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My Home

By Falcon-Rider


A Naruto fic – POV of Naruto


It was a dark and stormy Halloween… Yes, I realize that sounds cliché, but it's true. It was: "a dark and stormy Halloween." Well, okay, maybe it wasn't so much a stormy night… but it was still dark.

The light from a waning moon cast silver rays across the darkened streets of Konoha. The normal bustle of the ninja town was almost nonexistent, and yet it was even more pronounced than on a normal weekend. While some anbu and hunter nins remained on watch, the majority took to attending private and not so private parties.

I had decided not to join in with the majority of my age group- the rookie nine. From what I had seen and heard, I was only invited to the get together because of my talk with Sakura.

I didn't want to be a pity invite; that was something that I hated the idea of. If someone wanted to invite me they should, not because they felt sorry for me. So, I refused the invitation. Instead I decided to take the time to clean up my newly found property.

Among the scrolls of ninjutsus, genealogy, and blood limits was a scroll that told of my inheritance. Other than my apartment, I had an estate.

Yes, Uzumaki Naruto was the proud owner of an estate.

I had been surprised at the wealth I had suddenly gained, both the wealth of worldly objects and the wealth of knowledge. It was so sudden, and it took a few days for everything to sink in.

The place was a wreck, or had been when I initially visited it. After seeing the whole place I had made a list of things I needed to do to fix the place up.

The white and brown paint was peeling on the outside and the garden was overgrown. I basically tore out all the plants other than shrubs, trees, and grass (which made everything a lot easier than it would have been had I just weeded). I also left the grape vine that separated the training field from the house.

I found Sasuke's favorite fire technique (which I had learned on my own free time just to prove that I could do it too) was good for clearing the dry dead weeds away… though, after the first minor mishap I convinced Kakashi-sensei to spend a training session on basic water ninjutsus.

Apparently, Jiraiya, who was the supposed caretaker, had neglected his duties quite a bit. Though, why someone would trust him to take care of a property, I have no idea.

Other than being a good teacher, Jiraiya has a habit of hanging out near the women's bathhouse. He also writes Icha Icha Paradise, the ultimate pervert's favorite book series, when he's not taking care of ninja business. Both of which are bad habits that seem to draw his attention away from the more important things in life, especially those known as 'responsibilities.'

So I reiterate: why anyone would think that the perverted-ero-sennin-named-Jiraiya would be a good caretaker for any property is apparently beyond my mental capacities to understand.

I whipped a hand against my forehead; a small bead of sweat trickling across it was caught by the end of my sleeve.

Even after I had been cleaning the inside up every night for the past week it was still a large mess. The upper level was mostly clean, the cobwebs and dust mopped up and whatever larger trash I found followed suit.

Sighing I entered a large room, glancing around I decided it could use a bit of rearranging. It was dark, and the room didn't have any light, other than that from the moon. Having only known about the estate for a week, I hadn't exactly gotten around to figuring out what bill would need to be paid to get all the utilities working again.

Having your father be one of the most powerful men in the village did have some perks… even if no one even knew about it, other than me and a few select people. This house was definitely one of those perks.

I can't blame anyone for keeping it a secret. The lack of knowledge the village had about my parentage probably saved my life. The son of a Hokage would be a prime target for an assassination plot- not that the fact that my father sealed the Kyuubi into me helped me didn't make me one already.

No, I was nearly assassinated several times, but each time one of my unseen guards rescued me. I always wonder who of the village was willing to attack the carrier of the creature that killed so many shinobi, and citizens of the village, I'll probably never find out, though.

I hissed in pain as the couch I was moving decided to knock into the in table next to it (apparently I can't judge distances very well in a darkened room), overturning the in table onto my sandal covered foot.

Grumbling I pushed the couch farther away from me with some chakra. Next, I lifted up the in table, placing it upright.

A crunch of glass startled me; I lifted the table back up and moved it to the side. Bending down I picked up the picture frame, careful not to jostle any glass onto the floor.

Moving to the window I surveyed the picture in the dim light cast by the moon. Two figures, a man and a woman smiled from a picturesque scene. A sunny day in the spring, cherry trees in blossom… a perfect couple.

It took my mind a moment to realize who they were: my parents. My head tilted to the side, surveying the scene- imprinting it into my mind.

There faces were clear, and would be even clearer if a light was on. I looked a lot like my father, I noticed. His blonde hair, blue eyes, and basic build were the same as mine. From my mother… my face was a little rounder, more like hers rather than my fathers…

"They were the perfect couple," a low voice said from behind me. I jumped a bit; I hadn't felt anyone nearby…

"Jiraiya?" I turned to look at him, my blue eyes wide in the dim light. The old man sat on his haunches on the window sill behind me.

"They loved each other very much," Jiraiya gently picked the picture out of my hands. He held it out the window and brushed the broken glass away. He stared silently at the photo, after a few minutes he handed it gently back to me.

"By the way, I paid the electricity and water bills yesterday; you could turn on the lights."

I blinked, "You paid the bills?"

I was surprised… Jiraiya, the man that pocketed my hard earned money and bought unmentionable things with it when we went searching for Tsunade, actually paid my bills?

"It was the least I could do," he replied jumping down from the window, moving across the room, easily finding the light switch, which was a good thing since I hadn't a clue where along the wall it had been.

The lights flickered on slowly, brightening the room. I realized then I was in a formal living room, off the side of the house. I leaned over and placed the picture securely on the in table and glanced back at my mentor as he disappeared down the hall.

I sighed, rubbing my hands together in the cold room. It had a fire place, which was great news, but since I had no wood to put in it… I would remain cold for a while longer. After working hard to rearrange and clean the large room for about ten minutes a noise from down the entry to the room startled me.

Glancing up I saw Jiraiya along with Tsunade and Shizune (and of course their pet pig) enter the room. Tsunade carried a basked filled with wood, and Shizune what looked to be a picnic basket.

Tsunade smiled, "Sorry for being late, but Happy Birthday! We figured it tonight would be a good time for a party."

"And to tell ghost stories," Jiraiya added at a glare from the blonde women he amended his addition. "Or rather, stories about family!"

I glanced up at them then glanced around the room, my eyes landing on the photograph of my parents, "Arigatou… ano… I would like to learn more about them, a lot more about them!"

Shizune smiled and tossed me a blanket to spread out as Tsunade went to start a fire.

Maybe tonight was going to be fun after all.


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