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The Future Awaits
Chapter 28: A Mishap?

Sirius stared at the brunette sitting in front of him, clearly not believing his ears.

"I forgot to even thank you for it. So, thank you," Hermione smiled before taking the Epoch out of her nightdress. "It's supposed to be a very rare ornament."

Sirius smiled despite his nonplussed state.

"You already thanked me for it."

"I did? I don't remember… Well I guess I'll just thank you again, then," she grinned in a grateful manner.

"But one thing I don't understand, though… why did you keep the other half of it?" she asked, but soon realised it might have came out wrong to him. "I mean, err… not to sound greedy or anything. I just don't under-"

"I wanted to keep the other half of it," Sirius interrupted in a tone that told Hermione it's 'the-end-of-explanation'.

Sirius was again looking at the photo-Ron and Hermione. As much as he wanted to walk straight out of the room, his legs would just not cooperate with him. He knew Hermione would never take that as a complete answer. But what else could he say without sounding like a retarded old fool?

"Well? Can we try it now?"

"I-I'm not sure, Hermione. It can be a long process. Furthermore, you need to rest for work tomorrow."

"Oh c'mon, Sirius. Don't be such a wimp!"

Sirius scowled at her. "Fine! I'll go take it."

With that, he stood up and head through the door, leaving a squealing Hermione Granger who was completely unaware of the book on her tummy snapping shut at her sudden movement.


Sirius strode into Harry's room, instantly throwing himself onto the bed with his mind reeling.

What am I going to do? What am I going SAY? What… aww! My life sucks!

Baffled, he sat up, pulling out the drawer beside him to retrieve the golden necklace.

Sirius stared at the glittering Epoch which was swaying under his clutch, nearly hypnotizing him. He continued to stare as the pendant continued to shimmer under the moonlight.


He remembered his friend telling him, 'Everything happened for a reason.'

Taking a deep breathe, he stood up and braced himself for whatever was going to come. Feeling more confident, he walked back to Hermione's room.

Once he reached her door, he noticed Hermione looking sullen, with her arms crossed against her chest. Mystified, he knocked the door warily to announce his presence.

Hermione finally looked up with a slight look of disdain on her face. "What took you so long?"

"I… I forgot where I put this," he held out the necklace to show her.

"Hmm. Come here," she ordered, patting the stool which was still sitting by her bed.

Sirius obeyed. "What's with the sour face?"


He furrowed his eyebrows at her, puzzled at the girl's strange behaviour.

"Well? What're you looking at? Wear the necklace," urged Hermione.

Sirius sighed and did as he was told. "You're so bossy! You know, what if this thing doesn't work?"

"Then I'll just give mine back to you," Hermione joked, her sullen face now back with anxiety.

Sirius rolled his eyes. She looks so cute with her forehead all creased up like that.

"Okay. You're ready?"

Hermione took a deep breathe and exhaled slowly before nodding her head. Loosening herself up, she said, "Yeah… I just wonder what our most memorable, shared moment is…"

Sirius coughed and squirmed on the cushioned stool, feeling uncomfortable.

"…maybe, it was during my stay at Grimmauld's. Ah! How I remember the days where you'd just provoke me to no end!"

Sirius grinned and said in a shaky voice, "Well, we'll just have to wait and watch now, don't we?"

Hermione stared at him, amused at his nervousness. She moved closer to him with an amused grin as she held the pendant in her hand. "Don't worry, Sirius. I thought I should be the one worrying."

She laughed as her finger flicked his nose up. It was an unintended act which caught both persons' breathes, causing them to stare into each other's eyes.

Hermione thought that something about it had felt very familiar.

Sirius didn't give her any time to think though as he went on saying, "Well, I-I'd… I'd advise you to hold on to me tight, Mione."

Hermione nodded, obeying the old man.

Slowly, they leaned in, as the two relative pendants glowed. As soon as they heard a 'click' from their Epoch, the glow brightened than it had ever before, blinding the two of them from the surroundings.

Hermione could feel the sudden pull, as if they were being sucked into this… passage-way, very much unlike the timeturner.

Out of a sudden, a strong invisible force pushed its way between Hermione and Sirius, causing them to almost break apart. Panic invaded their veins.

"Hermione," Sirius gasped, "hold on tight!"

Hermione did. Actually, she need not any reminder for she was already clinging onto him with all her might that she could tell he was trying hard to catch his breathe.

They continued to fall. Fall into a bottomless hole with the force still trying to pull them apart.

Finally, not being able to hold any longer, the two separated. She screamed her lungs out until her throat hurt. The last thing she heard was the faraway shrilly voice of Sirius, calling out to her.

He fell with a heap on a weary-looking wooden floor and groaned as he realised he had a bruised arm. Finally struggling to stand up, he gasped as he noted Hermione was no where around.

A loud creaking sound made him jumped and recognised the place he was currently in. It was the Shrieking Shack.

What on earth am I doing here? Alone.

In cue, he heard shouting from inside a room. His heart pounded. Where's Hermione? Whatever has happened to her? How am I going to get back?

He slowly opened the door, only to see himself transforming into his human self in front of a shaking, 13-year-old Ronald Weasley, who was starring wide-eyed at the animagus.

Just as he heard loud footsteps outside the creaking stairways, a familiar blinding light surrounded him. Soon, he found himself being sucked out into the same passage-way he was in earlier.

The only thing on his mind was, 'This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be happening! I should've not given in to her. Oh! Please… Please let everything go right!'

