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Detroit, Michigan
August, 1894

Sean entered the house; then closed the door behind him, glad to be home and so ready to see his family. He then walked into the foyer and hung his hat on the stand that stood in its corner, while happily announcing his presence. When he received no response he walked to the foot of the stairs and called his wife's name, thinking that perhaps she was on the second floor, but again he received no reply. So Sean then moved down the hall that flanked the stairs, occasionally stopping to peek in the rooms that were on his path, looking to see if anyone was in them, perhaps taking an afternoon nap, but he found no one, only scarcely furnished rooms, due to the newness of the home. They'd only moved into the house a little less than a month before, after having it built from the ground up. It wasn't a mansion like his pa's home in Lexington, but it was just as magnificent. Sitting on several acres of land, that had a partial view of Lake St. Clair; it was a white brick house, with bluish-gray shutters, oak wood floors, and gas lighting. The main staircase had beautifully carved handrails and posts, with balusters and treads accented with brass. There were two baths on the upper floor, a water closet on the main floor and plenty of room for entertaining, but limited space for overnight guests. It was a lovely home, their dream home, and it had taken hard work for him and Marita to get there. After their "honeymoon" on the ranch, Marita had left town immediately, thankfully without incident. For word had quickly begun to get out about Sean and Marita's secret marriage, and as a result had caused more problems for Sean and his family. They were already overwhelmed by the mess with Jeremy (A mess that didn't get sorted out until nearly a year later when Mrs. Donovan, Anna's mother, had come to Lexington, almost kicking and screaming, forced by Ned's investigator and confessed in open court to the truth surrounding baby Danielle. As a result, the Chambers lost the case they were so close to winning and Jeremy had gotten custody of his daughter.), but when news of Sean's marriage began to spread, the ranch had lost more business, which put a strain on the Logan's finances. Sean's office was vandalized, and he was completely ostracized by the few remaining liaisons who were still willing to work with him in town (which included Assemblyman Clancy who was severely disappointed and couldn't believe that Sean would "throw it all away over Marita"). This resulted in him being unable to complete the two weeks he had left as Deputy Director. In addition to these problems, Vivian attempted to have him rearrested for shooting her father (who'd died in late January from his injuries), which had delayed Sean's arrival in Michigan by three weeks. Once he finally got out of Lexington and joined Marita in Cholena, things didn't get any easier. For it had been nearly impossible for them to find a place to live. Even though they'd offered the Prichards more than what they were asking for rent to stay in their old home, the Prichards did not want them as tenants. So they'd gotten housing at a local boarding house, one of the worst in town, due to the other boarding houses being suspiciously full. Sean finding a job had been just as difficult as them finding a place to stay. For he couldn't get work at any of the local law and notary offices when people learned of his marriage to Marita. He encountered the same problems when trying to get work on many of the local orchards and farms, before finally getting a job at a timber house for meager wages and back breaking work. Sean had been outraged, but they needed the money. For Marita was pregnant and by then had been let go from her teaching job due to her marriage drawing too much "negative" attention to the school, and Sean had lost half of their savings in a foolish investment scheme in hopes that it would bring them more financial security - immediately. Being under such severe financial strain, Marita had sought work, something that Sean was totally against, and had run into the same problems her husband had encountered when he'd been searching for a job after arriving in Cholena. However, different from him she hadn't been completely shut out of the white collar jobs. For David Holmes had offered her a job in his office, which to this day Sean still knew nothing about, but Marita had turned him down knowing how her husband would react to her accepting such an offer. After continuously searching, she finally landed a job as a servant in a local aristocrat's home, which had horrified Sean. He hated seeing his pregnant wife work as a servant, and he and Marita had quarreled endlessly about it. Finances and the hours they worked was always the main source of their disagreements, along with her pa, who'd surprised them by moving to Cholena shortly after Sean had joined Marita there. The man just felt the need to keep an eye on his daughter, to "protect" her, something that he still didn't trust his son-n-law to do, which, for a while, had broadened the rift between he and Sean, along with the man's fury over Sean "reducing his daughter to a life of servitude after she had a promising career as a teacher." The situation had been hard, sometimes harder than hard, but through love and perseverance they'd gotten through it. After many lengthy discussions, extensive research (at least as much as their time would allow) and some serious prayer, Sean and Marita decided to try investing their savings once more, this time in steel. Luckily, it had paid off. It took a while, but they earned back the money they'd lost before and then some. From there they'd invested in real estate. Sean had purchased an old vacant building in downtown Cholena and gradually fixed it up, with Isaac's help, before he began renting out spaces inside. At first, it had been difficult to rent out, no whites wanted to rent from a white man married to a Colored and the blacks didn't trust him, but he'd finally persuaded a young Negro man, who was opening his own barbershop, to rent from him. Once Sean had acquired his first tenant, other tenants quickly followed, and with the profits they made from that building, as well as from their continuous investment in steel, Sean was able to purchase other small properties in Cholena (and later more valuable property in Detroit) and use the same business logic to make money. It had taken 4 years for them to feel financially secure, and even then, Marita was still hesitant about spending money. For when she and Sean moved to Detroit, due to their business growing more quickly there, Sean wanted to have them a house built right away, but Marita wouldn't hear of it, still feeling that they needed to be more financially stable. So Sean heeded her wishes, and they'd rented a house in the city, until he'd found a gorgeous piece of property 8 miles outside of downtown Detroit. He'd immediately purchased it; then surprised his wife, by taking her on a romantic carriage ride to the property, where he then wooed her with a candlelight picnic as the sun set over the lake, before then revealing his secret regarding the property. Marita had been stunned and touched, so much so that she couldn't be upset with his choice to purchase the property without her knowledge, and then nearly a year later they were moving into their new home that sat atop the property. Their business and investments were still doing very well, despite the struggles Sean faced daily from many who refused to do business with him. They weren't rich, but they were extremely comfortable, and therefore were well-known in the community. However, they still had few friends, and experienced constant prejudice, but thankfully, no violence. Their families visited as often as they could. With Isaac still living so close in Cholena they seen him the most, along with Lexy who'd come and stayed with them for the past three summers. The rest of the family had only come to visit twice over the past 6 years. For it had been difficult to get away from the ranch (which had slowly bounced back and actually grew after things settled down surrounding the scandal of Sean's marriage) and because everyone had been overwhelmed by their own changing lives (Clay, who still lived on the ranch, had recently married and had a new baby. Jeremy no longer lived on the ranch, hadn't since he'd won custody of Danielle, but was always busy working there and other places, refusing to accept Ned's money, trying to support him and his daughter. And Alice was currently engaged and planning a spring wedding.) Furthermore, Sean and Marita had not visited Lexington since they'd left more than 6 years before. It wasn't that they didn't want to. For they'd missed Lexington, and in fact next spring they wanted so much to attend Alice's wedding, but Jim Crow was now rampant in Kentucky, along with the Klan. Hence it was too risky for them to return to Lexington...Sean now walked passed the back stairs, approaching the screen door that led to the veranda on the side of the house. As he drew closer to the door he heard small voices, floating on the air, his children excitedly yelling and laughing outside. Pride and warmth instantly flooded Sean's heart as he quickened his pace, making his way through the screen door, out onto the veranda, down its stairs, and to the back yard, where he was instantly met with small voices happily calling his name...

