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Chapter 9

"John!" came a fearful cry.

Distantly feeling hands release his bruised and aching body, John sank to the floor, unable to see who was there until they spoke again. Something in the back of his mind registered what was happening around him, but the pain surging through his limbs and torso and the agony of leaving Jane behind were unbearable.

"You bastard, what have you done to him?!" a woman cried furiously from across the room. Her voice resonated inside John's mind, pushing sad and desperate thoughts away leaving him with a beaming source of joy.

"Jane", he muttered under his breath, feeling a smile grace his cut and bleeding face.

As if she had heard him Jane's footsteps began to edge their way towards him, bringing with them a scent so familiar to him now that it reached him even if she could not, comforting him and soothing away the pain.

A short click and a snigger from Winters told John all he needed to know before he heard the Colonel's next remark, "don't take another step Ms. Porter or," he paused dramatically for emphasis, "well, lets just say things will get a little messy".

Raising his heavy head, John's sapphire eyes focused on Winters' feet just in front of him, then moving along slightly his gaze met with Jane's. It had all seemed like some kind of miserable dream; John had truly believed that his Uncle would have found him and taken him away before he could set his eyes on Jane once more. He knew that once he was with his Uncle the man would take all necessary precautions to prevent her seeing him. But even if Richard was to arrive now John was glad he saw her one last time. Thoughts and pleasant memories of the short period of time he'd spent with this woman swept over him, reminding him of everything he had missed about her. It made him crazy to think that Jane had been gone nearly a day while it had seemed an eternity of torture for John.

"John". Her voice was like gentle music to his ears after all this time, "are you alright?" Her dark eyes were full of concern and fear, not for her safety but for his own despite the gun being aimed straight at her chest.

Rage filled his torn heart. How could this one man cause so much destruction and chaos on a whim? Without so much as caring about the consequences of his actions. Clenching his fists John attempted to push himself off the floor. Instantly his stomach convulsed painfully at the idea and he was certain a few of his ribs didn't agree to it either, but he tried anyway. Distantly John felt the handcuffs binding his hands biting into the tender flesh of his wrists, but determinedly he pushed the sensation away. He had to make Winters drop the gun.

Noticing John's movements behind him Winters wheeled round and kicked him squarely in the ribs, the metallic toe of his boot making sure that he wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Falling onto his side John cried out in pain, biting his swollen lip and forcing his eyes shut to stop from crying out again.

"John!" Jane cried once more helpless before him.

"One more step Porter and you will regret it".

Suddenly the hall Jane had run down once she'd gotten free of her glass prison began to echo with the noise of a pair of feet rushing the group's way. Bursting into the room John opened his enraged eyes to see Sam, gun raised and Kathleen, also aiming at Winters with her own hand gun. While they were momentarily distracted by this scene John's last chance arrived to change what was going to happen. With a sudden burst of strength he pulled at the handcuffs, ignoring the warm liquid running down his hands and the intense slicing feeling in his wrists, the metal ring holding the cuffs together burst free of the chain, freeing John's hands. Nothing mattered now but helping Jane. Using his sticky hands to support him, before anyone knew it John was standing, glaring at Winter's back. The pain coursing through his body was immense, but saving his friends and Jane was more important. He could worry about anything else later.

Obviously noticing the others gazing behind him, Winters turned to face John, eyes blazing fiercely and fists clenched. Taking a moment to register this Winters instinctively raised the gun to John's chest. Knocking it out of his hands with a clean swipe, the Colonel didn't stand a chance against the enraged beast within John now. It was times like these when memories of his old home in the jungle, when he had been alone and free from rules, reminded him of the times when he had had to fend for himself. Growing up like that had brought out the lion in him; strong, brave and a formidable opponent - not someone to be messed with. Not this wild man. Not Tarzan.

"John", Jane cried, her voice full of fear and protectiveness.

Glancing her way for a split second John saw her form not a few feet away. She was here with him once again, and he wanted nothing more than to envelop her in his arms, to hold her close, to breathe her scent and lose himself in her auburn hair. But there was a rage in his heart that wouldn't be cooled until the filth in front of him, the one who had captured Jane against her will and caused pain to these few people, this 'Colonel' was destroyed. That way they would all be free of him, no - one would need to fear him any longer. But glancing back at Jane's solemn face, John knew that she would never be able to trust him again if he did such a thing. That was something John couldn't bear to happen.

Taking a step closer to Winters John's pale eyes, normally so full of innate goodness and curiosity, glared at this menace with a fire that couldn't be quenched. Just by looking into the man's dark, malicious orbs enraged him further. But remembering Jane once more John slowly took a step round him, his eyes never leaving Winters' until he stood before Jane and the others.