The next thing he knew, his face was faced flat on a hard, wet ground. Spitting out whatever it was that filled his mouth, he sat up to see green grass beneath him. He could feel his lips bleeding; wincing as he gingerly touched them with his fingers. "Ah! Oh, blast!"


It was Hermione. Her eyes red and teary.

"I was so scared," she sobbed. "No one could hear me, see me. I couldn't find you anywhere! I thought," she paused to sniff, "I thought I was going to be stuck here forever!"

Tears trickled down her beautiful eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Hermione. That shouldn't have happened."

He pulled her into the comfort of his arms like it was the most natural thing to do, and let her cry onto his shirt as his eyes scanned the whole place.

Oh! This can't be good. Hogwarts' grounds?!

Hermione pulled away for a bit and looked up at him. "What happened? What took you so long?"

"I-I… I don't know. Earlier I landed in the Shrieking Shack. It was during your third year. Then suddenly, I was transferred back here."

Hermione's face contorted in a confused manner. "How's that possible? I read in the books that the two persons would land up on the same place, at the same time, together?"

Sirius thought he had a hunch of the reason, but decided not to explain it out. It might as well serve more confusion to her already confused mind.

"Hang on, I just realised… Aren't we at Hogwarts?" asked Hermione. "I don't recall having met you anywhere here under the daylight?"

Sirius kept his silence and left Hermione to her own musings. He was trying to figure out which memory they had just fallen into.

Students were seen scurrying here and there on the grassed ground. It seemed to be a 'break' session… or perhaps a Saturday, since none of them were in class.

"How come I can't recognize any of the students here?" Hermione wondered to herself.

Walking through the scatter of students, with Hermione following closely behind, he finally heard a familiar voice which he had missed terribly. It was James'. James Potter.


"She's a transfer student, as I've heard. Gonna be sorted in dinnertime. Quite the babe, if you ask me."

A red haired girl, who was sitting right behind him, gave his head a hard whack with a scowl on her face.

"Oh, c'mon, Lily. You're not jealous, aren't you? I'm just introducing our Padfoot here to the new girl."


Sirius was left confused. He had definitely figured out the memory, but why would it be this one? The Epoch always happened to bring them back to romantic moments? Why now this? He felt a bit disappointed at the thought.

Hermione on her part took no notice of any of the Marauder boys sitting on the stoned bench. She was however starring at her 17-year-old self sitting alone under a willow tree, reading a book.

A sudden grab of her hand, snapped her out from her reverie. She then found herself being led by Sirius towards a group of boys… and a girl.

It was then when she let out a loud gasp.

"Wha… Wha… What's going on?!" she stammered, looking at the 17-year-old Marauders incredulously. But Sirius just held up his hand to signal her to be quiet and just watch the scene.


"Yeah, she's one pretty babe," agreed Peter Pettigrew.

Sirius just continued to stare at the oblivious brunette under the tree. One would hear him muttering to himself, 'Please look at me…
Please look at me…'

Lily shook her head, unbelievingly. "You know, Sirius, I don't think you should waste your time over her. She doesn't seem to be the type of girl who would fall for your
stupid tactics."

"I agree," said Remus aloud.

that's where you're wrong, ol' Moony. I bet you five galleons she would come running for me in just five minutes!" Sirius grinned smugly.

"Ha! As if," huffed Lily.

"You wanna bet?" Sirius asked.

"Fine! I bet you
five galleons, that that won't happen," said Remus in a confident, business-like voice.

"Great! Now watch, and

"All the worst!" wished Remus.

"To you too. To you too," Sirius nodded at him and Lily who just rolled her eyes, while James and Peter sniggered.

He walked slowly towards the tree. The girl still had her nose in her book, completely unaware of her surrounding.

Quickly hiding behind the tree, Sirius peeked down at the sitting girl. He found himself lost by just looking at her. She was simply
entrancing! Her beauty was not those kind of 'bimbo-beauty'. Her beauty was… a whole thing else. Sirius couldn't believe how bewitching she was. What with her delicate fingers flipping the pages, or the way they tucked a stranded piece of hair…

Just suddenly, a dried piece of leaf fell on top of the page she was reading, resulting as a distraction to her...
and to Sirius. It was then when he got reminded of his bet with Remus.

Slowly squatting down, he made a grab of her bag.

Brown, caramel eyes met his grey ones.

"Hey! That's my bag!"

He said nothing but proceeded to fled with the bag. The girl instinctively stood up and ran after him.


Somewhere from the distance, Remus had his hand on his head, looking defeated, making James guffawed. "Haven't you learnt not to accept bets with Sirius where girls are concern?"


Sirius continued to run as the frustrated brunette followed not far behind.

"Oh! For goodness sake! ACCIO BAG!!" she yelled.

The bag flew out from his clutch and landed onto the angry girl.

Satisfied, he went over to his group of friends and clapped Remus' back, hard.

"MONEY!! Mow-nee, mow-nee, MOW-nee!" he sang, holding out both his hands to his defeated friend.

"Here's your blasted galleons!"

"HA! Loser!" Sirius shouted, smacking his werewolf friend yet again.


Both Sirius and Hermione watched as the five friends walked away, out of sight.

"Sirius… what's going on? Was that… was that really me?" asked a still confused Hermione Granger. "Was the Epoch faulty or something?"

Sirius, who was still smiling at the memory, sighed. He knew Hermione would never rest until she gets a problem solved.

"Come, Hermione. Let's go back. I promise you I'll explain everything."

In cue, the two pendants glowed. They quickly connected the Epoch and soon found themselves back in Hermione's bedroom, relieving themselves that it worked successfully this time.

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