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'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'

Chapter 1

A gentle thud and whisp of cool morning breeze ran over Jane's exposed arms, sending silent shivers through her. Pulling the striped covers of her bed over her shoulders, the cold air still tickled her skin, signaling to her to close the window.

Groaning, she threw off the covers and stumbled across the room, wiping her eyes blearily. Upon reaching it, the lace curtains flapping outwards softly, Jane pulled one handle to meet the other. But for some reason she couldn't bring herself to lock it. Was it her hope that he might visit her once more, that she could just see his face, his eyes again?

As Jane stared out the window thoughts began to flood her mind; Why hadn't he come again? He had been gone for what seemed a lifetime, and though she had sensed his eyes on her, he had always disappeared before her gaze could focus on him. He moved as quick as lightening and once he was gone, she wouldn't be able to find him till he showed himself openly to her. And though this was quite often, and normally under bad circumstances, she still enjoyed their meetings. Just looking into his pure, soulful eyes could tell her everything he was feeling. For the case they were working on. For the people he was trying to save.

For her.

Pushing the image of him to one side, she shook her head, smiling at only the thought of him. Running her hair through her auburn locks, Jane padded her way back to the welcoming bed. Ignoring the clock that would undoubtedly annoy her with the ungodly hour in the morning it showed, Jane slid back under the covers and into the warm spot she left. Yawning, she placed her head against the soft pillow and tried to fall asleep.

It was not as easy as it sounded. Thoughts of him once again filled her mind, bringing the smile back to her face. What was it about him that made her feel like this? It was odd, in the way that she had only known him for a few months of her life, yet he'd become such an integral part that she found it hard to imagine life before he came into it.

A wave of sleepiness suddenly drawing over her, Jane thought she sensed a pair of eyes gazing down at her from back across the room, but wasn't able to check before her breathing evened out and she fell into a deep slumber.

Hours passed like minutes as he watched her from the corner of her room. She was beautiful when she slept. She was beautiful whenever he saw her, but still, seeing her now, looking so peaceful made him think it even more.

Standing from his crouched position on the floor, he moved closer to her silent form. Her chest rose and fell in even breaths, her eyes fluttered gently as she dreamt.


She, Sam and his Aunt Kathleen were the only people he could trust. She had saved him countless times and he her. He found it necessary to do so. Since the first night he'd met her he'd known.

That fateful night on the roof, when she was about to fall to her death chasing him. He had caught her so easily, his superhuman strength lifting her entire body up by one hand. Once he'd replaced her on firm ground she had drawn her gun, aiming for his bare chest, but fainting in the process.

Laying her down gently, he suddenly felt the longing to touch her, to feel the differences between them. Her skin was soft, her lips warm, the bare flesh of her abdomen showing from under her shirt welcomed his curious fingers. She was the first woman he'd come in contact with since his mother and nurses his Uncle had used to pump him full of drugs.

Snarling at the concept of his Uncle holding him prisoner again, he felt his hands clench into fists and primal anger, fierce and strong, began to build up inside him.

But looking back to Jane, lying there so serenely, he felt the heat in his blood cool. Needing to be closer to her, and realising he would probably be scolded for it in the morning, as gently as possible so he didn't disturb her, he slid his body onto the bed beside her.

Feeling the edges of his mouth curl upwards, he lifted his head near to hers which faced away, but left behind a trail of red tresses. Inhaling her scent he felt almost at home with her.

Continuing to breath her in deeply, he was surprised when he felt the bed shift as Jane turned to face him. Lying on her side, she unconsciously draped one arm over his stomach. Her forehead close to his, he nuzzled it, moving closer to her and stroking her arm. He saw her smile sleepily and was glad. Now he could rest knowing she was happy.

'If you took all the pieces from the moon

All these little slivers rise

If you could let me in the eyes with love

Tell me what you want to see

If you could let me in the eyes with love

Make me how you want to be

Let me try

Make what you want to see

Let me try...try'

Stirring a few hours later, Jane began to open her eyes. She felt a strange but comforting warmth surrounding her, holding her gently. A familiar scent was in the air mingling with her own. It smelt earthy and weathered.

Finally opening her dark eyes, she felt herself jump by the sight in front of her.

John Clayton lay merely inches away from her, his forehead pressed against hers, his breath tickling her face.

At first she felt like crying out in surprise, then to shout at him in indignation, but soon all she felt like doing was to watch him resting beside her.

He looked so peaceful just laying there, never noticing her eyes scanning over him. His golden hair hung loosely over his face, hiding his eyes from Jane, who felt the overwhelming urge to brush the stray strands away. But for some reason she hesitated. She wasn't sure how he might react to being touched like that.

Pulling her arm out from under his, Jane reluctantly clambered out of bed. Passing her mirror she realised how little she was wearing - a spaghetti top and shorts. Looking back to John she saw his exposed shirt was ripped and stained in several places.

Sighing in amusement she headed to the chest of drawers, removing a spare shirt and pants she'd bought for just such an occasion. Turning back, Jane walked over to the bed and laid the clothes down in the space she had just been.

Lingering to look at him a moment longer, she went back to the drawers to pick out her own clothes.

'Jane, you are awake', a voice stated groggily.

