Title: The Dynasty
I do NOT own Naruto
Summary: AU Rookie cop Naruto goes undercover in the dangerous world of Organised Crime in an attempt to get closer to the most powerful and dangerous Crime Family Konoha has ever acknowledged; known simply as - The Dynasty.
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This is completely AU and is based in modern day Konoha if that makes any sense. It hasn't been beta-ed and I have little knowledge in both the police department and criminal organisations so chances are I've made most of the details up, sorry.

"Have you ever heard of The Dynasty?"

Uzumaki Naruto looked up at his Captain who had apparently appeared out of nowhere. "Uh… yeah" he said.

"Good, good" she nodded, before tucking back blond strands of hair that had come loose from her bun. "Come with me"

"But I just got back from my holiday, I have a lot of paperwork to catch up with and…" Naruto began to protest.

Without hesitation the Captain scooped up the bundle and dumped it onto the desk next to Naruto's. The whole station knew she had a soft spot for the young, blonde haired, blued eyed officer, whose looks were not that different from hers. He was like the little brother she never wanted. "There we go. Now to my office"

Naruto offered an apologetic grin to the officer, who grimaced at the added workload, before following Tsunade into her office. "So what was so important?"

"What do you know about The Dynasty, Naruto?" She asked, sitting down.

The younger officer shrugged, "about as much as the next person really. They're a long, upstanding crime family that nobody is dumb enough to mess with." He sat down too.

"Is that it?"

He shrugged. "Pretty much"

"I've been waiting for your return" she said. "Because I knew you would be perfect for this assignment."

"Ok…" Naruto said slowly.

"Do you have any idea who this is?" She slid over an opened, white manila folder.

Naruto stared blankly at the photograph pinned to the first page. "No"

"That's Hyuuga Hiashi as in the Hyuuga Hiashi, head of The Dynasty Hyuuga Hiashi." Tsunade paused and when Naruto didn't comment she continued. "About 2 months ago, the entire top branch including Hiashi and his 16 year old daughter Hanabi, were assassinated. Did you hear about that?"

Naruto shrugged indifferently growing up here, there was only one thing every kid was taught 'you don't bother The Dynasty and they don't bother you.' It was a golden rule that even, to a point, the police followed. "Yeah so the next in line will just take over."

"Exactly! The successor would have been his remaining living daughter Hyuuga Hinata. However it seems Hinata is not worthy of being a crime lord and was looked over in favour of her cousin, Hyuuga Neji. This is our problem."


Tsunade nodded. "He's only 23 but unlike his uncle, Neji has the reputation of a cold, vindictive bastard. The agreement we had with Hizashi we fear means nothing to him."

"So what does this have to do with me?" Naruto instantly regretted asking the question when he saw the glint in his Captain's eyes.

"I'm not putting any pressure on you but if you do accept this assignment you will immediately be promoted to Corporal and if you succeed who knows, you might make Sergeant." She smiled.

"What assignment?"

"Have you not been paying attention?"

"I have!" he insisted quickly running the conversation over in his head, in case he had somehow missed the mention of an assignment.

"So are you in or not?"

"What? I don't eve-"

"Great!" She stood up, "Let's go."

Reluctantly the younger officer stood before he was grabbed by the arm and dragged towards an adjoining room. "Wait, I never said I'd do whatever it is you wanted me to do." He protested and pulled his arm from her grasp.

Someone cleared their throat, and only then did Naruto realise that the room contained a group of officers seated around a table. He sighed, "Fine" before taking the last available seat which was conveniently closest to the front.

Tsunade looked quite pleased with herself as she strolled up to the waiting computer and projector. "Now this is a very important project and all present are sworn to secrecy," Naruto was about to point out that he hadn't sworn to anything when she added, "otherwise Naruto's cover may be blown and as a result he may die a horribly painful death."

So instead, Naruto said "what?" Apparently the only one outraged with the idea that he may die a horribly painful death.

"Well this is The Dynasty we're talking about…"

"Wait stop! Rewind, let's start from the beginning. Like who, what, where, why and how?"

