"It's here." Sesshomaru said quickly, stepping infront of Arkwyn and preparing himself for the demon.

Arkwyn stepped besides him, looking up to him with a smile that told him she was staying with him no matter what.

But then the what came, taller then the trees and seeming in a liquid form with certain designs all over it's body.

Arkwyn pulled out her two daggers, as she watched Sesshomaru leap at it with his claws.

She soon followed, lunging at it.

Nothing happened. The demon still remained.

It struck at some warriors, a sort of acidy substance slashing at them from it's claws.

Sesshomaru charged at the demon, his finger loosening the whip that he controlled, slicing at the Demon and causing one of it's fingers to fall off, splashing to liquid and burning the ground.

The demon cried out in pain, and in anger as it dashed forward, his sharp claws reaching out for him.

"Get back!" Arkwyn yelled at Sesshomaru as she cut away at his claws, the acidy stuff spilling to the ground where Sesshomaru had been standing.

The demon hurtled back, standing still for a bit, then it reached it's hands high in the sky as his wounds were healed leaving him good as new.

"What are we going to do my lord?" a worried guard asked as he ran towards him, but the demon scooped him up, a sort of secret and in closed hole opening in the forehead of the demon as it sucked out all the guard's energy, then dropping him back on the ground.

Sesshomaru ran to the guard's aid, staring at the lifeless body, the smell of burned flesh fresh in his scent.

Sesshomaru jumped at the demon, his quick whip slicing through him, but it melted inside the demon, and pulled Sesshomaru forward so he was almost touching the thing's body.

"Arkwyn run away!" Sesshomaru yelled to her, his voice choked by pain as he started to feel the acidy heat of the demon.

"No! I'm not going to leave you! I can't!" Arkwyn yelled, running after him as the demon pulled Sesshomaru closer.

"I have to protect you!" She yelled as she used her daggers to guard herself, hurtling her body infront of Sesshomaru. That same pink light that came up before surrounding Sesshomaru.

Arkwyn was using all her strength to protect him, and now she was weak in the demon's grasp.

"What are you doing? Get away!" Sesshomaru said to her, slowly noticing Arkwyn's blades melting from the thick eating Acid. Suddenly he was dropped to the ground as the thing grasped Arkwyn, who was screaming in agony as she felt her body burning all over.

Then the hole in the demon's forehead opened and began sucking all the energy out of Arkwyn.

"No! Get the fuck away from her!" Sesshomaru yelled as he tried breaking Arkwyn free.

But it was too late, Arkwyn was dropped to the ground, the thing depriving all her energy because she was too weak.

Sesshomaru quickly ran to her side. He didn't care if the demon was near by. All he cared about was her.

He checked over and over to make sure she was still breathing. She wouldn't last long so he had to get his healing sword.

Only twenty seconds had gone by, but it felt like twenty years to him.

"I don't want to live this way." Sesshomaru said scornfully as he quickly darted off to one of the tents, thinking over and over in his head why he didn't bring the sword with him.

"Got it!" he yelled, picking up the sword and dashing out of the tent, Suddenly realizing the demon hovering over him.

It reached down, opening it's hand up to snatch Sesshomaru, who was helpless to it's acid.

Before anything else could happen, a sudden pink light shot through the demon's stomach and held itself around Sesshomaru, the demon scratching frantically at the hole that was inside of him.

Then a bunch of tiny pink lights burst from the still glowing hole in the demon's body, shooting up in all different directions and ripping apart the demon.

"Arkwyn....." Sesshomaru said in a whisper as his eyes darted to her body, and he thought about how weak she was before, and how much energy she just used.

Sesshomaru ran to her, fumbling with the sword as he pulled it out, trying to see Arkwyn breathing. He checked her pulse and got no reaction.

'She did that.......for me?' He thought bewildered as he looked towards the demon being melted down by the pink light, and soon bursting like shooting stars.

The pink overwhelming light rushing through the darkness and melting It all. Everything evil being devoured by the light of Arkwyn's love.

Sesshomaru quickly stood up as he pulled out his sword, pointed it at her and then swung it, that same floating like aura swinging around the sword.

He stood completely still, not moving at all and holding his breath, keeping a close eye on any movement.

Sesshomaru fell to his knees before her, leaning his head in close next to her heart, and letting himself collapse on her when he heard the strong heart beat start up once again.

All around them people were moving, the morning dawning on as men cared for the wounded and cleaned up.

"I'm so glad you are alive. God Dammit, don't ever put yourself in that kind of situation again. Do you hear me?" Sesshomaru said to her as she lay sleeping on the ground.

Sesshomaru stood up. Collecting his strength he then picked Arkwyn up and carried her back into their tent.

He knew they would always be together, but he still worried. She was always putting herself in his danger to protect him, so that is why firs thing in the morning Sesshomaru decided to leave for Arkwyn's time.

Sesshomaru wanted to be with her in her time, live with her and start a family with her. Nothing was going to take that away from him, he would make sure of it.