The second his back was turned Winters reached for another gun stuffed in the back of his belt. Raising it to John's back he wasn't guaranteeing on John whipping around lightening fast and wrenching it from his hands. Tossing it across the room, he flung his fists into Winters' face and stomach a few times before doing the same as the gun. Sending him flying through the air with just one almost effortless feat of strength John heard him collide with the floor loudly. Managing to lift his head for a few seconds, Winters' was unable to hold it up before he fell unconscious and his body went limp.

"Dammit John!" Sam said in amazement, "I will never get tired of you doing that". With a whoop of exhilaration and a pat on John's arm he went to the Colonel's body and began to busy himself reading him his rights, knowing full well that the man was unconscious.

Looking to Kathleen John saw the happiness in her eyes as she came up to him and enveloped him in a suprising hug. "John, I'm so glad you're alright", she muttered into his chest. Resisting a grunt of pain as she held onto his ribs Kathleen seemed to sense that she was hurting him and pulled away. "Sorry", she smiled apologetically, still holding onto his arms as if she wanted to make sure he didn't disappear again. Moving her gaze to Jane she chuckled, "Good to see you again Jane. Thankyou". Unsure of what she meant the red - head nodded at her and watched as she headed over to Sam, pulling her cell phone out.

Turning his eyes to face Jane he could see relief spread across her face as she gave him a tearful smile. Gazing down at her lovingly John still couldn't believe this was happening, but was not going to let the moment pass. Reaching up to the base of her neck, John's fingers tenderly stroked her skin. It felt like forever since he had been this close to her and by the look in her dark eyes Jane felt the same way. Nothing else mattered.

However, Sam's small force of policemen and women seemed to disagree.

"Detective Sullivan!"

"Christ, I forgot they were out there," Sam said rising to his feet and staring at the door they had just come through. "Jane", he called warningly.

Looking disappointedly at Sam's form she mumbled a, "yeah", before turning back to John. "You gotta get out of here", she said almost apologetically. Giving her an understanding look John looked around for an exit up in the ceiling above him.

"I know this may sound like a wacky idea, but, why don't you go that way", Sam said to John as he moved to stand behind him. Pointing a finger in the direction of the far wall, everyone's eyes fell upon a corrugated iron back door similar to the material that made up the roof and the rest of the complex. John noticed a look of amusement spread across Jane's face as she imagined John using a door instead of a window to leave for once.


"In here! John, go!" he urged the blonde.


Turning back to face him, Sam saw the look of silent gratitude in John's eyes.

"No worries man. Now go!" the cop smiled pointing once more at the exit.

Taking a step towards John, Kathleen snapped her phone shut. "Well now that's sorted, a car will be here for us in a minute. There is no way that I will let you walk back into the city in this state", Kathleen spoke as she looked at him and his wounds. "Come on John", she said as she quickly headed to the door.

Following her for a second, John sensed Jane gaze lingering on him. Pausing he turned back to her and raising his hand to hold the back of her neck beneath her hair. Smiling again Jane whispered playfully up at him, "you'd better be there when I get back".

"Jane, hurry!" Sam urged her.

Feeling a smile grace his lips again, John gave her an intense look and then quickly headed over to Kathleen. Sparing Jane one last glance before the door closed he saw her standing there, looking tired but happy that everything was over. She was safe again.

Pulling up by the entrance to the warehouse, important eyes peered out of the tinted windows of the black limo to see the mass of police cars and men surveying the area and guarding the main entrance into the complex. By the look of it he had arrived too late, as a moment later two cops, one a dark skinned male, the other a red headed female, exited the building whilst dragging their prisoner with them. The man was tall with short dark hair and dressed in black. Evidently he was not fully awake or completely aware of what was going on around him, but he walked with them grudgingly along the muddy drive. The rain had finally stopped.

Feeling anger swell in his chest the man struck his arm against the side of the limo door, needing a reason to release his temper.

"Dammit!" he cried frustratedly.

Though he wasn't surprised that this would happen he was aware that he had missed his chance once more.

John had escaped his grasp yet again.

"Mr. Clayton?"

Keeping his eyes locked on the scene before him, he hardly registered the driver asking him what they should do.

"I'm done here. Go", he said, grudgingly turning his gaze away from the woman who had caused so much trouble in his life these past few weeks.

He would get his nephew sooner or later.

Removing her key from the painted door and stepping over the threshold into her apartment Jane felt an odd sense of relief. Being back in her own home, not in some military maniac's glass prison with a lumpy bed and a rusty spring poking through the mattress.

