I wrote something happy. Just in time for the apocalypse!

Fragmented Waltz
It's a quiet night with an odd request, but Zoro can handle it.
by Alena
May 6th, 2004

One two, one two…

That was the rhythm of it, or at least, Zoro thought it might have been the rhythm of it. Maybe. Quite possibly. Probably not.

That was all right, though; Luffy seemed pleased. Besides, how much dancing could a pirate end up doing?

Dancing. Luffy had asked the swordsman to teach him how to dance, of all things, and had woken him up in the middle of the night to make that odd request. He'd been having such a nice sleep out on the deck, too.

"Ask Sanji," he'd mumbled, "he probably knows all kinds of girly dances."

"But Sanji said that when you fight with your swords, it looks like ballet!"

Luffy had had one hell of a time holding Zoro back from storming into the sleeping quarters to stab the cook repeatedly with his 'ballet' swords ("You need to teach me how to dance! Zo-ro!").

One two, one two…

Zoro didn't, actually, know any dances other than that… one… where the two people kind of held each other and swayed in a circle, but it had been enough to please Luffy. However, the captain kept tripping over his own feet, and, consequently, tripping Zoro.

"Stand on my feet," Zoro said finally, and Luffy cheerfully complied, wrapping his arms around his swordsman's neck for balance. Yawning, Zoro rested his chin on Luffy's head, only half-concentrating on the rhythm.

Zoro paused at the quiet snore that reached his ears. Drawing back slightly – a task made difficult by Luffy's arms compulsively tightening around his neck – Zoro glanced down at his captain.

Luffy was fast asleep, leaning contentedly against Zoro despite standing up.

The swordsman contemplated waking his captain up… then carefully sat down, leaning against the side of the ship with Luffy's arms still around his neck, and resumed sleeping.