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Chapter 7 The Steak of Doom…. Alternative title Yes

Mac couldn't suppress the giggle that escaped her mouth at the sight of the sourer look upon Harms face, when he saw Harriet and Bud coming their way. A second later the Admiral and Jen appeared behind them.

"This just keeps getting better and better," Harm said sarcastically. As they came closer, Mac and Harm realized how close they were sitting to each other and quickly scooted apart, but not before the rest of them saw it.

"Well…well….well," said the Admiral, when they all arrived at the table. "We had wondered where you two had ventured off to."

"Oh you know," Harm said. "We just wanted to get something to eat. Right Mac?"

"Uhhh...yeah," she answered.

"Can we join you guys??" Asked Harriet.

"Uh honey, I think they want to be alone," whispered Bud. The Admiral raised one of his eye brows, at that comment.

Harm and Mac looked at each other. They didn't want them to think anything was going on between them; they wanted to keep that to themselves, so Mac said. "We don't mind if you guys eat with us. I mean the space is big enough. Harm is going to eat steak, and I don't think you guys want to miss that."

"Really," Bud said. "I have never seen Harm eat steak before." They all scooted into the booth and placed their orders with Danielle.

A sudden realization hit Mac as they were ordering. "Harm did we order wine??"

"Yeah…"replied Harm as he gasped, realizing what she was just realizing.

"I completely forgot!" Mac replied. "I was so caught up in the moment that I just forgot."

"I can't believe I forgot too. Webb has been a bad influence on you," added Harm.

"I kept seeing him drink wine around me and I just got used to ordering it for him at restraunts we went to."

"What did you forget?" asked Jen not knowing Mac's passed history with alcohol.

Mac went into an explanation of her past memories as Harm called the waitress back over to fix the order.

"Oh no problem, I'll change that for you guys right away. What would you like instead of wine?"

"Do you guys have Italian ice drinks?"

"Yes. What flavor?" Danielle asked.

"Raspberry sounds good."

"I'll take the same," added Harm.

"Ok, I'll be back with your drink orders in a second."

"So you guys, wasn't the dresses that everyone had on tonight beautiful," asked Harriet.

"They were," said Mac. "I saw this green emerald colored one and it was beautiful. I could also hardly recognize anyone though."

"That reminds me to ask you too, who won the bet?" Asked the Admiral.

"It was more a tie than one of us actually winning," answer Harm.

"So Harm has to eat steak, but what do you have to do Mac."

"Uhhhh…no comment," answered Mac. She didn't want to tell them about what she had to do or they would think that something was going on between them and Mac wasn't even sure what Harms answer was to her proposal of them trying to make their relationship work. She didn't want to hint to them that their dinner was a sort of date, until she actually knew how Harm felt.

"It's personal," she added. "That means no questions asked."

Just then the food came, and was set out in front of them. They all stared at Harm as he stared at the steak on his plate. He picked up his fork and dipped it into the mashed potatoes first.

"Oh come on Harm. The steak, try the steak. I want you to see what you are missing." Mac pushed.

He gulped and took the tinniest bit he could take. All he was thinking about was the animal, he was eating, and how big the steak looked covered in a brown sauce. It felt to him like he was going to throw up.

"Well?" They asked. How is it?

"Great," he lied shoving water down his throat.

"You hate it huh Harm," Mac replied.

"With all my heart," he answered.

"You don't have to eat all of it," Mac said generously. "I'll eat the other half for you. You still have to eat half though."

"Why is it so bad? Can I try it?" Asked the Admiral.

"Go ahead, knock yourself out," he said passing the steak his way.

"This is good," the Admiral said. "I can't believe you don't like this?"

A second later they passed the steak around and everyone was trying it. After that their conversations turned from the steak to resent cases and paper work that was waiting for them when they got back to work. "By the way, I have another case to introduce to you both Monday." The Admiral said to Harm and Mac. "I think it is going to be something that you guys are going to like."

The end of their dinner was coming to a close and they all spilt the bill and walked out, converging on the parking lot. "Well I had a wonderful evening," the Admiral replied. They all agreed that it was a good night and told each other to have a good weekend.

Harm and Mac ventured to his car and Harm said, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Mac asked.

"I say yes to making it work."

"Really!?!" Mac said as her eyes lit up. "Do you forgive me for what happened in Paraguay? Because I acted badly and-

But she didn't get to finish her sentence, for Harm leaned in taking her in his arms and kissed her, with kisses that took her breath away.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said as she snuggled up close to him, kissing him back as they walked to his car.

The end…..

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