'Oh well, like they say: there's no place like home'.

Shutting the door behind her she flicked the light on and listened for any noticeable signs that Nikki was in. Crossing the room to the kitchen worktop Jane saw yet another note addressed for her as she had the last time she had been here.


Didn't see you here when I came back. Darcy offered to help me with my studies so I'm gonna be gone a few more days. Hope you don't mind, I'm sure John will keep you company!

See you soon,


PS: I cleaned up the mess by the door - what happened there?'

Smirking at the letter Jane peered over to the door, only just realising a few ornaments and photo frames had gone.

'That must have been where it all happened...it all seems like some big blur now...'

Shaking the thought off she dropped her keys on the counter and headed to her room. Pulling the door to behind her all she could think of was how tired she was and what it would be like to fall asleep in her own bed again. As much as she wanted to see John again Jane had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to keep awake that long...

If I give up on you I give up on me
If we fight what's true, will we ever be
Even God himself and the faith I knew
It shouldn't hold me back, shouldn't keep me from you

Pulling feebly at her jacket she managed to get it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Kicking off her shoes she was about to pull the covers back when a familiar noise drew her eyes to the window. And there he was.

Tease me, by holding out your hand
Then leave me, or take me as I am
And live our lives, stigmatized

"John". Jane was amazed at the sight of him, her breath caught in her throat.

I can feel the blood rushing through my veins
When I hear your voice, driving me insane
Hour after hour day after day
Every lonely night that I sit and pray

Rushing round the edge of the bed she was met by John's arms, instantaneously wrapping around her smaller form protectively. This had to be some kind of a dream - had she fallen asleep already? Was John really here, holding her? It felt like so long...

Tease me, by holding out your hand
Then leave me, or take me as I am
And live our lives, stigmatized

Unable to draw back from his embrace Jane's mind could think of nothing but John. Resting her head against his chest, the strong thudding of his heart filled her ears.

We live our lives on different sides,
But we keep together you and I
Just live our lives, stigmatized

He was real and alive and holding her onto her like he would never let go.

We'll live our lives, we'll take the punches every day

What seemed like hours later, Jane's grip on him loosened and she pulled back to smile up at him. Cupping his face with one hand she looked at the wounds on his face from where Winters had beaten him; cuts and soon to be small bruises marred his beautiful visage, but would heal quickly. Smiling even brighter up at him Jane's world seemed to vanish, as all she saw was John.

We'll live our lives I know we're gonna find our way

"You came", was all she could think of to say to him. All of her other thoughts seemed to have disappeared.

"You told me to, so I did", he replied matter of factly, his pale eyes hiding nothing in their depths.

I believe in you
Even if no one understands

Acknowledging this with a slight blush, Jane's eyes fell down his torso to where his ribs were. Remembering him flinch in Kathleen's embrace earlier she worried if she had hurt him.

"Are you hurt? I mean, does it hurt still?"

I believe in you, and I don't really give a damn
If we're stigmatized

Pausing a moment John muttered, "When you are here, it does not hurt anymore". When he noticed her gaze rise to meet his in surprise he was unable to resist running the tips of his fingers down her cheek, sending shivers throughout her entire system. Closing her eyes and leaning her face into his hand, Jane swallowed.

Looking back up to him she saw his gaze unwaveringly peering at her, his eyes intense and full of love.

We live our lives on different sides
But we keep together you and I

Without hesitation Jane moved closer to him, craning her face up to meet his. It had been unbearable without his touch, and she didn't know how she had managed to survive this long after escaping her prison. When she had seen him lying there on the ground with Winters hovering above him her heart had gone out to him. She had wanted to rush over to him and help him, to remove his pain but she'd been unable to do so.

We live our loves on different sides,
We're gonna live our lives

Until now.

Lips touching his Jane's senses exploded. All she could feel was John; and it was perfect. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders she was unable to withstand the temptation of running her fingers through his golden hair.

We gotta live our lives

It was apparently the same for John, who responded to her touch with an unknown fervour she could not escape. Running his fingers teasingly up her back they soon reached the nape of her neck underneath her long tresses of red.

We're gonna live our lives

The warmth surrounding her was comforting and reminded her of all the times she had spent with him, unable to do the very thing she was doing right now. All the times she'd been afraid of the consequences, that something might happen to jeopardise their safety or the safety of others - Nikki, Sam, Kathleen... But after today Jane felt that she could sleep easier knowing that whatever happened, they would always have eachother. She would always have him.

We're gonna live our lives, Gonna live our lives

That would always be enough for her.


The End...or is it?

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