Narrator: "The Power of One."

footage of the end of the movie, with Ash riding Lugia. Happy, cheerful music is playing.

Narrator: You remember what happened.

Then the screen goes black. Ominous music starts to play. Then a creepy voice is heard.

Narrator: But what if the threat was greater?

some scenes of Mekkana flash by, some of which it is fighting with the other birds and/or Lugia

Narrator: What if the villains were deadlier?

Quick shots of Grendel, Jekyll and Mandarin

Then, against a pure white background, Ash and Pikachu are shown rotating

Narrator: And what if the fate of the world rested in the hands of someone else?

Ash and Pikachu finish rotating to reveal Cap and Sandshrew. The camera cuts to Sandshrew. The ground mouse notices the camera and says:

Sandshrew: Pika-pika, you little–

Camera cuts away before Sandshrew can finish. Fast pace "action" music plays as a series of scenes flash by. Slade rescuing Melody on Pidgeot. Sandshrew evolving. Cap riding on War Hawk. Nate spilling hot chocolate on himself. Quest standing with Wyldcat, Cykill and Magneton. Raichu with glowing red eyes. Tekkadragon roaring and spewing fire. The birds escaping from the fortress. Jekyll holding a revolver. A Dragonite attacking Moltres. Cap opening two pokéballs in the same pose as Ash from the original trailers. As the scenes flash past, the Narrator continues:

Narrator: Coming soon to a Pokémon site near you, you'll get to see exactly what would happen if Cap, Sandshrew and their friends had to save the world instead of Ash. Nothing will be the same.

False Legends

Rated PG-13

Okay, some explanation is in order.

Back when I was writing my Pokémon fic series, I took the time to rewrite the first two movies to include my characters. However, as time went by, my interests shifted, and my Pokémon series took back burner to well, pretty much everything. I keep toying with the idea of finishing it, but it never gets past the planning stages.

But what about the two movies? I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into them. In fact, I believe "False Legends" is one of the best things I've ever written (not to mention the longest). So, I finally decided to post them here.

I will also be posting what I have written of the "core" series as well, in case this story peeks your interest. Though it should be noted that I wrote both movies based on my original series plan, and that has since changed. This series references chapters that will most likely won't happen as the plan and been reworked several times over now. (Good thing it's AU.)

Thank you, and enjoy.