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My day
By Falcon-Rider


No one ever seemed to notice, but I doubt they would have cared even if they had. Today's a holiday, when I was little I used to think it was because of me, that perhaps I was actually special. That, perhaps, people were honoring me in someway...

They weren't though, they never did.

I found out when I was old enough to understand that it wasn't me the holiday was for.

I should have known though, after all it wasn't like I ever actually saw anyone but my caregiver on that day (or any day for that matter). But, I was just hopeful. My heart ached for someone to care for me, and the thought that they did made the pain go away for a while- even though it was a falsehood.

I remember when I realized it, I was five. It was the last time I saw the woman that had cared for me since I was a baby.

I asked her why it was a holiday... I asked if it was in celebration of my day, my birthday.

Her eyes had turned cold, and she slapped me. The burning sensation was the first physical hurt I had endured... but it wasn't the last.

She left then, and I haven't seen her since.

After that I was alone. The Hokage-sama dropped by once in a while to check on me, but I always figured it was an obligation of some sort. He was always tense when he came by, too.

He always gave me a "check-up" to see if anything was wrong with me. I found out later, by default, that he had been checking on my seal. I knew he cared in someway; though, otherwise he wouldn't have spent playing with me for an hour or two on that day.

The neighborhood kids never played with me though. The moment I entered the park they would scatter. Only once did anyone ever ask to play with me... I doubt he remembers that incident though.

Yes, the number one rookie genin Uchiha Sasuke attempted to play with me. He even smiled at me, a genuine look of happiness and kindness. It only lasted a moment till a concerned parent pulled him away, though.

They didn't even ask me, I realize now, though Sakura-chan had expected I knew when hers was... and had gotten upset when I didn't know Sasuke's...

I can hear the bells drift through the air now... signally the dark sadness of this day. The tragedy the villagers find fit to lie on my shoulders.

My eyes open, cerulean pools in the mid morning light, and I turn over to stare at my messy room.

It's obvious I haven't been taught the art of house keeping... not that anyone would have wanted to teach me.

No one cared after all, no one bothered to ask when my day was... when the day was that I should be getting presents.

No one bothered to see if I ever had a gift, if I had ever been to a party, or even had one. Though, I doubt anyone thinks I would deserve to go to one, let alone receive one.

My house is silent, empty but for me. No one tinkers in the kitchen, or yells at me to get up. No one comes when I have a bad dream, or when I stumble and trip in the mess.

It's always been this way: me, alone. I never knew my parents, their names, what they looked like, if they wanted to give me up... I wish I did. Sometimes I try to picture them in my mind... it always ends up depressing me though.

The sun roved across the sky as I lay in thought, it eventually reached its zenith.

So I got up, showered, and pulled on my clothes.

Instead of my normal bright flashy orange and blue jumpsuit, a black net ninja shirt with a white high-collar long-sleeved zipper sweater with a red swirl on the back over it, and red pants found their way onto my persona. I tied of the bottom of the pants with bandages to keep the bottom from rolling on the ground and another layer of bandages on my right thigh before moving my weapon holder back to its usual place.

My forehead protector first found its usual position on its forehead... before being moved to lie around my neck. I unzipped the sweater till a few inches of the net shirt peeked out, and the forehead protector was able to rest comfortably.

After entering the kitchen I set about my yearly task. White bread was smeared with mustard and mayonnaise, followed by a good serving of cheese and ham. The good stuff, the stuff I never ate but always wished for.

You see, I never dared go into the "fresh foods" section of the grocery store. There were too many angry eyes, and shouting mouths. But, once a year, the day before they closed for the holiday of mourning, I did venture into that section of the store. Once there I gathered a package of ham, some cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and mustard, a fresh loaf of bread, and last (but definitely not least) a large chocolate chip cookie. I barely had remembered to grab a small tube of orange frosting before I headed to the check out.

I smiled as I bit into the sandwich, savoring every bite.

After finishing my meal I took out the cookie and stared at it. Taking out the tube of orange frosting I bit my lip as I moved the frosting over the cookie.

After a moment I sat back and began to sing the song I had heard kids sing to each other at school...

Happy birthday to me,

happy birthday to me,

happy birthday Naruto-

happy birthday to me!

That part of the ritual done I picked up the cookie and smiled as I bit into the large '4.'

Another year alone.

I whipped my hand across my lips to remove any stray pieces of food and stared out the window.

Maybe someday someone would ask me when my birthday was; maybe I could have a party, too.

My eyes stared at the glass, my own reflection barely visible before me. The clothes were a present to myself. I had even used I henge to be able to buy them.

My first birthday present...

But, does a present from yourself really count?

My eyes shifted back to the cookie, the remaining '1' stared back at me.

Why can't I be deserving of a special day?

Why can't I just have one day, one day I can call mine?




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