Ok, A little heads up with the story.

A young woman around twenty one living in our modern day time, found something incredible, and her name is Arkwyn Snow.

She found an unknown state all to it's self where there are an evil and a good, everyone living by a mix of ancient Japan and King Arthur medieval times.

Believe it or not, magic and demons roam the land, and the Lord's son needs a protector from all this evil. That's not all, the lord's son is Sesshomaru.

So now where I begin my story is hours before she will sacrifice herself in order to protect sesshomaru against evil of all kinds, all the powerful sorcerers still believing that she is the protector of this world against evil, with her overpowering Luna lovely hearted soul, being the one and only the one that does not know the attack of which is following the first, but acts it out as if it was her pencil to paper.

(Good music to listen to while reading this is, Wolf's rain soundtrack, Inuyasha soundtrack, and Hoover phonic, Blue wonder power milk. (the cd title.) )

Reaching a hand up to block the last violent rays of sun at sunset, Arkwyn slowly spreads her fingers apart so a few sudden bursts of sunlight dawned upon her delicate and in-depth features.

Frowning at her pale skin that always seemed to burn easily and never tan, no matter day or night, rain or shine, she perched herself on her elbows, lowering her chin to her chest, a smirk resting on her lips remembering the saying of that Disney movie, "Snow white"

'Skin white as snow.'

In a few minutes it would be dark out, and in less then an hour she would loose her self control completely and utterly to someone she has never met before, but thinking about her memories, the past. Well, at least the happy ones, always made her sad still.

Everyone was fine, away, busy, and last but not least, doing something with their life.

But Arkwyn, graduated early, tried college for something she thought she was good at and wanted to do, realized she still had no idea her destiny.....even though she thought about it since she was a little girl, now found herself wondering if putting herself on the line every minute for someone else really was such a wrong thing to be doing, because that just seemed to be the same thing she was doing at home.

Resting back down on the soft moss grass to stare hazily up at all the bright and shinning stars, picking one out to be her own, then realized she'd better go and prepare herself for the night ahead of her.

Walking back towards the hotel she was staying at, (being as the driveway to the castle was nearly two miles long) an old familiar sound popped into her head, playing itself like a movie along her thoughts as she got ready.

Tell me what the rain knows

O are these the Tears of Ages

That wash away the Wolf's Way

And leave not a trace of the day?

She slowly un dressed herself, and placed on a long, silky, and black dress. Sleeveless, with a long v-neck, slitting all the way up to her hip, and a gold thick belt hanging around the frame of her hips. Tell me what the rain knows

O is this the flood of fortune

That pours itself upon me?

O see how I drown in this sea

Looking in the mirror at herself, placing the silvery gold band around her head, it's chains hanging loosely to her shoulders, forming two long and drooping circles at each side. She then noticed how much she would have to adjust to different customs and things at the castle.

Hark, hear the howl that eats the moon alive

Your fur is on fire

The smoke turns the whole sky raven black

And the world upon your back will crack

Walking to the end of the gate, Arkwyn was stopped by a guard holding the reins of a snow colored horse out to her, suggesting she rides horse back the path up to the main entrance.

Where will you go

Now you've no home?

Arkwyn excepted, and after a very quick, very brief riding lesson through words she put one foot in the saddle and sat herself up on the horse, urging it to go forward, finding the ride quite pleasant. Especially at night riding through the castle's servant's houses and courtyards with mazes and woods and meadows.

She suddenly felt alone, lost, and scared.

Let the rain wash away your last days

Mentally scolding herself, telling herself that she would have to face worse things then the worries of herself, straightened up and slowed the beautiful horse to a stop at the main gate, where the guards helped her off and took the horse away to the stable boy.

"This is it." She kept telling herself as she pulled open the large wooden doors.

As if by timing, many men with colorful masks, and woman with deep colored veils covering their faces circled around her, guiding her, walking with her to the Lord as if by some way presenting her in an orderly fashion by some sort.

As soon as she placed one foot into the large ball room like bedroom, everyone backed away in a line at each side from the door to where the four chairs were, one for the lord, another for his lady, and two for their sons.

Arkwyn heard whispers and her name with every step she took.

With the looks everyone was giving her made every footstep feel like a thousand knives stabbing at once.

It seemed from the gossip about her that she overheard, everyone was expecting a large muscled man much stronger then the Lord's son(for which because The lord's son was very strong himself in battle, and for word choice.) But their eyes laid on only an girl.

"Their eyes deceive them child. We of the high power know that looks can be deceiving." One older gentleman whispered to her as she walked up to the four chairs and collapsed her body on one knee raised, the other pressed against the floor, her head bowed, leaning against her leg.

"Lady Snow, let us have a good look at your face." She heard a deep voice beckon.

So Arkwyn slowly raised her face up to meet the lord's.