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"The Sound of Her Voice"

Chapter 1: Bad Hearing, Bad Cooking, and Bad Grades.

I sit on my bed, reading a Sci-Fi novel. It isn't a good book, about a war going on with aliens in space. For some reason, to me it seems like I'm reading a school textbook. A very violent textbook.

"The Zorglx took his ray-gun and shot a burst of red light into Captain Chiffron's head. James could smell his brains frying in his skull. The old Captain slumped onto the floor, his melted brain pouring like wax from his ears."

I chuck the book across the room. I know I'm not in the mood for it.

I feel the bang, bang, bang of the cook calling me for dinner by hitting my ceiling with her broom. She has to; I won't be able to hear it otherwise. I haven't been able to hear a thing since I was born. It's always been like that. I'm relieved to go downstairs; there is nothing to do in my room.

I leave my room and run along the red carpeted corridor to the spiral staircase that leads into the great hall. Somehow, I manage to run head first into my pigheaded brother, Sesshoumaru.

He shouts something rude and walks coolly into the dining room. I flip him off and follow him into the dining room, rubbing a bruise on my head from crashing into my arrogant older sibling.

Kaede, our nanny, says something to Sesshomaru as the cook heaps some disgusting concoction into my bowl.

"I'm not eating this!" I sign, hoping that she'll be able to understand.

The cook, Ayumi, says something to Kaede, looking extremely confused. She's hopeless at sign language, even though she's been working in our house for nearly two years. I put on a look of annoyance and repeat my simple sentence very slowly.

"I... won't... eat... this..." I say, moving my hands at a pace similar to a snail's.

She looks puzzled. After two bloody years all she can manage to sign are a few stupid sentences.

I pick up the bowl and very slowly, looking at her the whole time, dump the contents into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. I then take a packet of ramen out of the cupboard and hand it to her.

She has an expression of tearful comprehension on her stupid face. Sesshomaru is doubled over with laughter. Dickhead. He understood what I said from the first and could just have translated.

When the noodles are ready, I take the bowl upstairs to my old playroom where I turn on the video games. I settle down for a couple hours of animated adventures. Sesshomaru sneaks up behind me, or at least he tries to. I can smell him and feel his footfalls on the carpeted floor. Not looking away from "Rayman 2", I give him the finger. That's my typical greeting for my older brother.

"Inuyasha, you're a jackass." He walks in front of the TV so I can see him talk to me.


"Kaede is so pissed off at you right now."


"You won't be saying that when she has her little politeness rant at you."

"I think I'm going to bed..." I get up. Kaede's politeness rants are a thing to be feared.

"Come on, Inu, you know she won't believe that. It's only..." he looks at his watch with his hands poised for his next word. "9:30. You know yourself... you never go to sleep until at least 11."

I ignore his warning and walk to my bedroom.


Kaede is waiting for me.

I put my open palm to the upper right part of my forehead and move it downwards in a wave, signing a nervous hello.

"Inuyasha..." she signs with an extremely dangerous look on her grizzled face. "Why did you do that to Ayumi?"

"She can't understand anything I say. I told her I didn't want her... food." I shudder at the mention of the blasphemous concoction, "She needed a demonstration."

"That's no reason to be rude."

"I wasn't." I say, untruthfully. "She just doesn't understand."

"Just try, alright?" She asks, exasperatedly.

I nod and enter my room again. I pick up the idiotic sci-fi book again and struggle through a few more chapters, then fall asleep with my clothes on.

"No, Inuyasha!" Myoga signs angrily "Romeo didn't fall in love with Julianne, he fell in love with Juliet!"

I flip my hair and work on my pre-calculus sheet as my private tutor finishes reading my Romeo and Juli-whatever essay.

Myoga has been my tutor since I was six. He knows my mannerisms and pet- peeves to perfection. He helped to "tame" me when I was a small child.

When I was very little, I didn't understand anything anyone said. I still can't, but I didn't know sign language then because no one had bothered to teach me. My mother was too busy with her high paying job in the stock market to bother teaching her three year old sign language, and what with father being a politician they both gave me the run of the house. Sesshomaru was in an extremely expensive boarding school for rich boys aged 7-17 with parents too busy to look after them. I had an inexperienced babysitter who ignored me.

I did what I wanted.

When I scribbled with crayons all over my father's Renoir, they had had enough. Out went the babysitter, in came Kaede.

Well, my reign of terror ended. Permanently.

Myoga slaps the essay onto my desk, making me jump. "Are you done yet, Inuyasha?" He asks impatiently.

I nod; I'm as done as I can be.

"What's my grade for the essay?" I ask.

He lifts one finger. The fourth letter in the sign alphabet

"A 'D'!"

"Answer me truthfully, Inuyasha, did you actually READ the book!"


"Well then!" Exasperation fills his eyes. Myoga is very small, very round, and has a nose too long for his face. "I'm surprised you managed to get a D."

"I read the summary." I sign with a smug smile.

"You're hopeless."

I put the tips of my fingers on my lips and bring my opened palm straight down. "Thank you."

"Go away." Myoga says. "You're too annoying to deal with right now."

"Fine." I get up and leave.

I walk to the kitchen and sit on the stone island in the centre of the room. I notice a newspaper sitting idly, waiting for my father or Sesshomaru to read it.

Newspapers are dull, but sitting on a table with nothing to do is duller.

I flip through it, looking for comics or something. What I get are advertisements.

"Buy Hojo's hair tonic!"

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend... So get one for your girl!"

"We have hundreds of mattresses for you to choose from at Tsatsuki's discount furniture!"

"Angelic Layer! It's the new thing in Tokyo! Call Misaki Suzahara for details!"

"You can get gently used and new cars at Tamayo's Car dealership!"

"There are hundreds of new treatment options for the deaf and hearing impaired. Visit The Shikon Centre for the Deaf at 163 Shrine lane."

"Injured? Abused? Molested? Call Sango..."


I read the Shrine Center advertisement again. "Hundreds of new treatment options..."

What if...

No. It's impossible. When I was found to be deaf, I was sent to many specialists, and they all agreed I was incurable...

Still... that was fifteen years ago.

Maybe... Maybe if there is a chance...

I run upstairs to find Myoga.