Author: Sparkling-Diva

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance/Drama/Minor humor

Pairing: Gabrielle and Anna

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Summary: What if Anna hadn't really died? Would the family live on for generations and generations more to come?

Warning: Major Spoilers!!! So for those of you haven't seen it… beware!!

Author's Note: V.g. movie. You should go see it if you haven't.

Chapter One: Alone In Love

"She's dead."

The words sent a cold shiver through Gabriel Van Helsing.

She couldn't be dead. Couldn't she?

"I-I killed her…" Gabriel replied, "Why God? Why?" he said crying.

He kissed the forehead of the dead limp body that laid in his arms and for once in his life he shed the tears he could no longer hold inside.

She had been so strong. So powerful and even had a caring side. That is why they were so much alike. At first, they hadn't met under the right circumstances but after all they had been through in their mission to kill the evil Dracula, they began to respect each other and see each other through a new light. A sense of a strong bond came between then that led to friendship. With that came trust causing a romance to unravel. Neither of them wanted to come to their senses first, with their goals in mind and all but yet they had trouble denying it when it came to fact and reality.

It was so sad that the only real intimate moment was the one of a good-bye. Gabriel had been bitten by her brother, Velkan, the werewolf, and told Anna not to be late with the Anecdote to cure him. If that wouldn't work, Carl would have to kill him by stabbing him in the chest with the silver stake he had. More than likely in the heart.

Even though that hadn't happened, he still felt something tear his heart.

He remembered the kiss he had shared with her and how wonderful it had felt. He had never felt that way before and highly doubted that she had either. He tried to promise her to not be late but there was no real answer.

A hero.

A murder.

Which one was he really?

He had defeated Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and even the most feared of them all, Count Dracula. He had fallen in love and gained trust of the Transylvanian people. He had managed to wipe out even all of Dracula's children and even his brides. That must've meant something good right?

But he had killed many of those innocent creatures such as the Wolfman who was just a regular human at first like everyone else. Also with the death of Jekyll/Hyde in the city of Paris, he had lost the trust of those people and there were now warrants after him.

A murderer he was indeed. He had killed the woman he had loved and realized it when it was all too late. He couldn't control the beast in him that was raging to come out before the complete werewolf transformation would be finished. With the sudden jab of pain in his lower left of his stomach, when she had injected the anecdote in time, was he able to come to his senses. He didn't know exactly how he killed her but knows that he did since once he returned to his normal human form, she was lying limp there on the sofa chair not moving nor speaking at all.

This wasn't what he had planned out. How could he have let this happen?

"No…no…I'm sorry Anna. I'm so sorry," he said.

There was a pause of silence when the most unbelievable thing began to happen. She began to stir.