"Papa! Papa!" His sons yelled with glee as they eagerly ran toward him. Shane, who'd be six in September, led the way, with 4-year old Justice, who like his brother was named after one of their great grandpas – Isaac's father, following behind. Within seconds they reached Sean, rushing him with joy and love as he first lifted Shane from the ground, giving him a strong hug, while inquiring about his day, before he then turned his attention to Justice, sweeping him up in his arms, giving him the same affection as he'd given his brother, while Shane now ran ahead of them, merrily calling for his "Mommy," excitedly announcing "Papa's home!" A moment later, his beautiful wife appeared before them, carrying a basket of freshly picked flowers, looking like a dream, taking his breath away. Even after almost 7 years of marriage, Marita still stirred his soul, quickened the love in his heart, and roused him to a passion more powerful than he'd ever known...

"Hey!" Marita uttered lightly – happily, upon reaching her husband, who was still carrying Justice in his arms, while Shane now skipped up beside her. She then greeted Sean with a kiss, tenderly pecking his lips...

"Yuck! Kissy!" Shane squeamishly exclaimed, upon seeing his parents kiss, causing them to blush with smiles, before he then childishly fled in playful disgust over what he'd just seen. Marita and Sean lightly laughed at their son's adorable response as she warmly touched Justice's back, who now wanted to get down, to join his brother in play across the lawn. Sean then gently set Justice down, and he and Marita adoringly watched as he ran to his brother a short distance away.

"So how was your day?" Marita then quietly asked as she returned her eyes to her husband, moved by his tender gaze, deepening the love and peace within her.

"Good." He softly replied; then kissed her lips once more. "And yours?" He queried as he reluctantly pulled back.

"Good." She sighed.

"And our little girl?" He then lovingly asked as he glanced down at her slightly bulging belly, gently placing his hand upon it.

"Our son is fine." Marita countered with a glowing smile as she softly rested her hand on top of his. Then kissed her husband's lips again. "Come on, help me finish setting up dinner." She then said, now gently grabbing Sean's hand, who was now smiling at her comment, how she'd smoothly stopped him before he could protest her claim regarding the sex of their baby. Marita was sure that it would be another boy, contending that she was the one who'd carried their sons, and thus she alone knew what it was like to have a boy growing inside of her. However, Sean thought differently. He was certain that this baby was a girl. For he wanted a girl, he'd prayed for a girl. Though he loved his boys more than anything in this world, he wanted a little "Marita" running around the house, and the minute his wife had told him that she was with child he knew it, he knew it within the deepest depths of his soul that it was a girl. But Sean didn't state this fact to Marita again, choosing instead to let it go, to not start another friendly debate with her this evening about their new baby. For she would see that he was right, he now thought with a smile. And thus was going to be stunned when she gave birth to their little girl in December. Marita continued to lead her husband forward, towards the table under the tree where she was setting up dinner, while across the beautiful greenery of the back lawn, which was live with trees and an array of colorful blooming flowers, their little boys ran and played, frolicking in the sunshine. This was their life, Sean and Marita both thought with amazement and joy. This was their dream, and though it was not without its problems. It never would be. It was real, which made it wonderful, and made them incredibly happy.