Stopping in her tracks at the sound of his voice, Jane looked back to John who was now sleepily wiping his eyes. It seemed such a childish gesture to her, but since he had been lost in the jungle for 20 years from the age of 6, no one had been able to teach him otherwise.

'Yes', Jane replied, 'I didn't want to wake you'.

He sat up, silently acknowledging he was in her room.

'I, er - ' she began, but was lost for words when John rose from the bed and walked towards her. 'Those are for you', Jane remembered, indicating the clothes pile still on the bed.

His soulful eyes followed her gaze where he saw the items she had left for him.

'Go change into those and I'll be out soon', she said quickly picking out her outfit and heading for the bathroom linked to her own room.

'Jane,' he called before she headed in.

Looking back at his face, she saw the questioning look covering his handsome features.

'Yes?' she asked, eager to cover herself up and to stop the feeling of his eyes trailing her body when her back was turned to him.

'You are angry?'

'With you? No, John. But I do want to know why you came here,' she said, placing her clothes on the drawers then taking a step towards him, hands on hips.

He smiled as if he were answering the easiest question in the world.

'To see you', he stated matter of factly.

Looking down in embarrassment, Jane saw John's bare feet move towards her once more, but this time she didn't move. She allowed him to approach her until he was merely inches away.

'Couldn't it have waited till morning?'

'I came in the morning', he muttered innocently.

'No, John, I mean now that I'm awake, not 1am or whatever time it was that I had to shut my window', Jane sighed frustratedly.

He seemed unphased by her outburst and continued to stare at her. Just by doing that simple thing, Jane felt her throat constrict and the heat rise to her face. What was it about him that made her feel like this?

'I'm sorry', he whispered to her as he inclined his face towards her neck, inhaling her scent as he did last night while she slept.

As his cheek brushed against hers, sending shivers through her entire body, Jane let herself revel in the moment. Instinctively, she closed her eyes and let her hand fall against the nape of his neck. The need to touch him was overpowering all other senses, and she was starting to understand why. He was so gentle, holding her close to his own body, the heat radiating from him warming her. Her small body curved upwards to meet his larger one. Slowly, Jane moved her head to face him and rubbed her nose against his cheek, making him look up at her. Opening her chestnut eyes, all she saw was a pool of pure sky blue she felt like drowning in. The smallest flicker met both their lips as John rested his forehead against hers, noting how Jane hadn't yet left him. His hand moved to cup the side of her face, holding it gently with his palm.

'I'm not running away anymore, I can't', Jane thought.

Unable to wait any longer, John inched his way forward, and the next thing Jane knew his lips were pressed against hers. She had been afraid before, of her feelings, of his feelings, of how having this would change everything. But now that it was happening, all her thoughts melted away, leaving only one.


Reacting instantly to his kiss, Jane found that the sensation erupting inside her body was amazing. The feeling of him filled her, making her need him even more, rousing a desire she never knew she felt for him.

Running her hands up the toned muscles of his chest, she felt every contour under her gentle fingertips. Soon they found their way to his hair, raking her fingers through the strands of gold draped across his face and neck. Everything was perfect.

He still held her close, his heightened senses feeling like they would explode any second. His fingers rove the softness of her face, arms and shoulders. She felt so fragile in his embrace, yet strong.

Feeling Jane pull away ever so slightly he opened his eyes to meet her happy ones. She was smiling at him as if it was her birthday and he couldn't help but join her, it was contagious.

'You're forgiven', she muttered breathily to him.

Closing his eyes he nuzzled her forehead in a cat like fashion, showing how deeply he cared for her. He heard her giggle girlishly at his behaviour and then copy his action a moment later.

A sudden knock at the door alerted Jane's attention to her sister's presence just outside.

'Jane? You okay?'

Looking back to where John stood but mere seconds before, she saw him round the corner to her bathroom, hiding himself in the shadows.

Flustered, Jane looked around her room wildly.

'Hang on', she cried grabbing John's fresh clothes from the bed and rushing back across the room. Handing them to him, she turned round just in time to see Nicki entering. Leaning casually against the wooden frame of the door, Jane felt John take the hand she had just given him his clothes with and began stroking it gently.

'Hey, aren't you going to work today?'

'Uh...' Jane considered, distracted by John's continued touching of her hand. As much as she wanted to remove it to concentrate on her sister, she could not. She was enjoying the feeling too much. 'Yeah, I was just about to get ready. You got classes today?'

'Uh - huh. You can bet those will be fun!' Nicki replied sarcastically,' okay, see you later'.

'Bye', Jane called as the door closed behind her sister. Giving John's hand a playful squeeze, she left his grip and walked forwards, listening for the slam of the front door telling her that Nicki had left the apartment.

When Jane did turn back to face John she saw him standing in the doorway to the bathroom. Arching her eyebrows, she looked at him amusedly as he looked back at her, unaware that he had done anything wrong.

'Come on', she said indicating for him to walk to her. John did so obediently and stood close to her again. 'You get changed in her and I'll be five minutes in there, okay?' she pointed to the bathroom. Picking up her dropped garments, Jane continued to the room, noticing the intense look in John's eyes as she closed the door.

End of chapter 1

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