A Fairy

Chapter Nine

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The alarm clock buzzed off so loud that Kaoru woke up in a jolt. "Oh, my God! What the hell was that? Jeez, man, will you shut up?" She grabbed the alarm clock and turning it off; she saw that it was six o' clock in the morning. "Great! It's too early." Then she remembered the night before. She blushed and tried to shake away the memory. The kiss Battousai had given her still lingered in her lips.

Kaoru got up and went to the bathroom. Half an hour later, she was dressed in a low waist jeans and a red halter top that hugged her abdomen and showed her navel. She was strikingly stunning that when she entered the kitchen to find the manslayer drinking coffee, he paused to stare at her. His stare was so intense that Kaoru felt his eyes exploring her body as if she were naked.

Battousai drained his coffee, got up past Kaoru, ignoring her and saying nothing. "What's with him? Not even greeting me good morning?" Kaoru muttered. "What do you expect from a demon anyway?"

As Kaoru was finishing her breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon and pancake Battousai had prepared, which Kaoru discovered to her surprise that a demon could be a good cook, she looked up to see him about to leave. "Just where are you going?" Kaoru inquired, standing up and then crossing her arms like a mother would to her disobedient son.

"None of your business," he said in reply without glancing at her. He left, leaving Kaoru fuming.

"How I want to kill him! The nerve of him! He's such a complete cow, I mean demon," Kaoru said, annoyed.

Kaoru saw that her make up powder had flown towards her. She flipped it open, and the image of the beautiful elf showed up. "Oh, hi, Belle! What's up? "

"Kaoru!" the receptionist cried out, relieved, "I have been trying to contact you, but there was poor connection. Anyway, have you heard from the sprite that was sent to you?"

"Yes, I did. Something wrong?" Kaoru asked, worried that something might have happened to Lorelei.

"No, of course not, dear," Belle said quickly. "Actually, Commander Nakamura just wanted to check how you have been doing. He has important news. Hold on, I'll put him through." Her image disappeared and flicked on to show the commander in a grave expression.

"Commander!" Kaoru said. She didn't know whether she should salute or not. She was tongue tied. Before her was the image of one of the most powerful fairies in the Fantasy World. Kaoru had looked up to him with awe and still did.

"Hello, Kaoru," the commander greeted though his eyes showed anxiety. "Frankly speaking, I've got a dangerous mission you must importantly carry out with your partner, Battousai. You must succeed because this is an opportunity for you to delve into the dark past of Battousai. This knowledge alone will help you change him for the better."

"I understand, Commander," was all Kaoru could say.

"You are aware that this mission assigned to you is a test on whether you have what it takes to be the captain of the Blue FA Team or not?"

When Kaoru didn't answer, the Commander called her, "Kaoru?"

Kaoru's mind traveled back to the passage she had read yesterday. Silence reigns darkness itself. There is no warmth. She snapped out when she heard the commander call out her name again. "I'm sorry, Commander. I was just thinking of the passage that I read yesterday," she apologized.

"That's all right, Kaoru. That book was written by the wife of Battousai," Commander Nakamura said.

"He has a wife?" Kaoru asked, shocked, for she never thought that anyone would marry a cold-blooded assassin.

Commander Nakamura didn't reply right away. He gave a faint smile at the expression Kaoru showed. He thought so, too, that it was bizarre Battousai would marry. "She passed away thirteen years ago. She was murdered while her husband was sent on a mission. It was a tragic death that Battousai was never seen again for five years. Tomoe was the only one who understood Battousai's heart. It was like she was the only one who knew how to unlock his heart." Commander Nakamura paused. "I shall send you the details about his wife if you want. I think it might help you unlock the mystery of how Battousai came to be."

Kaoru was quiet. She was lost in thought. So Battousai had a wife. But how could his wife find solace in darkness? How could she survive without warmth much less Battousai? Didn't love come with warmth? Was there love in their marriage when neither of them believed in love, or did they believe in love? What made them unite as one? Kaoru could not answer. She was wholly baffled. She could not fathom the mystery. But that was why she loved mysteries. Mysteries challenged her mind. She had always read mysterious books in her childhood days. There was never a day when she had stopped collecting books on mysteries. Even as she entered adolescence, she still had the hungry passion for reading mysteries.

The commander studied Kaoru. She's deep in thought, he said to himself."I know that this really is a jigsaw puzzle, Kaoru. It takes patience to piece it out," the commander said gently.

"Yeah, you're right, Commander. It does. What do people say?"

"Patience is a virtue," they both said together and then laughed.

"Well, Kaoru, Sano, I believe, will send all the information you need to know regarding the mission including the death of Tomoe."

"Thank you so much, Commander," Kaoru said.

"I wish you all the best, Kaoru. I know you can do it," with that, the commander nodded, and his image went blank reversing it back to the mirror.

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