven -year-old John Silver steered the helm of his ship above the rocky surface of Montressor. He was heading home after a long day of work and couldn't wait to see his wife and young son. He smiled as he thought of eight-year-old Sameul. That boy was going to make a fine sailor that was for sure the way he manuevered that solar-surfer of his. He sighed happily as he saw his home in the distance. Suddenly a small ship flew toward him out of nowhere! It hit his ship head on andexploded. Silver was almost thrown out but he grasped the helm tightly. He stared in horror at the sharp rocks that were steadily coming closer to his ship as it plummeted toward the ground. He tried to start his ship's engine but with no success. A few feet above the ground, his ship's engine blew and Silver went flying. He slammed onto the ground and the last thing he felt was blinding pain shooting up his right side as he tumbled down a steep slope.

"John? John, please wake up." Silver could hear a voice calling his name. He slowly awoke and opened his eyes to see his wife looking down at him with tears in her eyes. "Jana?", he whispered. She bent down and kissed him while her tears flowed freely. "Oh, John, I didn't think you'd ever wake up." She turned and said, "Sam, your fathers awake." Silver saw his young son get up from a chair he had been sleeping on. "Hi, Daddy", he said quietly. "Hullo, Sam. Hey-hey what's the matter?", Silver said when Sameul started crying. Jana hugged her son and looked at her husband. "Sam was the one that found you, John. He thought you were dead. I think he's just glad you're okay." "B-but, Mom, what about th-", Sameul started to say but Jana shushed him. "SAm why don't you go out for a minute so I can tell your father." He nodded and walked out the door, shutting it behind himself.

Silver looked up at Jana and frowned. "Whats worng, Jana?" His wife looked at him sadly. "John, the doctors weren't able to save your right arm, leg, eye, and ear. They were too badly damaged. So they fitted you with cybernetic parts." "They did what?!" "I made sure they gave you everything you might ever need! A flintlock pistol, a sword, a cleaver, anything! At first I didn't want ot but then I thought of you without them. I-I just couldn't stand that possibility. I hope you're not upset with me." Silver sighed. "I'm not upset, Jana, just surprised. I never thought that this could happen. But, I'm proud of the way ya handled it. Ya got me everything I'd need. Thanks, honey."

"Silver?", Jim asked. Silver pulled his mind back to the present. You give up a few things, chasin' a dream," he sighed while looking at his hand. "Was it worth it?" Silver smiled, thinking about all the loot on Treasure Planet. "Heh. I'm hopin' it is, Jimbo", he said while moving over to Jim's side and putting an arm around the boy. "I most surely am."