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Chapter 1 Invitations

Jag Headquarter

Falls Church Virginia

Tuesday Morning

"May I have your attention," said the Admiral, as the whole Jag office stopped to look at him, even people in their offices came out to hear what the important news was. "It's that time of year again, for the annul Jag Masked Ball," he added as he passed out formally designed calligraphy invitations. People whispered excitedly as he continued. "Now I know that all of you have been looking forward to this for a while now, so get as much work as you can done for this week and we all will be able to go Friday. Now you're all dismissed." People scrambled back to work clutching invitations and talking among themselves.

Harriet squealed in delight as she opened her invitation. Mac and Jennifer joined her, and they opened their invitations excitedly but slowly so they wouldn't break the seal.

"Wow! Look at these invitations. They must have spent a lot of time on them," Mac said, as she looked at the gold lettering and designs.

"What…uh exactly is the Jag masked ball?" Jen asked. "You know since I am new and all. I wouldn't know."

"The Masked Ball happens once a year," said Mac. "You dress up in fancy gowns and people come in masks. Then you go to the ball, dance and eat. Three or four Jag officers every year are in charge of organizing it. It's sort of like a party to raise money for all the soldiers over seas. Jag members are not the only ones invited but also different big businesses in the area come."

"It's a party where you can meet people," added Harriet. "The surprise is that you don't know who everyone is, because the masks hide their identity. Then you can dance with people and see if you're compatible or not."

Jen looked confused. "How so?"

"Rumor has it that if you go to this Ball than you can feel a certain connection with someone while you dance. So you can take turns dancing with people, and the person you feel really comfortable with, you take off your mask and see who they are. It's really a lot of funny," stated Harriet, "but not so much fun for me because I am already married."

"I heard that, stated Bud who was standing near them."

"Maybe I should not have said that so loudly, whispered Harriet as she, Mac and Jen all laughed.

"Then you can see who they are and go out with them," Mac added, "to see if you're meant for each other."

"That sounds romantic."

"It is but I am not sure if I am going to go this year, Webb isn't in town and-

"What?!?!" Harriet said loudly. "Sorry she replied as passing people gave her weird stares."

"Yeah you know that my luck with men hasn't been good so far, but finally things are going good with Webb."

"I can feel it though," Harriet said. "You're going to take your mask off and see someone special. So you have to go, you have gone every year."

"I haven't gone every year," argued Mac.

"Fine so almost every year," Harriet argued back. "Just promise me you will go."

"Mac thought for a few seconds than gave up. Fine I'll go, if it will make you happy."

"Great and it will make me happy. How about you Jen?"

"Sounds like fun, but when is it?"

Harriet gasped, "Friday! That doesn't give us a lot of time to go shopping. Let's set a date. How about tomorrow?"

"That's fine with me," Mac said.

"Me too," added Jen.

Later on that same day……

Knock….. knock…… knock!

"Come in," said Harm. A second later Mac walked in and closed the door. "Hey Mac, What's up?"

"I was wondering what your thoughts were about the Ball."

"I am not sure if I am going to go or not," answered Harm.

"Yeah that's what I said to until Harriet convinced me to go."

"Well if you're going to go than maybe I will too," he said flashing her a smile.

"Mac blushed a little than said; don't just go on my account."

"Well I heard it would be good this year. Lots of catered food and good music. So you are going to be there, but is Webb coming too?"

"Yes I am going and no Webb's out of town. Why are you so interested if he is going with me or not?"

"Oh I'm not he lied. I just wanted to recognize a friendly face."

"But remember, it's a masked ball so you won't be able to recognize me out of a crowd."

"Don't worry I will be able to recognize you," he said mischievously.

"Is that one of your challenges?" Mac asked.

"It could be," he answered razing one of his eye brows.

"I guarantee you won't recognize me," she said.

"I won't?" He questioned. Well see about that.

"I guess we will see," she added throwing him a smile as she left his office.

He thinks he will recognize me, Mac thought. Well then he has another thing coming, because I accept your challenge Harm.

Harms eyes followed Mac as she left the room.

By the time I pick a costume Mac you won't recognize me at all, Harm thought leaning back in his chair.

End of first chapter

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