"Fine," Tsunade rolled her eyes before typing a few things into her computer and turning the projector on.

"This" she began, a strangely angled photograph of three men appeared on the white wall, "is the new 'Top Branch', the next generation of young criminals. The one in the middle is Hyuuga Neji, nephew to Hiashi and son to Hizashi." Naruto looked at the face of a man no older then he was. "We all know who he is and where he stands."

Tsunade clicked and the projector zoomed in on the figure to the right of Neji, talking on a cell phone. "This is Nara Shikamaru he deals with the official procedures etcetera and is Neji's formal advisor. His father was one of Hiashi's top assassins. Unfortunately he and his wife were both shot dead execution style back in 1982. She was 7 months pregnant with Shikamaru. There was an emergency caesarean, doctors said he might suffer permanent brain damage but turns out, the guy is some sort of super genius has an IQ over 200. Been with the Huuga's ever since."

Naruto noted that this Shikamaru didn't particularly look like a genius.

Tsunade clicked twice and the projector focused on the man to Neji's left. "Uchiha Sasuke brother to the infamous Itachi"

There were murmurs of recognition.

"Who?" Naruto said he never liked being left out in the dark.

"Uchiha Itachi, Hiashi's personal bodyguard/assassin was said to be the best in the business. Shot dead in 1996 in an attempted assassination of Hisashi." She paused, "The Uchiha family were in great debt, and hundreds of thousands of dollars was owed to The Dynasty. Naturally fearing for their lives they made a deal and traded in their own sons: Itachi was four and Sasuke only a few months old. They were trained to be assassins; it's all they've ever known."

"It's these two you should be wary off, Naruto"

Naruto did not feel particularly threatened by the men in the photo but then he knew better then most, people should not be judged by their appearances.

With a final click the photo changed to that of a young girl with her head slightly bowed hugging a few books to her chest. "Now Naruto, this is your way in." Confused, Naruto looked at the projection then to Tsunade and then back to the photograph. "Hyuuga Hinata."

The roads were blocked off and the gathering grey clouds were an indication of impending rain. A legion of men dressed completely in black surrounded two black limousines that followed behind five hearses. The vehicles moved at a slow walking pace, the first taken by beautifully dressed young women whispering quietly amongst themselves. The second was occupied by quiet brooding men; the silence perfected by years of being in each other's company.

The car pulled to a final stop and Shikamaru stepped out, re-adjusting his black knee-length coat. His eyes scanned the skies as if he was looking for something hidden amongst the clouds. He looked away and shook his head, whatever it was, he couldn't see it.

Beside him, the Uchiha suddenly tensed and snapped his head to the right. "What are you doing here?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed his hand already clasped around a silencer he kept strapped to his left hip, hesitating only when he felt Shikamaru nudge him.

"Same thing as you" The tattooed face man answered, daring to walking closer "to pay our respects."

"You and your people are not welcome here, Kankurou" Sasuke replied sharply.

Despite what all the Hollywood gangster movies showed, there was no honour among criminals, not outside your own.

For a moment the mass men that stood behind both opposing adversaries tensed, waiting for any sort of sign that would mean a violent confrontation.

"Sasuke" Neji suddenly cut in resting a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Let them come, let them share our grief."

Kankurou bowed his head stiffly, "Hyuuga Neji, my brother sends his deepest regrets in hearing the tragic news of your uncle and cousin"

"He couldn't make it?" Neji asked.

"There were some...complications."

Neji nodded. He knew why they were here. They wanted to make sure Hiashi was dead and they wanted to see what the new guy was like. "Shall we?"

They bowed politely to one another before Kankuro and his men were escorted away leaving only the three men behind.

Sasuke watched with narrowed eyes at the retreating backs, his hand never having left the handle of his weapon.

Neji closed his eyes and tilted his head up, towards the darkening sky.

Beside him Shikamaru pulled up his coat's collar. "A storm's coming," he mumbled, more to himself then to his companion.

Opening his eyes Neji replied, "I know."