Little fighters 2 fan fiction 01
Chapter one: The battle of fire and ice
It was a perfect Wednesday afternoon in Tai Hom Village, Firen and Freeze were walking down the long dirt road when Julian decided to attack the two brothers without any warning.Firen was hit first with Julian's purple sprit attack and was sent flying to the ground with a huge thump. Freeze was soon on the war path to find his brother's attacker and make him wish he had never seen the light of day."Julien, why have you decided to attack us, didn't we give you a good enough butt whooping last time wee met. Said Freeze smugly. By this time Firen had made his way off the ground and was ready to begin his own attack, he decided to go with a direct fire blast at Julian's oddly shaped head and hit it dead on."Yo, pineapple head have you had enough did have some earns inn the village that need my attention so if we can move on that would be great. shouted Firen with empatences."Ha! you and your idiot brother will soon feel my complete power and then you will rule the day we crossed paths"Julien stated with cofindence.The battle raged on for many hours with no end in sight, both sides were growing restless but refused to stop for if they did it would mean certain death.
Not too far away from the battle, Rodolf and LouisEX were ambling through the village when they looked up and saw a giant fire and ice display." We should go check it out they may need help" observed Rodolf.LouisEX nodded in agreement and they were off toward the war land that once held a tiny shed for farm tools and feed. When they arrived they saw something that sent fear up their spines, Julien the sprit master. The only fighters that had ever taken down the demon were Firen and Freeze but somehow Julian had equipped himself with new even more powerful energy attacks and the two fighters were slowly losing ground against the evil beast that was relentlessly attacking them head on." Don't worry buddy, we're here to help you beat this creep then we'll go celebrate with a glass of sake at Rudolf's pad. shouted LouisEX excitedly. Once again it was time to be serious and win this thing for the sake of all that was involved. Next moments would either make or break them; the choice was theirs and theirs alone.
Julian begin to power up for his next attack but before he was able to there was an explosion. After the blast had died down Firen and Freeze were no longer standing, but instead a new fighter had appeared in front of his eyes Firzen.What had happened was while Firen and Freeze were getting ready to combine,LouisEX and Rudolf along with his duplicates ran head first distracting Julian leading his attack toward them. When they were near,Firen and Freeze ran together at the same exact time to become the new cyan hair fighter."Hm, so you may have combined your powers but you still will not make it through alive" said Julian ever so cockly.Julien then powered up once again to his ultimate strength, they could all feel it. The ground was starting to crush under their feet and around them with every passing moment they stood they were getting sucked further underground, this was the time for action so off they went. They decided to use an attack plan they had used many times before on other enemies and were successful.
Rudolf ran forward with his team of duplicates at his side, throwing a swarm of throwing stars. Then LouisEX took his staff and shoot a blast of energy, after that it was Firzen's turn. He stood perfectly still, lifted up his hands and out came the biggest mass of fire and ice that anyone had ever seen including their demon antagonist that stood just yonder of the troop of fighters. Everything was as if time had frozen, fire had given him multiple burns around his body and he was frozen in a prison of ice. It was over they had won; now it was time to go celebrate at Rudolf's with a glass of sake.