Visionary Part 2:
Bane Of Anubis

by Chaoseternus

Chapter 22: Seeing a gal about a scythe

Engrossed in the exhilaration of her fight, her massacre of a nest of vampires, Faith never heard the clattering of the approaching USAF Blackhawk, or if she did, she didn't acknowledge it, too busy in the fight to investigate why a helicopter was flying here, so far away from their normal routes.

If she had, she would have seen an amused Buffy loudly marking her moves.

If she had, she would have seen a group of strangers rolling their eyes, and commenting on her attire.

If she had, she would have noticed the helicopters doors open as the craft slowed, well within firing range of her position, she would have seen strange, snake like pistols readied, and she would have seen Buffy holding her hands forward, a strange device on each hand.

She wouldn't have been so shocked by electric blue bolts of light shooting down from the heavens, rapidly dusting a large group of vampires she hadn't seen approaching, she wouldn't have been surprised, well as surprised to see a bolt of lightning lance down from Buffy's left hand, blasting a vampire into dust whilst a shockwave from her right hand blew an approaching Mohra into the ground, the tarmac dented around the suddenly unmoving demon.

The surviving vampires decided to call it a day, running away to spread tales of Slayers who could call lightning down on their foes.

Faith, her eyes bugged out span around, a coal-black knife slipping easily into her right hand, instinctively drawn into a throwing position.

She started as she saw the coal black helicopter; Riley said he was going to arrive discretely so how does a honking great big helicopter count as 'discreet'?

The she saw Buffy, and she relaxed slightly, "Yo B, what's up?" she shouted up to the approaching craft, mentally cursing Riley for not getting here first, she needed that information on Colorado Springs!

She needed to know what her friend had gotten herself into, and she didn't like the fact that at the first mention of Colorado Springs over the secured webcam Little B had set up, Riley had visibly blanched.

"Oh nothing much, just prophecies, prophetic dreams, a big bad, the usual" Buffy shouted down, deadpan, "Want a lift?"

"Lift? In that thing?" Faith replied nervously, "Errmm… I'll meet you there"

Buffy watched open-mouthed as Faith legged it, her slayer empowered body pushing 35mph as she ran, heading swiftly towards the large manor that was the Slayers Council headquarters in Cleveland.

Her mouth lifted upwards in a smile, and her eyes flashed glowing with amusement and light, Enerina taking over, her doubly modulated voice sounding amused as she commented, "The prodigal slayer, destroyer of untold evils is afraid to fly?"

O'Neill suppressed a snort as he helicopter began moving again, following the slayer back to her base.

"Holy Hannah!" O'Neill heard Carter curse as their Blackhawk lurched suddenly, skidding to the right before finally landing on the green grass lawn in front of the Slayer Council Manor.

"Sorry" Carter called out, as she began flicking switches, shutting the massive helicopter down, "somebody has already landed a Blackhawk here and they are good with the camo, almost didn't see it in time"

"Isn't that Graham by the door?" Xander asked, flatly.

Buffy glanced across, and grimaced, "The Initiative, lovely"

O'Neill cursed, "They aren't supposed to know about the gate, so watch your words guys"

Nodding, the Scooby's dropped out of the Special Forces Helicopter, swiftly walking towards the Manor, where Graham greeted them with a smile, "Buffy, Xander, Giles, Willow, nice to see you again. O'Neill, Teal'c, Carter, Doctor Jackson, nice to meet you at last"

O'Neill nodded in acknowledgement, returning the salute as he walked past the Initiative field operative.

Then stopped abruptly, causing Jackson to run straight into him.

"Excuse me?" he asked, "how the hell do you know about us?"

"Read your files, nice work by the way, it's good to know people like you not the NID are controlling our expansion into space"

Jackson rolled his eyes, strangely unsurprised "I was under the impression the project was classified"

"It is, we just have BBR clearance and maintain a network of agents within the SGC just in case you bring a demon home from off-world or accidentally run into one here, that's our jurisdiction, not yours"

O'Neill blinked, "NID, Russians, Initiative…. Is any one in the SGC not an agent of somebody or other?"

Discreetly, Jackson check his arm, making sure the Tattoo was hidden, "I doubt everyone is an agent or spy or watcher"

O'Neill just shot him an odd look, "Right"

"So B, what you here for?"

"The Scythe, it's the only thing that will permanently kill Anubis, the current big bad, he kinda has a 'get out of death free' card being an ascendant and all"

"Cool, Ill send Little B for it" Faith paused, then moved and Buffy found herself with a knife to her throat as Faith continued nonchalantly "As soon as you tell me who you really are"

Buffy grinned, unsurprised and a little pleased.

Then retaliated.

"Shit!" Faith cursed, finding her knife suddenly wedged next to her own throat and a stake placed at her heart.

"Maybe I should try that again, Hi! I'm Buffy"

Faith snorted, and two seconds later they found themselves with a stake placed at the others heart.

"I know Buffy's feel in the old spidey-sense, and you aren't B" Faith snarled.

O'Neill blinked as a Zat appeared in Faiths hand and with a curse, he realized it was his.

"Oh, but I am Buffy" O'Neill concluded swiftly that she was enjoying this teasing of her fellow slayer far too much, "but I am not"

O'Neill winced as Faiths knife embedded itself just one inch to the right of his head as Faith dived back with a start, shocked by Buffy's voice and glowing eyes.

" What the fuck?!?"

O'Neill rolled his eyes as Enerina/Buffy giggled, Oh yeah, they were having far too much fun with their fellow slayer.

SGC, General Hammonds Office

Hammond smiled as he put the phone down, they had the Scythe, the weapon that was to end Anubis for all time hopefully.

The Supersoldiers had prepped the SGC's Mothership, the Del Shakka Mel, the Free Jaffa Ha'tak was ready as was the Prometheus and Thor was reported to be enroute.

Now it was time to take the war to Anubis, at last it seemed the time to advance had arrived, no more spoiling attacks, no more probes, no more scouting.

It was time for war.

To be continued...

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